Model X quality problem

Model X quality problem

I received my new model X last week Mar 7, 2017 in HK. Upon my first driving experience from Tesla showroom back home, there were non-stop alerting signal that the driver assistant function failed. I called service center, they told me to reboot the car but it didn't work. They asked me to bring the car back in two days Mar 10(since they are too busy). After they checked the car, they said the need more time to check the car. I brought the car back again on March 14. After checking they said they need one week to fix the computer problem. This is ridiculous that the quality control for such a premium car is so bad. They should not have delivered the car to the owner without throughout checking. This is absolutely unacceptable. I am sceptical if there will be any other problem when I receive the car in one week. I would not recommend anyone to buy Tesla.

patswin | March 15, 2017

I recommend to everyone that will listen to buy a Tesla. My experience has been it's the best car I have ever owned by a long shot. Sorry it wasn't perfect for you from the beginning but they will take care of it. Like any high tech gadget, it can have glitches that need to get worked out.

burdogg | March 15, 2017

Agree with hawkeyecustom. I have never bought another high end car - but others on here have and have reported having issues with them at delivery too - it is not unique to any car company - everyone of them are going to have a car here and there that something went wrong on and was not caught even. This is not unique to Tesla. My new Ford Expedition EL was custom made (not one off the lot) for me and it too had some obvious quality control issues.

Anyway, not to try to downplay your incident but to say you would not recommend anyone to buy a Tesla is just a little absurd. My opinion granted, but nonetheless, my opinion. There is no other car as amazing as this, and everyone, and I mean, everyone that I let drive mine (easily 20 people) are blown away and love the car.

Triggerplz | March 15, 2017

Hawkeyecustom & Burdogg +1

burdogg | March 15, 2017

john, are you just having fun with us - you have another thread as well complaining. Maybe you truly have these two issues, then again maybe not - maybe you just want to complain.

Good luck either way.

OvrICE | March 15, 2017

+ 1 Triggerplz. As burdogg said... My brother bought a 2017 Bentley Bentaga and only had it a month and had issues. He had to have it towed to the Bentley Service Center in Houston (approx. 4-5 hours away). He didn't get it back for approx. 3-4 weeks. Sometimes bad things happen to the best of them!

cica3838 | March 15, 2017

I agree that Tesla should inspect their cars more, but the overwhelming consensus on the forums is that Tesla follows up on your issues and eventually rectifies them. A Tesla is a bit different from other cars in that it does require more patience being a new car company and a high tech gadget. Give them a chance.

burdogg | March 15, 2017

cica3838 - there are some questions for this person - two posts, same day, both of complaints - the other one makes no sense. Not trying to call wolf but does make one question if there is sincerity here. ok, back to the regular programming.

ken | March 15, 2017

I completed my first year of Tesla X ownership today. It is the best car that I have ever owned and the service is superior. I have a Sig X, I had a few issues in the first few months all of which were taken care of without hassle, and today I took my X in for a door latch replacement that I didn't even know that I needed until they told me that they wanted to replace them. It takes a little getting use to all of the features of the X but in my opinion it is well worth the small inconvenience. No gasoline, no oil, no topping off fluids, and superior maintenance. I consider my self very lucky to have one of the first X's.

Sleepydoc1 | March 15, 2017

@ken +1 6 weeks short of 1 year and still amazed. Had AC issue and driver door latch issue and and passenger FWD issue. All resolved easily. Never stranded.

spatters805 | March 16, 2017

I have a friend that took delivery of his Model X 3 weeks ago. He states he's had problems with door sensors not allowing the Falcon Wing doors to open completely (even in open air) and major issues with basic Auto-Pilot features.

He has the latest software for his HW2 spec vehicle, but he has no TACC, no lane keeping, and AEB. He treid working with Tech Support to reboot the software and they did a remote check to see if they could fix the issue - they were unsuccessful.

He's called the Service Center and they gave him an appointment in April to drop the MX off! They refused to send a Ranger to drop a car off and take his to a different Service Center, but they refused to do that, also. He now has to take his car to a Service Center farther away in about 2 weeks. They told him they would give him a Corolla as a rental while his $120K Tesla is in the shop...

Does this seem right? Why is there such a difference in Service experiences across the board? What should he do?

dralanj | March 17, 2017

Having second thoughts about ordering a new model X. Seems that there are too many issues w fi & finish on top of some goofy basic design issues (falcon wings, huge hot windshield, etc) for so big a pricetag. If there are huge wait times for service or parts now, whats going to happen when the model 3 hits the streets in mass numbers? They dont even have a loaner fleet when its brought in for service. Im getting very cold feet.

patswin | March 17, 2017

Spatter, your friend needs to read up on the manual or look at that big screen in the center of dash when opening fwds. There is a button to push which allows it to always open fully in that location. Before long it will always open fully in open spaces. The ap stuff is fun and I can understand he is anxious to play with it but certainly not critical to driving the car. Some device centers are much busier than others so if he doesn't want the hassle of going to a far away service center he just needs to be patient to play with some of the cutting edge features of the car.

inconel | March 17, 2017

Took delivery of my MX one week ago. Love it. As for loaners I always had a Tesla loaner in the last two years when my MS was in for service.

