Model S Pictures debrief (San Jose 2012, Belgian & Dutch Test Ride 2013)

Model S Pictures debrief (San Jose 2012, Belgian & Dutch Test Ride 2013)

Hi Team,
Glad to find a handful of enthusiasts online in the Tesla Community.

While waiting for our Model S delivery, I wanted to share my journey in pictures... It all started back in the early years 2010-2011.. then a first encounter in San Jose in March 2012 :

First Belgian Test Ride in Brussels :

Dutch Test Ride (Brussels Store was not open at the time). This test ride was longer and allowed the family to join !

I have a third Test ride to upload soon plus the Grand opening pictures debrief from The Brussels Store.

Hope you'll enjoy these and I look forward to engage with you.

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Tâm | August 4, 2013

Thanks a lot Martin for all the wonderful pictures.

skymaster | August 4, 2013

Awesome Pics Thanks Martin

martin.gillet | August 4, 2013

Cheers Guys, more to come !
& Live feed once she's delivered and on the Road !

Bob W | August 4, 2013


Thanks for posting.

The last time I visited Belgium (in 1978), it seemed that all cars were required to have a "3rd tail light," a red light on or near the middle, that stayed on all the time. I think it was required for increased safety in fog and bad weather.

Did they drop that requirement? I don't see one in any of the Model S photos. The Model S already has a third brake light (top of the rear window), but the 3rd tail light is something different.

martin.gillet | August 5, 2013

We have had this third stop requirement for awhile but it was supposed to be on when braking. This requirement is still on, a EU requirement I suppose.
I'm assuming Tesla is abiding every legal requirement thus this is compliant with EU & Belgian laws.

karlvhilst | August 5, 2013

:) Thx Martin!

martin.gillet | August 8, 2013

Hi Team,

Just too the time to finally upload second belgian test ride and the full coverage of Brussels Store Grand Opening.

Hope you will enjoy the pictures debriefing :

Second test rides taking place in Belgium

Grand opening in July : Brussels Store & Service Center

GeirT | August 8, 2013

Thanks! Wonderful pics, also from a photographic point of view. Super quality!
[What camera you use?]

martin.gillet | August 8, 2013

Kudos for your kind words, glad you are enjoying these.

Most of pictures (check EXIF data) are taken using a Nikon D90 with Lens Tamron 18-270 as I often travel.
Time Line feed on premise is done using iphone 5. I add from time to time iphone pics and Dermandar panorama into the sets.

I happened to be there at the right time at the right place. I'm the only one who caught the Model S platform arriving in Brussels. It was not planned at all, I just visited the shop....

My five cents,

Brian H | August 8, 2013

Great pix. You're quite a shooter!

martin.gillet | August 8, 2013

Thanks Brian, I'm a serial shooter :)

Brian H | August 8, 2013

BTW, 'Kudos' means congratulations, well done. Not "thanks". ;) So you praised and admired Geir for praising you! :D

martin.gillet | August 9, 2013

Hi again, Thanks for the heads up then, as I'm using kudos as thank you ever since all my US peers are using it in the SAP Community network :)

GeirT | August 9, 2013

Nikon D90 being a "prosumer" it is obvious that the photographer knows what he is doing.
Martin - kudos to you!


Brian H | August 9, 2013


1[koo-dohz, -dohs, -dos, kyoo-]
noun ( used with a singular verb )
honor; glory; acclaim: He received kudos from everyone on his performance.

1825–35; irregular transliteration of Greek kŷdos