Model X Tow package out of stock since September 2017

Model X Tow package out of stock since September 2017

I’ve been wanting to upgrade and add the tow package to my Model X but it’s been out of stock since last year. I called the service center and they said if it’s out of stock online they can’t order it either. Anyone else have this issue? What about installing an after market hitch for towing? I still would need the software upgrade but I assume the service center could do that.

Ohmster | March 3, 2018

Strange as new vehicles are shipping with it, apparently. We took delivery on 12/24.

‘17 S75 & X75D: Uncorked AP2.5 18.6.1. Grin on!

chuckgrim | March 3, 2018

Talk to the service manager and see if they can help. Some people are getting them. Be nice but don’t give up. Call other service centers if you have too. I never take no for the answer. If a part is being made you can get it.

butlerjeff | March 16, 2018


same here. I too have considered after market but am unwilling due to a wiring harness and still need Tesla to turn it on. Did you find a resolution?

bodhipooh | March 19, 2018

Definitely odd that it is still seen as out of stock when new models are supposed to be shipping with it, but I read here in a different thread that many Xs are being delivered to customers WITHOUT the two package installed and customers are not being told upfront about it. :o

Coldfire73 | March 20, 2018

Yeah.. mine was ordered in Sept'17, it was built without the package even though it was supposed to have it on. They did let me know after it was loaded on a container ship and offered me money off or to rebuild the car. I took the money as I didn't really need it (but it would have been nice to have just in case), and I couldn't face having to wait another couple of months of waiting for my new toy :)

AOe | March 22, 2018

I was promised that I could install the tow hitch after delivery, since this was a precondition to trade-in my signature X90D which did have the tow hitch. Now I was told that they have not received the parts and that it is not possible to install the hitch afterwards - to be more precise I am waiting for a clear answer now for two weeks. I definitely need it by spring for to transport the bikes of my kids. Unfortunately it does not seem to be possible to get reliable answers from this company. I keep having bad experiences related to customer service/support VERY DISAPOINTING

bodhipooh | March 26, 2018

Our X delivery on Friday had the tow hitch mount in the trunk, in a spiffy case. I didn't check to make sure the tow hitch itself is installed, bu I am assuming that is the case and will confirm later this week. The car is at the Service Center getting a few discrepancies addressed.

Coldfire73 | March 28, 2018

@AOe - I was told on the phone when it wasn't fitted that it could be added later for the same cost as they gave me as a deduction from the purchase cost. But, like you said, I was then told by the SC on collection that it couldn't be added afterwards. In my case, I wasn't too bothered, but it is annoying that there was a conflicting response for it. Otherwise my experience with Tesla support/SCs has been great.

johnse | March 28, 2018

My Model X that I picked up today came with the Tow package.

matt | August 15, 2018

I have a brand new tow hitch. Never used if anyone wants to buy it.

joho32 | August 15, 2018

Might be interested, how much?

bonhari03 | August 27, 2018

We took delivery in March. The hitch was in the trunk. they installed it for free when they came to install the front license plate.

rbuckle1ster | August 27, 2018

Took delivery 9/18. Hitch pkg in the trunk. SC installed it during 1st visit.

dysert2 | August 28, 2018

I am in the same boat, my X did not have the tow package. The problem is you need more than the hitch. The bar to receive the hitch has to be installed to the frame. When I opened up the flap on the rear there is nothing to plug the hitch into. My Tesla advocate is trying to get service to help us get one budget so far no luck.

piratessis | December 8, 2018

So frustrating. I purchased August 2017 and was told it would be easy to "add on" the hitch anytime. I called my local service center and they said to call sales. Sales said to call the service center. Repeat. Online support won't return my emails. I would really like to take the X to the snow this season. I guess it's a champagne problem but STILL! Any other advice?

ebender888 | December 8, 2018

I ordered the hitch for my yet to be delivered Model X 10 days ago. It arrived last night. However, I will need to return it to Tesla, as i just found out it will not accommodate the e-bike frame that i have. So, still in the shipping box, and plan to return next week when i take delivery of Model X. If anyone is interested in it before that, let me know, and can make arrangements.

jjgunn | December 11, 2018

Very first thing I requested before delivery was install the trailer hitch.

I would encourage all future owners to do the same.

Uncle Paul | December 11, 2018

Trailer package is 3 parts.
1. Hitch that needs to be bolted or welded to the frame. Comes with the wiring package for the trailer lights.
2. Ball assembly that slides into the permenantly mounted Hitch. This is what came in the black Tesla Logo canvas bag.
3. Software that is turned on via yourcentral display. Enables anti-sway and other towing modifications. Will illiuminate a tiny trailer icon on the drivers display.

There are also aftermarket companies that offer trailer packages, but do not enable the software. Some find the aftermarket to offer an even better ball coupling, but the cosmetics are not as good.

Seems as though Tesla no longer wishes to install the trailer packages after delivery, at the service centers. No matter what some sales/employee may have said in the past.

If you want a trailer package, it seems that it is best to have it installed at the factory when new.

My experience with the towing package has been superb. Other that the reduced range it tows far better than my Grand Cherokees ever did. Tesla torque makes pulling seem effortless.

plantotal | December 18, 2018

I have a tow hitch frame available with all hardware for a 2018 X if someone is interested. Never installed. Email me for details.

plantotal | December 19, 2018

Hitch frame is now sold.

rex.lee | December 31, 2018

I just had my 2016 MX 90D in the Seattle service center for adding on the towing package. They had them in stock there, and installed it just great.

Xthegas | February 4, 2019

I just removed my factory hitch this weekend if anyone wants to buy it. I have the hitch and the bosal attachment.

nixnexus | February 12, 2019

I'm interested - please email pics to me!

nixnexus | February 12, 2019

I'm interested - please email pics to me!

MLo | February 15, 2019

Anyone still have a tow package available?