Model X delivery date

Model X delivery date

Given the additional capital raise, I would ask that you try to bring the model X date in. From a sales perspective, with a second product, the X will help substantially help ramp up unit volumes. For Luxury car makers Porsche and Lexus, the SUV is their leading vehicle and it wouldn't surprise me if this happens with the model X as well. Most importantly, having the X for most of next year, can probably help ensure that you will double sales next year. It also reduces the risk of a slowdown in S sales. Obviously everyone on this board wants a great product. We saw a great product over a year ago, and my guess it was capital requirements which was responsible for the delay. If you can move that date back up, I think it will really help your customers and your shareholders.

At the very least, consider a standard program for a loaner S while one waits for their X.

I hope this helps, Thanks!

XMikeX | May 29, 2013

Well said lotusguynyc. They pushed the X back for a certain set of reasons. If changing conditions allow, they may pull it back forward on the calendar. Would be nice (for me). Tesla should, & I think will, begin building Model X As Soon As it is Possible to do it absolutely right.

tdwin2000 | May 29, 2013

I agree with the 2 year loaner program (in a new model "S") for people with a deposit on a model "X". That would be fantastic...kind of like a 2 year mini lease. I was thinking about getting a model "S" first and giving it back in 3 years at the buyback price of 50% of list price...problem is, it is like a lease until you realize that after making a 15% down payment up front and then shelling out about 45K for the three years of driving, you are now out of pocket for about $60K and who would spend that much on a 3 year lease? At that point, I think most people who crunched the numbers would just keep the car and not turn it in. I love the "S" and can't wait until Tesla starts making the "X". I agree with the other person's post that the "X" sounds like something that could be the best-seller for Tesla...even more sales than the model "S"...come on Tesla, start building the "X" sooner than later.

mhgross | May 30, 2013

Yes to the previous comments. And also if you work it backwards and say that it might be worth $10-12,000 per year to drive an S for 2-years (not withstanding the $500 per month claims in Tesla's calcs), an additional benefit to Tesla would be the ability to enter the sub $65,000 market segment sooner with used S's as a bridge to their yet to be announced lower cost sedan.

Brian H | May 30, 2013

The GenIII will have its own X, too.

tdwin2000 | May 30, 2013

I also don't like the confusing pricing they put out from Tesla. First, I noticed that in the last 2 weeks, the S base price has been increased by about $750 (base starting from price). Now, I priced an S with the 85Kw battery and my options came out to about $10K...take the $73,000 base price, add on the options of about $10,000 and the car should be at $83,000...but, this price is what they call price including the $7,500 rebate (here in Florida it's only $7,500) now, I am paying over $91,000 for the car. I have to finance that amount but my $7,500 comes back to me via a tax-credit at tax time next, it's very misleading and in the advertisements, they say you can get into a model S with very little down and can even use the tax credit as a partial down doesn't appear that way to me..although, that would be a great thing if you could

lotusguynyc | May 30, 2013

Just to follow up to my idea with some tangible suggestions. It seems that lots of people interested in the X would want to drive an S while they are waiting. Most importantly, shipping the X out sooner increases addressable market significantly, and provides a more likely scenario that TSLA can double revenues for the next 2-3 years pre gen 3. The X shipping as soon as possible would be the best solution. Q1 or Q2 would be great and this would virtually guarantee doubling sales in 2014.

If this is not possible due to supply chain and design, perhaps offer an S for a $1000/ month rental where TSLA maintains ownership. This would be available to x reservation holders only and would make the x deposit non refundable. In other words, the s rental program locks you into an X and provides true visibility for future X sales. The returned S models can be used as loaners, test drive cars or sold as used for lower price points.

In most cases, one would never commit to a non refundable deposit without seeing or driving the X. Especially without seeing final price points and features. However, since you did such a good job with the S, I , as well as others would be willing to do this so we can start driving a tesla today. $1000 /month rental fee and a $20k deposit for the X are numbers I would be comfortable with.

