Model S vs Model 3

Model S vs Model 3

Help everyone. I’m looking into a new Model 3 but some used Model S are close to that price the ones on Sale are 2016 and the miles per charge is 230 vs the 264 on the Model 3 so the range is not much of a difference so any advice or which one would you recommend? Thanks

redacted | February 9, 2019

Summary: MS is much more the luxury car, not a boat but large and comfy and a huge cargo area. A '16 will have free supercharging. The 3 is more of a minimalist, nimble little sylph of a car. Both are really good cars.

Good luck deciding.

Yodrak. | February 9, 2019

My recommendation would be based on my needs and preferences. I have no idea what your needs and preferences are other than that you want a range of +- 250 miles, which either car will give you.

DanFoster1 | February 9, 2019

S: I love my hatchback which can—most amazingly—swallow my continuo harpsichord for Baroque gigs, my panoramic roof, and most especially my steering wheel heat. It’s been cold as the Ninth Circle of Hell this winter; I’m a pianist; there are few things worse than showing up to a concert with stiff, cold hands.

3: My wife likes smaller cars. It’s apparently an absolute hoot to drive (so is the S).

Both: Tesla rules.

RandallKeith | February 9, 2019

Model S is beautiful,Model 3 is butt ugly.
Hope this helps.

MilesMD88 | February 9, 2019

Both are marvelous cars. Each has unique slice of life. March Consumer Reports has the 3 as the best car in America as reported by owners, S just behind.
You have to research both, decide what's important to you. We can't tell you. You can't go wrong with either...

AERODYNE | February 9, 2019

Drive both. Rent via Turo or similar service. The longer batt warranty and better features make the MS a winner IMO

bobksingh | February 10, 2019

Depends on your needs. I have owned BMW M3 and M7 in the past. I loved the M7 for long trips on the highways with the family and loved the M3 for short runs around the city. What kind of a driver are you. M3 and 2016 MS are pretty much the same price so it comes down to features. Test drive each and decide for yourself.

Mark K | February 10, 2019

S is more beautiful, capacious, and comfortable (air suspension is smoother).

3 is more car per dollar, and has better twitch reflex sports handling since it’s 1,000 pounds lighter.

They are both best of breed for any car in their class.

RandallKeith -

The S has a prettier butt than the 3, but the 3 is not ‘butt-ugly’. The 3 is a pretty car too.

The S simply has more room to work with. Its lines, proportion, and road poise are more graceful.

Bill_75D | February 10, 2019

The 3 is not butt-ugly, but it is nose-ugly.

DRFLGD | February 10, 2019

For me, the 3 is dash ugly. Would rather have a traditional dash and UI like the S has.

ST70 | February 10, 2019

Model 3 is beautiful,Model S is butt ugly.
Hope this helps.

pamiboy | February 10, 2019

Hello guys, my first post here. Just scrolling through the available options. Which one rides similar to or better than an E class? I don't care about the acceleration part. Thanks.

beaver | February 10, 2019

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Scorpyo | February 10, 2019

I love the model S from every angle and the interior too. I find the model 3 weird looking, the front seems too short, the back looks narrow, I like the side sometimes. The interior is just too minimalist for me and you feel really close to the passenger.

It’s up to your personal preference, I really like the model 3 but I prefer the model S by far. I would have a model 3 as a second car.

beaver | February 10, 2019

I own a 3 but have driven the S a few times. Pick the S if you want a smoother and quieter ride, more space, more traditional dashboard, free supercharging pre2017, and more exclusivity.

Pick the 3 if you want superior cornering, more range due to higher efficiency, more fun per buck, next gen battery that may have a longer lifetime and faster future supercharging, more modern aesthetic, and faster long trips due to faster charging.

NKYTA | February 10, 2019

Both good. What’s not to like?

Ohmster | February 10, 2019

Each serves a different purpose for us. We currently have an S and an X. Looking hard at getting a 3.

S: Daily commuter for me. Great for one hour commute to work and back. Comfortable, smooth, and aggressive when need be.

