Model X Rear Reflectors Replacement

Model X Rear Reflectors Replacement

I have a broken rear reflector on my MX. Does anyone know if there is way to get a replacement part ? It’s an easy fix if parts are available. eBay and other online stores have some MS parts but don’t seem to have this for MX. Any guidance appreciated.


Uncle Paul | December 28, 2018

Would just give your service center a call.

teslamodelx | December 29, 2018

If you are referring to the rear red reflector lenses located below the rear bumper cover on the black textured valence/defuser piece, then your only and best option would be to place the order directly from Tesla through your service advisor as they are very inexpensive, only $6 a piece (list price)! Right side reflector lens part number is 103434300C and the Left one 103434200C. Good luck. :-)