The Model X Event

The Model X Event

I had the good fortune of being at the Model X reveal and wanted to share my experience. I also wanted to hear about any observations that were made by anyone else who attended. I ordered a Model X, so I was able to take a rid in it, but unfortunately, not in the front seat. The even was pretty spectacular.

Here's an except of what I've posted at

Last night, I had the privilege of being among the first to see the Tesla Model X. The event was as exciting as one could expect from a new Tesla vehicle reveal. The anticipation was invigorating, the buzz was motivating, and the actual viewing of the Model X was mesmerizing. This was no regular evening. After all, we were all there to watch Tesla Motors once again show us a glimpse of the future while we all again became part of another historically significant event.

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Max Mindel | February 11, 2012

oops...typo: I was able to take a "ride" in it...

mvbf | February 11, 2012

Thanks Max for sharing your experience. I hope that others who attended the event might comment about their experience especially their impressions of the falcon wing doors which seem particularly controversial on this forum.

pvetesla | April 7, 2015

I didn't make it to this event. Oh Well.

BTW....I'm just paying homage to vperl for bringing back some old threads!

vperl | April 8, 2015

Yes, these threads are more interesting than the twenty topics on weather.

I am interested in the vehicle not the deep thinking of the weather people.