Model S Rental in August in San Diego

Model S Rental in August in San Diego

Hi Tesla Community,

Here's the story. I'm getting married in August. My fiance and I are both engineering PhD students so we have a deep love and appreciation for Tesla as a company from both an engineering and societal standpoint (even if we can't afford one on a grad student salary).

Instead of getting a limo to take us from the church to the reception, we wanted to drive ourselves in some sort of fancy rented car. Of course, the only car we really love is either impossible to find in San Diego (there's one company that rents the Model S in LA but its too far) or prohibitively expensive (Someone is offering a Roadster rental in SD but it would end up costing over 2000 dollars because he charges hourly).

The representative at the Tesla showroom suggested that we throw ourselves upon the mercy of the Tesla forums, so here we are! If you are (or someone you know is) a Model S or Roadster owner in the San Diego area and would be willing to lend us your vehicle for a Saturday afternoon and evening in August, we would be eternally grateful. We would even be happy to part with a few hundred dollars for your trouble.

We are both extremely safe drivers that take exceptional care of our vehicles. We can meet you before hand to demonstrate this in a test drive. We can lend you one of our (admittedly grad student-esque) cars on that day. We can jump through as many hoops as you want. Heck, you can even have some of the wedding cake.

If you are willing to help out, either post a response on this thread or email us directly at if you want to stay private. If you have any ideas that might help us in our quest, feel free to respond too!

Thanks Tesla community,


GLO | June 25, 2013

@A+J, I am in Sacramento or I'd offer ours. I hope you get a willing taker in SD. Recently I saw several in the La Jolla area.

SamO | June 25, 2013

What is the date in August?

plannedtobe | June 25, 2013

Thanks @GLO for the kind thoughts. We live in La Jolla now actually but my fiance is from EDH originally.

@SamoSam the date is August 17th.