The Model X can be bought with a Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive It increases torque by 50%. Will the buyers prefer Model X with AWD?

The Model X can be bought with a Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive It increases torque by 50%. Will the buyers prefer Model X with AWD?

"Model X is offered with optional Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive. The second motor enables more than all-weather, all-road capabilities: it increases torque by 50%."

OK, but is it worth paying the extra money for a Model X with AWD?

Does a Model X with AWD have the same range as a Model X without AWD?

Lanber | February 1, 2013

The AWD is the main selling point me concerned.
And the flying doors the reason for cancelling if they are not made optional

Benz | February 2, 2013

@ landmal

OK, but can you be more specific about why the AWD option is so important to you?

mvbf | February 2, 2013

I am 90%+ sure the traction control that comes with an AWD Model X will be different and unbelievably better than a comparable ICE AWD vehicle's TC. In most ICE AWD vehicles TC works by reducing power to wheels with less traction. What if the car could also add power to individual wheels in addition to take them way in a sophisticated instant real time way? With instant torque, AWD, and good engineering, the TC on an AWD Model X will hold the road better than anything else out by a lot. Add to that the extra frame rigidity and low center of gravity of the Model S battery platform and performance for a CUV/SUV will be off the charts. I can't wait!

GoTeslaChicago | February 2, 2013

I think every one will want the AWD version. When the price differential is announced, probably 30-40
per cent will stay with the regular version.

Benz | February 2, 2013

So, this AWD option is going to be expensive?
Any idea on when they will announce what the prices are going to be?

scottf200 | February 3, 2013

Re: Does a Model X with AWD have the same range as a Model X without AWD?

I got the distince impression from one of the videos from a Tesla person giving a demo ride was that the front and rear drives have distinct characteristics. As a simpified example one would be favored for lower speed driving (90/10) and the other for higher speed driving (10/90) so it is not really *full* AWD all the time. Meaning it is not using twice the energy because there are two times the number of motors.

Anyone else recall this video or other information about this?

NumberOne | February 3, 2013

Your assumption is correct. I do not recall exactly which video it was, but Elon did explain that each wheel will get as much power as required (based on calculations from feedback to the computer that will happen every fraction of a second) Therefore the car will have better traction, and also the power required by the back, front, left and right wheels will vary and be calculated by the on board computer throughout the trip. It is truly an intelligent all wheel drive system. A lot of research has gone into this and it will be better than any other available system. The term AWD does not necessarily full time equal power to all four wheels. While the two motor configuration have slightly shorter range, it will not be much, because with two motors, the each motor will have less load than a single motor system would be doing. With an ICE AWD system the energy consumption is the opposite.

Timo | February 3, 2013

"Does a Model X with AWD have the same range as a Model X without AWD?"

It will be close. If all other things are equal then if car is using 25kW to go 60mph it will use same no matter how many wheels are powered.

Differences come from drivetrain mass which is somewhere closer to 150kg and motor efficiency: half the torque needed / motor to get same overall torque, so load / motor is smaller which might lead better efficiency. Or not. Increased mass decreases range, lower load increases it (I'm guessing).

Benz | February 4, 2013

That means that the Tesla Model X with AWD really is a better car than a Tesla Model X without AWD. Let's hope that the difference in price is not too much.

scottf200 | February 6, 2013

Re: Anyone else recall this video or other information about this?
Here is the video I was referring to.

Brian H | February 6, 2013

Yes, those closing comments about the different uses and "tuning" of front and rear motors are significant. Suggests different reduction gears, too.

Tiebreaker | February 8, 2013

They might be different sizes too. To quote my pal Brian H: "No buddy nose".

mvbf | February 10, 2013

Long ago I remember there was discussion about how having dual motors will allow more aggressive regen and that alone would compensate for efficiency lost through the extra weight. For those with better understanding of auto engineering than myself, to what extent does that make sense to you?

Brian H | February 10, 2013

Right now, regen puts drag on the rear wheels only. In braking, most drag is on the front wheels. Adding AWD regen will substantially improve it. The extra weight of a second electric motor is probably <5% of the car's mass.

Benz | February 12, 2013

Conclusion would have to be that a Tesla Model X with AWD really is a better vehicle than a Tesla Model X without AWD. What will the price of the AWD option be? Wait and see.

Tiebreaker | February 13, 2013

Correct. Wait and see. Stop speculating.

syoung168 | February 13, 2013

Do we think if the headlight will turn according to the wheel turning direction will help to find the direction more effecient? Do we also need that function for Tesla? Adding camera at front will help to do the auto function for cruise control too.

Brian H | February 13, 2013

Benz enjoys speculating himself into a fever. It's self-entertainment. Or ADHD.

mvbf | February 13, 2013

You will see my Tesla grin before I even own a Tesla if the AWD upgrade turns out to be cheap. That should be enough reason to charge not too much right .... ?

Brian H | February 14, 2013

Why would you want to cheapen your Grin? >:) >;p

DBT | March 3, 2013

Only reason to get a Model X is AWD, IMHO. Give me a smaller Model S with AWD, something to compete more with a Subaru WRX/STI! Would have put down 40k deposit for one already. Let's go Tesla!

Hi_Tech | March 5, 2013

The AWD option in Model X is the only reason I'm a reservation holder of Model X, instead of Model S. This is mainly because I live in the North-East US region... we do have winters! :)

From everything I've seen, Model S should handle just fine, but if I'm going to spend $75-90k (whatever the price ends up being) on a really awesome car, I'd like to add that little extra bit of "insurance" (AWD option). :)

The gul-wings... hawk-wings (whatever) is the "eye-candy" for the wife to brag about. I just hope that they don't restrict functionality by having this design.