Sleepydoc1 | March 17, 2017

@dralanj - You don't hear from the thousands of owners doing well. Look at the early posts, much more common. Now a few stragglers here and there, some of whom are possibly trolls. Every car maker has their share of "lemons." If you don't want the FWD and large "hot" window, this isn't the care for you. The window is awesome. People don't suspect it, get in and we can drive for a few miles. I'll then say, look up and they just explode in amazement. When it is 105F and I don't find shade, yeah it can get hot. The car can vent and pre-cool before I leave the office.

Leli001 | March 17, 2017

The X also comes with a shade you can easily pop into place if the sun is too much through that huge windshield.

PedanticOne | March 17, 2017

@hawkeyecustom I also have a FWD sensor problem and it's not just as simple as saying always open in this location. It just doesn't open because it shows an obstruction, though there is none, so I often have to press and hold. So it's entirely possible that his friend is seeing what I'm seeing. Saying RTFM is not necessarily a proper response. My driver's side door has no such issue. But I think it's a simple fix, and I'm bringing it in on Tuesday. Not too worried about it.

As to the worries about fit/finish. My car came out almost perfect, with one or two little minor issues. I may or may not ask them to look at trying to remedy them when I take my car in next week. So far the car has been amazing. Best car I've ever owned.

patswin | March 17, 2017

Pedantic one. I agree with you it could be a problem but what he described is exactly what I experienced with my car when I first got it. I was even annoyed by it at first but then after selecting "always remember this location " several times it worked itself out. Now I am just assuming here but it seems to me this is a safety feature built into the programming so to prevent the doors from hitting objects until owners gets more familiar with the doors. ( now I have assumed things before it it did not end well for me :-) ). I would be curious if everyone goes through not having doors open fully the first week. If so then it would seem to me that much more likely than not the doors sensors are fine and you just have to allow for a "break in" period before assuming the worst

spatters805 | March 17, 2017

Thanks for the comments @hawkeyecustom and @PendanticOne. My friend's concerns are also my concerns since my MS75D is set to arrive on 3/30. More with the Service Center issues and inability to accommodate the customer. He has to go 3 service centers away to get something done this month and why would they even bring up a Corolla instead of saying "We will do everything we can to get you a Tesla Loaner."

Since we live in the same area, I am hoping I don't experience the same issues when I need to get service done. My brother has had his MSP85 for 3 years now and never had these experiences. He also had Rangers drop off a MS and pick his up for service early on, but that doesn't happen anymore.

What is going to happen when thousands of M3's hit the roads with all the issues that happen in first year production models?

bounce91 | March 17, 2017

I picked up our X on Wednesday. I was specifically told the AP2 features may not (probably won't be) available right away. I was told it can take a few days before everything is calibrated and to be patient and give it some time. That is what I am doing. So no TAAC etc. But that's ok, they communicated that fact and I am ok with it. There was a small tear in the rear driver's side middle row seat bottom, it was notated and will be replaced. It happens. Outside of that, I really didn't see any issues with the vehicle. I may have them look at the spoiler alignment when they replace the seat down the road, in the down position I feel it should sit a little more flush than it does right now, passenger side sits up about 1/4" and driver's side is below flush; small adjustment.

But everything else works fine.

That windshield is something else isn't it! You have a great view, watching airplanes, fireworks, birds :-)

PedanticOne | March 17, 2017

I quite often always see the red curve, indicating the sensor believes something is there to block the FWD, so I'm 99% sure it's a sensor issue, and not a calibration issue. But I guess my visit to Tesla Service will prove me right or wrong next week :-) And as I mentioned, I have no such issue with the driver's side door. It works perfectly.

I do agree that being further away from a service center might be a pain. I have recently read that Tesla is looking to increase the size of the Ranger program, as I think most issues are fairly minor and can be sorted on location. That may help to mitigate these sorts of things. I'm pretty sure a Ranger could come and fix my issue, for example. But I have three service centers near me so I can just bring it in. Maybe in the future they'll have way more Rangers and I won't need to. It does seem simpler for most issues that don't require a lift, etc.

day | March 17, 2017

Driving Model X for 7 months. Love it. Zero maintenance issues. Service center experience was delightful when had a flat tire. You can't get this service at other similar luxury vehicles dealers. Service centers are staffed by Tesla employees who take pride in their jobs. Not third party dealership employees or repair shops!!

spatters805 | March 17, 2017

I am just hoping Tesla's Strategic Plan includes a little "Service Center Love" for Ventura County in CA. Westlake or Thousand Oaks would be an ideal spot to sell and service a bunch of cars!

