Model S vs. Model X

Model S vs. Model X

I'm on the fence on which to pick up. I'm looking at the 90D variant of both with there being about a $10k price difference between the two. I like the idea of sitting up higher with the Model X, but having no kids or anything I don't need 3 rows of seats. The look of the Model S is more appealing to me and the extra speed / range is always nice.

They are both great vehicles, but if you had the choice which would you go with? Which do you think will have a better resale value down the road? Will the Model 3 kill resale value on the Model S?

carlk | June 11, 2016

I have both S and X. One is a sports sedan and the other is a CUV/SUV. I like sports sedan better and wife likes SUV better. That said if I don't have perference of either type I'd choose the X over the S. It is overall a much better and more upscale car than the S. It used to be a better looking car too but now S got the same front it looks just as good. OK forget the last one it's just a tongue in cheek comment. On the other hand the two drives very alike. You won't be wrong with choosing either.

tigerpie | June 11, 2016

Model s is my pick, looks better

SbMD | June 11, 2016

You already chose, @knil, when you said you like the look, range, and speed of the MS better. No need to go any further.

donandrews508 | June 11, 2016

I have simple hauling needs. The middle seats in the X do not lay down so the cargo space is shorter. The stuff I haul fits in the S but not so well in the X.

Muzzman1 | June 11, 2016

We have both as well. The S is more nimble. The X is my wife's and she lugs around our 2 toddlers. I drive the X on weekend family trips, but prefer my S as a daily driver. The X gets much more attention.
Both of ours are 85/90D so performance is similar.

MJP.75D | June 11, 2016

SbMD +1