Model S Replacement

Model S Replacement

I didn't know if this topic has been discussed so pardon me if so.

I was wondering what would happen if your Model S gets totaled in an accident or got stolen (less likely), would you have to be at the end of production line again? I think Tesla should give you a preference to jump back in queue and provide you with same or similar car.

J.T. | June 7, 2013

@Brian H
I would hope you have a macro for posting those instructions by now.

Brian H | June 7, 2013

Just a wetware one.

nickjhowe | June 7, 2013

Text Expander. Works wonderfully well. Typing four characters turns into this:

You should upload the pictures to fickr, or your favorite hosting site, then copy the 'share' code that starts with <a href=... or <img src=...

If the code already includes a "width=" item, change the number to be 600 to make it fit here; also delete the height="..." bit so that the picture retains its aspect ratio. If it doesn't, find the bit of the code that starts with <img src=... and find the > sign. Add width="600" just before it.

You should be good to go.