Amir.mohajerani | July 17, 2017

I just booked my MX and after reading all of the above story i panic! I am going to cancel my booking.

burdogg | July 17, 2017

Your loss Amir - I have owned mine since Dec 2016 and have nothing but love for it. No problems (well except for a back seat gear that needs replaced, but nothing that affects any function of the car or use of the seat).

But oh well, doesn't hurt any of us here that you don't buy one - just yourself and the amazing ride.

lilbean | July 17, 2017

Keep in mind the person who posted this thread has never returned. Some bored people have nothing better to do than to drop bombs on the forum, never to be seen again.

Triggerplz | July 17, 2017

Yea Lilbean the OP wrote a dear John thread letter

Juanr152 | July 24, 2017

I've had share to but I still love my MX by a long shot I have had others like explorers expeditions and my last that was a Lexus. Still won't trade it or complain about a few issues. I had taken it to the SC and they took care of it.

Juanr152 | July 24, 2017

I've had share to but I still love my MX by a long shot I have had others like explorers expeditions and my last that was a Lexus. Still won't trade it or complain about a few issues. I had taken it to the SC and they took care of it.

scabello800 | July 25, 2017

Quality control is an issue.

It is almost by design.

Tesla has developed the agile style of car development.

I think it is safe to assume that every Tesla owner will encounter some problem whether it is the vehicle itself or the software. It must happen. Tesla cannot make 100 incremental changes to their product every year and never have a problem. They do not put enough time in for testing. This is what you get when you buy a car like this.. plus and minus. | July 25, 2017

And yet Tesla is still rated more reliable than many other brands. Clearly Tesla can do better, but there are a lot of other brands that have been in business far longer, yet still can't figure out how to make a quality car.

richard | August 1, 2017

I've had loads of problems yes the service is good when contacting them and yes they will fix the issue but these cars aren't cheap in the past I've had 6 series and then an X6 no problems all from new. GOT my model X 2 months ago and here is the list of problems ..... I'm not even sure how it was allowed to be handed over to me.

1. Both doors leak water when opening if it been raining.
2. Wifi stopped working
3. Back bumper wasn't flush
4. Hole in seat (this had been dotted by tesla so they knew about this... Why give me the car)
5. Rear view mirror won't stay in place

Car goes in to get fixed

1. They didn't have the seals to go round the door to fix the leak .... even though they knew about this before going in.
2. Tried to fix bumper but just levelled it out so it's out on both sides.
3. By doing the above the bottom came out of place.... Back bumper is basically falling off
4. Drivers side front wheel trim in now also coming away.

All of the above should not happen these cars cost 100k there not a cheap car and I don't think anyone should have to put up with any problems.

richard | August 1, 2017

I will say though that with all the problems im having I still love the car and would still recommend but just check it all over before accepting.

IgnoranceBliss | August 4, 2017

On my 2nd Model X now, and not because I wanted to get rid of my original one, but that's a story I can't talk about.

I have had a relatively few number of issues with each vehicle, but the one's I have had have been significant, and what I have learned is that if it not an easy fix, Tesla tries to manage your expectations, and hope you will accept some deviation from the expected, for what any other "premium vehicle" manufacturer would never do.

High Tech with novel features - Yes
Amazing Drive Train - Yes
Evidence that a Premium EV can be successful - Yes
Safe vehicle to drive in - Yes per Reports

Committed to delivering a quality product all the way through - Not even close to "perhaps"

Yet I had the chance to walk away once, and I stayed in there.

Not so sure I would make the same decision a second time.

sunny_sanyal | October 31, 2017

I paid full price for all options for the model X. Quality has been beyond depressing. The car drives great - as advertised, fun to drive, and service personnel are terrific (saving grace, otherwise this would be a disaster).

But, Quality of workmanship is beyond pathetic. It is clear that the car has not had had appropriate outgoing inspections before it left the factory. There has been one problem after another starting with day one when we brought the car home.

Service staff is very good and professional and service quality is excellent.

This is a $120k car after all upgrades, options (including future software) etc... our experience with quality has been worse than what we have experienced with cumulative of 10 cars purchased in last 15 years. We have never had to take a new car in for repairs as many times as we have had to do with our Tesla. This is very very disappointing.

