Model S Tech options

Model S Tech options

I have a question; When looking into my future Model S the other day, I was wondering if the S will have the following options or similar to; Heated steering wheel, Parksensors front & back, lane-change warning, adaptive cruise control, night vision, SOS mgnt system, Head up disply (HUD)? Thanks.

bp | February 12, 2013

At some point, Tesla may add some of these features to newer versions of their cars. And if any of those features are absolutely "must have", then you should wait until they are available before ordering a Model S.

When ordering my Model S - I did a spreadsheet comparing the Model S features - and those of my 6 year old LS 460 and the new model cars I was considering as an alternative to the Model S.

While a few of the features would be useful (parking sensors, adaptive cruise control), most of them were "nice to have", and would likely have been used infrequently, if ever (like "automatic parking" or "night vision").

If the luxury features are important - do your research - take test drives in the other cars - and then drive the Model S - and decide what's more important - having many luxury options or the very different driving experience of the Model S.

lov2krz | February 12, 2013

I concur with bp. I was considering BMW, which I have always loved, because they are just fun to drive. There are feature you can get from BMW that are not available yet from TM. My personal experience is that the MS is more fun to drive than the BMW and I'll take the MS over a few extra nice to haves. Just one man's opinion, but you asked.

nickjhowe | February 12, 2013

use to search these forums. This subject has been discussed exhaustively.