The best thing Tesla gets out of this, is just in case S sales have a slight slowdown, tsla can report real X adoption through non refundable deposits. No one wants to see the stock get hit because tsla sold 500 less S's than planned, and tangible X sales may help.

The other idea I had , and I would certainly do this, but not sure if others would, is I would sign X paperwork now, and pay for the X in cash upfront now, and in return I would have a loaner S until the X was delivered...

Anyway, I hope this discussion is food for thought to either deliver the X sooner, or have an S to X program....


Brian H | May 30, 2013

As Elon keeps saying, Tesla is not "demand constrained". That means they can already sell all they can make. There is no benefit in rushing the X or anything else to market.

michael | July 17, 2014

I'd be super happy if Tesla just acknowledged they still have my $40K somewhere. Honestly after a year plus since sending the deposit to their bank account, not even a single email saying, "hang in there, we are working on it and appreciate your patience."

AlMc | July 17, 2014

@Michael: Just hope that they are putting your $40K to good use in perfecting the X, doing preliminary work on the Model3 and establishing more SCs.

rdalcanto | July 20, 2014

@ Michael - log into website, and click on my Tesla. | July 20, 2014

Getting a Model S loaner or lease while waiting for an X sounds like a great idea.

But it is July and Tesla must now be building about 10,000 Model S cars per quarter. I have been promised October delivery, if I order now. That must mean that they have something like 10,000 orders in hand.

There must be over 15,000 Model X reservations by now. If all of the Model X reservers opted for a Model S as some form of interim measure, that would suddenly add to the pile of Model S orders. If no more Model S cars were ordered for purchase beginning now, the loaners would take up almost 5 months of production into mid 1Q2015. But if these were co-mingled with another 15,000 Model S orders, many Model X reservers would be waiting until second half of 2015 to get a loaner. But that is when they will be getting their Model X.

Onesy-twosome might be OK but a mass move to a loaner program wouldn't seem to accomplish much.

Ps (I'm trying to discourage the idea so that I can do it:-)) | July 20, 2014

@michael: the following is for you:


Thank you for contacting Tesla Motors and inquiring about Model X specifications.

We will begin production and deliveries of the Model X at the end of this year. Closer to that time, we will make the vehicles available in our showrooms for our fans to see in person and will have specifications regarding options, configurations, pricing and other details such as the ones your requested. Later this year you will receive an email inviting you to sign into your MyTesla Account to begin configuring your Model X, at which time we will have pricing of Model X and its options, along with details such as the ones you requested made available.

Please stay tuned to for the most up-to-date information and pictures, as well.

Thank you for being a fan of Tesla Motors!"

I know it would mean more if Tesla contacted you directly but maybe this proxy note will help demonstrate that they are aware of us. I just think that there aren't that many folks available at Tesla to contact everyone.

Triciawade123456 | July 22, 2014

George- thanks!
Michael- what sig number are you? I'm 597- and still have not heard anything either.... If anyone starts getting emails, please let us know on the forum!

License plate "CHRGIT" - just waiting foe the car...

Triciawade123456 | July 22, 2014


Laryrob | July 24, 2014

was told yesterday that factory was closed down to put Model X production line in!

babstude | July 24, 2014

plate ID "CHRGIT" - cool !! mind if I steal that one too - if it's available in alberta anyway ;-)

Triciawade123456 | July 24, 2014

Babstude- not at all! As long as I get some credit in the conversation! Lol!
I got hubby for his model S- "CTCHME".... Taunting the police here in Texas.... He's been pulled over already once :)

USCRXDR | July 26, 2014

i have reservation #1225, can't wait to see what options of paint, etc., plus have they fixed problems with drive train, wearing out tires,etc., and will having 2 motors give a reduced driving distance, these are the questions i have.

Brian H | July 26, 2014

TM claims their engineering genius has achieved the same efficiency with two "right-sized" motors, carefully controlled to split the loads at different speeds. So range is unaffected (by that factor).

onlytopgear | September 23, 2014

how do you know that Brian H?

Brian H | September 23, 2014

I heard Straubel and Musk together in an interview or presentation Q&A a few months ago. Forget which. Watch the details when first production models are released.