- as soon we bought the car and took it home we realized that doors were not opening correctly. other sensors weren't working. It turned out to be an assembly error... some sensors had simply not been connected. Sensor trays had to be replaced and reconnected HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN?
- then we noticed windshield washer wasn't working. It turns out that the washer pump wasn't connected to the tube -- REALLY? WAS THIS CAR TESTED / INSPECTED BEFORE LEAVING THE FACTORY?
- Auto pilot, cruise not working. Auto pilot just wouldn't work... we were told that it takes 1000 miles to calibrate. After 1500 miles still no autopilot... some scary moments with cruise control. works some times and wouldn't work other times. Once it didn't come off cruise after brake was pressed. Was not able to reproduce this -- but it did happen. BIG SAFETY ISSUE. Took it in for service, new autopilot module was installed, new firmware. HOW WAS THIS FEATURE TESTED BEFORE LEAVING FACTORY?
- Driver and Passenger doors won't close. Driver and passengor door units were replaced... New parts were also defective. A DOOR MALFUNCTION IS A MAJOR SAFETY ISSUE. HOW DID THIS CAR PASS MANUFACTURING and SAFETY INSPECTION?
- Navigation stopped working. Was down for a week, took 2+ days to repair. Defect in the Central Console hardware. Main display console had to be replaced, software had to be reinstalled, all settings erased. -- IS THIS WHAT WE CAN EXPECT OF QUALITY OF ELECTRONICS IN A NEW $120K CAR? EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED WITH QUALITY

I don't know what to say... I am very angry... I wanted to by a Model S also; have put that off indefinitely. All my friends who have seen our drama unfold are dismayed as well.

lilbean | October 31, 2017


sunny_sanyal | October 31, 2017

forgot to mention... driver and passenger window have problems closing... i was told that it was because the temperature was 95 deg in UT and the gaskets aren't designed to withstand that heat and expands... REALLY? HOW WILL THIS CAR BE SOLD IN ALL SOUTHWEST, FLORIDA, TEXAS, NM, ETC... Sounds like poor excuse for a bad design spec on gasket materials -- they should pick material that can handle -30 deg to +120 deg

lilbean | October 31, 2017

Tesla will make it right. :)

sunny_sanyal | October 31, 2017

lilbean... yes, my carma seems to have driven over my dogma...!

sunny_sanyal | October 31, 2017

i have faith in Elon Musk and that's keeping me from going ballistic

sunny_sanyal | October 31, 2017

On a positive note -- the service team at Tesla is excellent. quality of phone support has been okay... mostly glad handling, but they are very prompt in responding and returning calls.

The car's driving experience is as touted... and more. It's tough to drive our conventional cars after driving a Tesla.

Last week I saw 4-5 kids with their souped up Honda Civics precious and Dodge Chargers at a car wash... they all had the "I wish" look on their face...

bob | October 31, 2017

@sunny_sanyal - it might be wrong. But it makes me glad to hear of someone having similar problems as I've had.

I too love the MX. Just the litany of QC issues has me baffled. My most recent concerns are looking down the road. We already own an MS, it has 8 years of pre-paid maintenance which when I purchased our MX thought that doing the same for the MX would be a total waist of money. Now I'm pouring through the Extended Warrantee and Maintenance agreements and trying to figure out how these never ending QC issues might fit into those agreements in the future. We are less than 60 days into ownership and I'm loosing sleep over how this is going to play out 3 years from now... not good.

I have a laundry list of minor cosmetic (non safety) issues I'm not even bringing up to the service center on my visits since I know they'll take weeks to address. My priority is to get the vehicle to a point where I trust it's going to be drivable. I'll deal with the cosmetic stuff 6 months from now.

Totally agree, service and support has been outstanding. Just don't feel they should be the crutch we are leaning on.

lilbean | October 31, 2017

@sunny, If it makes you feel better, I had all the problems too. I thought they would have figured it out by now. I got mine in March 2016. Seriously, my AC doesn’t blow hard in the rear and I was told that after comparing it to other cars, it functions like the others. We’ll that doesn’t speak very well for the other cars. Oops, did I reveal another issue? Sorry.

Silver2K | October 31, 2017

this is an odd statement in the OP "I would not recommend anyone to buy Tesla"

I have spoken to many Chinese people (residents of China) recently and was told that in China everyone wants a Tesla and the Chinese electric car is a cheap piece of junk that falls apart.

I would think the firmware issue the OP is having is nothing in comparison. | October 31, 2017

@lilbean - Do you have the dual AC system (in 7 seater) or the single AC system (5 seater)? Seems like the single AC is not that powerful for the rear.

burdogg | October 31, 2017

Bean has a 6 or 7 seater - hers was way before the 5 seaters were being made :)

lilbean | October 31, 2017

Burdogg is correct. I have a six seater.

sunny_sanyal | November 1, 2017

lilbean and Bob -- thank you for your comments. I have not focused on the cosmetic stuff yet...! Thank you also for the thought about extended warranty... need to think about it seriously

jcwlee1 | November 1, 2017

Issues I see the most and have experienced myself are the acceleration shudder and the high speed shudder. Both seem to be related to the suspension and half shafts, front bumper/spoiler vibration.