model x autopilot vs model s

model x autopilot vs model s

is there any word on whether the model x will possess more sophisticated autopilot hardware (ie additional or enhanced sensors)? i am wondering whether the model x will be more capable with respect to autonomous driving features than the model s after future software rollouts. | October 4, 2015

Sensors look to be the same as the Model S, and the diagrams on the detection range appear the same on both cars (16 feet ultrasonic sensors).

I didn't have a chance to examine the rear hatch to see if there was an extra camera beyond the backup camera. The hatch was opened up the entire viewing time I had, and the outside cars for test drives were at night.

Tâm | October 4, 2015

I haven't heard Steer-Away Side Avoidance until the introduction of the Model X.

Whether Model S would have the same function has not been mentioned.

craig | October 6, 2015

@Chad-EV When Elon Musk was in Austin, TX on January 15th he told us that the Model X would be delivered with a level of automation that has not been seen in Tesla vehicles to date. Based on the launch and the lack of emphasis on automation besides the collision avoidance and emergency breaking, and ZERO mention of Auto Pilot, I am wondering if there will be features revealed in firmware v.7 that have yet to be announced. If so, and if made available on the Model X first, it would certainly validate Elon's January statement although I would assume such enhancements would eventually come to the Model S as well.

stevej119 | October 6, 2015

Check out post 2188:

No center front radar shown. Are those two front radars in the red boxes?

Tâm | October 6, 2015

This is what @stevej119 was referencing. The picture is from Tesla website, red boxes are added from the forum:

The upper center red box seems to point out stereoscopic cameras.

The lower left and right red boxes seems to suggest two radars:

vandacca | October 7, 2015

@craig, you forgot to mention the auto-opening/closing driver-side door. That's some serious automation as well. AutoPilot is coming too with an OTA update, it's just taking them longer than expected to get the corner cases ironed out. There are a number of beta testers out there, but they want to make sure it's bullet proof before releasing it to everyone.