X: Current daily driver for wife. Too big for this purpose with only one kid left in the nest. But great for load and family road trips.

3: Want this to be wife's daily. She loves the size and agility.

Each best in class. :)

'17 S75 & X75D: (Uncorked AP2.5 Bio 48.12.1)*2. Grin on!

jordanrichard | February 11, 2019

pamibuy, first welcome to the forums.

Second, have you driven a Tesla before, because if you have, then the not caring about the acceleration wouldn't be something you would say. Once you drive one, you will understand. It is not just about how fast one can get it to 60. Again, drive one and you will understand.

Jimdow | February 11, 2019

I own a Model S P100D and a Model 3 Performance. They are both great cars but they are quite different. As has been pointed out the Model S has more cargo room and a more cushioned ride (with air suspension option). The Model 3 has a surprisingly large trunk for a compact car and it corners much more like a sports sedan. Both cars are very responsive to accelerator input for lane merging or passing another car.
If it came down to a low mileage Model S with less than a 300 mile range vs a new model 3 performance I would definitely take the Model 3 Performance. Also, if you are considering a used Model S definitely make sure it has HW 2.0+ or your'll be left behind on many future safety and autopilot improvements.

RedShift | February 11, 2019

I drive both. The 3 is a better drivers car. S is a better cruiser, by a very narrow margin. Both cars are quite excellent (IMO, the top) in their respective categories.

RedShift | February 11, 2019

To me Model S is more beautiful. The 3 is a bit too tall and the back could have been done better.

vp09 | February 12, 2019

I have both.

I prefer my 3 because I can see the front corners of the car. I drove a 1987 Acura Integra for 29 years and never did get used to the enormity of the Model S90D. It seems like a big boat compared to the Model 3 or the old Integra.

But the S is nicer. More comfortable.

Buy one of each (or 2 of each).


manavgurnani21 | February 13, 2019

The Tesla Model 3 is an extraordinary car, the newest model from Tesla Motors and the simplest yet the cheapest car in Tesla History. With a 0-60 time of 3.3 seconds, the company has set yet another record of the fastest accelerating hatchback. This company has the background of breaking all records of acceleration in nearly every segment. The Tesla Model 3 is a very interesting car, it is very different from the others. It is just so -- simple.
This car particularly has nothing in common compared to its brothers in the industry except for basic features like autopilot, the phone app, the Simon feature, the fast charging. The Model 3 may have nothing in common compared to a Model S, it’s just made--simpler. It looks like a Porsche 911, accelerates off the ground like an Aventador SV with Launch Control, feels like your usual family car(with nearly no buttons)--this car is a package of nearly any and every car you would dream of.
There are quite a lot of features that stoke you as you discover them in the vehicle. You’ll need close to a day in order to figure out those features from the start. One of them is the air vent. You’ll find them in unbelievable places. For example, there is an air vent behind the steering wheel that provides warm and comfortable or cold and cooling air. Another one of these air vents is located on the handle, which provides cool air/hot air depending on your settings. Features in the Tesla Model 3 are like a human to its house, they live together in one certified space. Another feature this car has is its’ 100% glass roof. This roof has been tinted exactly to the extent from which looking at the sun will not hurt your eyes, but you can also view the moon at night. From the outside, the same glass roof looks more like a racing stripe, making a much better look out of the car. The last feature I am going to mention is a part of the steering wheel. On the steering wheel, you have two scrollers to play with. The best part about this is you can customize what those scrollers can do: they could change volume, they could make it for switching apps, etc. This car is filled with features as such, making this a gist of the whole car.
For this car, I feel Tesla should be admired for what they have done, for creating a cheap price for a piece of beauty, for creating a car as a package/concoction of every car we have dreamed of. I was in a moment of awestruck when I sat in the car for the first time, it was empty, and every damn thing was the big computer-sized screen. There was nothing where the gear lever was supposed to be, the car was just animated. I felt detached in the world when in the car. This car, I can call--is the future.