Model X Enhanced Anti-Theft

Model X Enhanced Anti-Theft

Hi Tesla folks,

First time posting here. I recently took delivery of a brand new Model X here in Toronto & was wondering if it's worth spending $460 + tax CAD for Tesla's Enhanced Anti-theft system? Has any purchased, any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


raffidesigns | December 17, 2018

It really depends on you. The Enhanced Anti-Theft is an additional safety measure inside the Model X that sets off the alarm if it detects movement inside the vehicle while it is locked.

Would you say, you live in an area that has frequents vehicle break ins?

plugzin | December 17, 2018

How does the Model X compare to the Model S, if you disable to self-presenting door handles on the Model S? Is the Model X as vulnerable to key fob hacking as the Model S?

At the very least, enable the PIN feature. At least it keeps the thief from driving off!

raffidesigns | December 18, 2018

I may be wrong, (if i am please correct me) that vehicles that are shipped in 2018 have the updated security key fobs. The Model X and Model S are identical as far as self presentation doors. If you have the setting off, they key will still unlock the car, but the door panels will not open.

Pin to drive is the most secure if your vehicle does get broken into.

caikangze407 | December 18, 2018

I think the Anti-Theft function is created for the smash and grab that happens a lot in the bay area. Lots of MX got their rear small window broke by thieves and steal the items from the trunk.

JPPTM | December 18, 2018

The smash & grab burglars move so fast that they just don't care about an alarm. In the SF Bay Area car alarms go off all of the time and are basically ignored.

jimglas | December 18, 2018

An EE friend had a problem with a dog peeing on his garage door. He set up a little plate that completed a 240 circuit when the dog peed on his usual spot. The dog only peed on that spot one more time.
Maybe somebody could come up with something like that to discourage all these window break-ins?

betty_yee | December 19, 2018
jimglas | December 19, 2018

too bad it doesn't happen more often

mbattle103 | January 10, 2019

Just had it installed and I think more additional safety measure will not hurt. It is very loud and sends a text to your phone and watch right away!

raffidesigns | January 11, 2019

@mbattle103 how long did it take between when you ordered and when it was installed. I order the anti-theft on day 1 and have still yet received any call from my service center.?

aix93 | January 11, 2019

I would not wait for them, I also ordered it day 1 and never received any notice. I already had my 2nd annual service scheduled before Christmas, noticed my service center Fremont and had them install it at the same time. Recommending to schedule service then see if they can get it and install it.

betty_yee | January 11, 2019

@aix93 I ordered mine on Nov. 15th and it was delivered and installed on Dec. 21st.