Model S Road Test

Model S Road Test

Has anyone heard whether and when Tesla plans to release a Model S to Car and Driver, Road & Track or other major automotive publications for a road test? Although Road & Track has a "first drive" story on the Model S, it seems clear that the reviewer did not get to spend any real time behind the wheel. Early reviews of the Roadster from 2008/2009 (below) were generally positive, but expressed uncertainty about the company's future. My guess is that once the initial (presumably positive) news coverage of the Model S following next week's events, early reviews from trusted sources will be key to driving Model S/Model X reservations in 2013/2014.

Jason S | June 16, 2012

They'll need a bit of excess capacity to put loaner cars into the hands of reviewers. Maybe after the Get Amped tour is done those cars will become review vehicles.

Consumer Reports will need to buy and wait in line. Just the way they do things. We won't know about their car until the article comes out, which is 2013 earliest I'm guessing.

EdG | June 16, 2012

Consumer Reports doesn't usually test products that are a tiny portion of the market. While they might write a small piece about it, I won't be at all surprised if they never test the Model S.

Jason S | June 16, 2012

I just remember the infamous Fisker debacle. So I was hoping for the Model S to be part of their testing so they could report on something nice.

Not to pile on, just that at $100k plus and less sold I think the Fisker is a pretty fair comparison to a Model S.

Brian H | June 16, 2012

Well, if they reviewed the Karma, they'll likely review the S and X.

Fisker must dread the day.

Ad van der Meer | June 17, 2012

A Dutch car journalist claims one of his colleagues will drive Model S on June 22nd...

Mike_ModelS_P457 | June 20, 2012

It is in TSLAs best interest to get press behind the wheel of this thing. It builds buzz and can drive confidence among both investors and potential customers.

I expect a media prescence and then some.

I also expect they will use reporters who are social media heavy. Think networked reporting not just simple articles. more shareable and with a larger social footprint will support better distribution from "trusted" reporters who aren't as mainstream and likely to be afraid of the change this car represents. Maybe that is more hope than expect, but you get my point.

Brian H | June 20, 2012

As Elon sez, since every car they can build into '13 Q1 is pre-sold, and rising fast, he doesn't need a press jump-start. And he is not prepared to take pot-luck with who reviews what car. The Top Gear hangover, in part, I think. Reviewers are not what he considers a higher or even sentient form of life.

I think he's prepared to ride the Word of Mouth train as far as it will go. He'll worry about reviews and advertising when TM is in danger of having actual unsold inventory. Maybe never.

Brian H | June 20, 2012

Just thinking about volumes and shifts etc., and my crack elsewhere about starting pre-hiring in Aug. for Shift 2 comes to mind -- along with the possible mass-market volume in the Daimler Deal. If Line 1 Shift 1 is flat-out making Ses, where do the Daimler drive-trains get made?

Shift 2 & 3? A new line or two? Both? The next quarter's SH meeting is gonna be a corker!

Brian H | June 20, 2012

And for other "lines", I wonder if the deals TM got on presses and the Paint Center can be replicated. And what's the Paint Center's thruoughput capacity? I expect the wheels are spinning wrt future lines as we type. S + X + DD &gt. 1 line 3 shifts, I think.

Brian H | June 20, 2012

Blew the symbol tag.
S + X + DD > 1 line 3 shifts, I think.