Model S as Yellow Cab

Model S as Yellow Cab

under terms of leasing and saving fuelcosts... could this be interesting for Taxifleets?

Noah.S | April 3, 2013

The question is how much daily driving does your taxi do each day? I would imagine that the range would be limiting for them. Also Model S is a bit too expensive I think for taxis.

As part of a limo/town car fleet, I think they would work perfectly. I think a few people have actually posted about using them in that capacity.

herkimer | April 3, 2013

Yes, thanks for the thread.
I have been wondering the same myself, because it seems at first glance that it could work well for Taxi services ... perhaps even more for limo service, airport pickup and delivery, even some institutional fleet requirements (if not more than 240 miles/day).

torst1 | April 3, 2013

As the leasing option stands today probably not.
But now that Elon has put down a personal guarantee for buy back I am sure we will soon see other traditional leasing companies sitting down at the table.

Bid players like ie leaseplan make their money primary from be able to put down a correct rest value. Before yesterday nobody dared say what the rest value of a Tesla would be. Not to mentioned putting their money on it. Too many unknown factors. Lifespan issues etc.

I believe this now will change rapidly. When other players see that Elon puts his own money down they are likely to do the same. And as soon as that is the case I am sure we will see traditional lease options for Tesla. And then we will see Tesla as yellowcab, upmarket Towncar replacement, car services and what not.

I mean if you can predict the cost of the car - why not save fuel money, why not shave off days stuck in service-centers, replace oil, deal with all the pain that actually follow a ICE car.

So yes I believe we will see a bundle of Tesla as company cars as soon as there is a traditional lease option.

DonS | April 3, 2013

Taxis drive too much and even when thee are stopped, it is seldom at their base. A city would have to step up to offer Supercharger capability at taxi waiting lots like at the airport. A large airport can have dozens to more than a hundred taxis waiting to be released to the pick-up are at at the terminal.

Brian H | April 3, 2013
SamO | April 3, 2013

@Brian H

Taxi combined with carshare. It's going to be really interesting to see how that begins to combine bikes and vans.

@WW Take a look at this Danish company that plans to use the Model S as a taxi.