Model S on Top Gear?

Model S on Top Gear?

I'm an occasional fan of Top Gear, and, although I never saw the infamous episode featuring the Roadster (resulting, I understand, in a huge lawsuit) I'm wondering what Jeremy Clarkson & Co. would have to say about the Model S. Does anyone know if Top Gear has any plans to review the S? If so, when?

David70 | September 20, 2013

I suspect that before they got to review it, they'd have to buy it.

SamO | September 20, 2013

First, here is the video:

Second, hell will freeze over before Elon or TM gives TG a Model S

Third, I don't think they want to risk the lawsuits to test the car.

Windsurfer | September 20, 2013

Something tells me Jeremy Clarkson doesn't really care about lawsuits. He seems to be the type that courts controversy. In the entertainment business, there's no such thing as bad publicity. I for one would enjoy hearing what he has to say about the car. Given the financial clout of Top Gear, they'd have no difficulty buying the car or testing one from one of their many loyal viewers.

SamO | September 20, 2013


You don't fcuk with a multi-billionaire without checking your underpants afterwards.

I'm hopeful they WILL test the car as they will be blown away. But that would require an open mind . . .

larmorfreq | September 20, 2013

TopGear is an entertainment show, just like Friends or other tv serial or drama. (period)

Skjervesbu | September 20, 2013

If Tesla really believe they built the world's best car, they need to make this happen. I would watch.

GeekEV | September 20, 2013

@SamoSam - I've seen a couple of electrics on the show recently (or plugin hybrids) and they were pretty complimentary to them. Perhaps the tide is changing. I too would be curious to see what they say...

Windsurfer | September 20, 2013

@Skjervesbu: I agree. I don't know a whole lot about the Roadster, and I never saw the Top Gear Roadster episode, so my intent is not to drag up an old debate as to whether or not Top Gear was fair to Tesla.

From what I do know, however, the S is a vast improvement over the Roadster. If Tesla aspires to build the best car in the world, they should be willing to submit the car to criticism. As we all know, Jeremy Clarkson can be incredibly biting with his incisive wit and keen critical mind. BUT, the English do have a sense of fair play and I'm willing to bet that a Top Gear Model S review would be well-received.

After all: what's there not to like about the Model S?

Gorgeous styling: check.
Stupendous performance: check.
Eco-friendliness: check.
Solid engineering: check.
Superb handling: check.
Fabulous creature comforts: check.
Sophisticated, intuitive user interface: check.

The one negative I could imagine them picking on would be the high weight of the car which does have a slight adverse effect on handling. Who amongst us wouldn't like to see what the Stig could do around the circuit?

RedShift | September 20, 2013

If you are a fan of Top Gear for entertainment, that's fine. If you are looking for objective and useful suggestions, then look elsewhere.

I used to follow them around 7-8 years back. They hate BMW for no reason. They are first and foremost after eyeballs, and say and do things that will get them maximum attention.

Skjervesbu | September 20, 2013

And it looks like a Jag ...

carlk | September 20, 2013

Yeah they hate BMW and also Porsche for no reason. They have never seen a British car they don't like. Oh you mean it's a British program?

S4WRXTTCS | September 20, 2013

Is there still a Top Gear?

I can't tell if there will be another Season or if they've just decided to do specials only.

TSLAholic | September 20, 2013

Even if the rest of the car were great, if TG were to get their hands one, they would undoubtedly hit the thermal protection power limit within minutes after testing began (much like what Motor Trend is going through with their P85+ long term tester right now). I can see the remainder of the episode focusing on nitpicking at the car's software based controls, not to mention fit & finish as they park it for the much needed "cooling off" period.
Is it really worth all that just to see the look on Jeremy's face when he first punches it? That's the only time all biases seem to go out the window no matter what car is being tested.

TSLAholic | September 20, 2013

TYPO: hands on one

JaredBanyard | November 13, 2013

Hate BMW? They think the M3 & M5 are some of the best cars in the world. Not sure where you get your info.

Cindy I II III | November 14, 2013

During the recent UK interview, Elon was asked about TG. He said the guys was against electric cars, and was against American cars. So an American electric car wouldn't have much chance.

pim | November 16, 2013

Anyone who claims Clarkson and his mates do not like BMW's has not really watched the show. They *love* "beamers" als they call them. They also do not *hate* American cars. They just do not like the fact that in general they are big, use too much gasoline for not enough power, and do not corner very well. They have actually driven *good* American cars and were very enthusiastic about them, like the Ford GT. Clarkson even bought one (and hardly every drove it since it was always broken...).

I do think however that TG is mainly entertainment, and not an informative show on cars (anymore). And certainly not fair or considerate or nice ;).

Also, Clarkson is an idiot who thinks global warming is not happening and it's all a big scheme of the tree-hugging Greenpeace fans. He is of course horribly wrong.

Since he thinks that (or keeps his image like that) he decided a Tesla car was going to be horrible. So they 'proved' it is. Which was silly. And they were sued for it.

I do think they might be tempted to test the Model S. It is a giant leap in electric motoring, and it has a lot more: it is nice looking, it has all the gadgets, and it can compete with a BMW-5.
And yes, they will complain about range etc. But they will like the acceleration ;).

dirk.saenen | November 16, 2013

TG is entertainment, and good entertainment, on TV.

but that's just what it is.