Model S in Vancouver

Model S in Vancouver

On the website it says Model S will come to Vancouver on a tour. When is it coming?

mnx | March 29, 2011

They'll add dates to the website once they have them finalized.

ckessel | March 29, 2011

I'm in the same boat for the Portland show. I'm hoping maybe the delay means we'll get to see those pretty new builds mentioned in the latest blog entry rather than the old alpha model that's been around for a while.

hwye81k | March 30, 2011

ckessel: I've noticed that Portland appears to be next, but no time or location is displayed yet. Have you deposited your down payment?

cerjor | March 31, 2011

I was told Seattle would be in late April.

ckessel | April 6, 2011

Well, crap. The Portland show is apparently April 23/24 and I'll be out of town.

hwye81k | April 8, 2011

ckessel, how did you find out that the Portland show is to be April 23/24? Portland isn't highlighted on the tour site.

clea | April 9, 2011

the date for this is on the events page

clea | April 9, 2011

sorry meant to give you the link to the specific event. Attempt number 2 ...

hwye81k | April 9, 2011

Thanks clea