Model X Update email from Tesla

Model X Update email from Tesla

Received this in my email at 7:30am this morning:

Dear Model X reservation holders,

Falcon wing doors, all-wheel drive, and the most stylish way to combine an SUV’s utility with a sports car’s performance. Model X will be a production car that exceeds the promises made when we first showed the concept.
In the fall, we’ll start building Model X prototypes on a newly expanded and integrated production line at our factory in Fremont, CA. The first Model X cars for you, our reservation holders, will be produced starting in early 2015.

We’re pleased to confirm that the falcon wing doors will be a defining feature of this exceptional car. Not only do these doors look amazing, but they also make getting in and out of the Model X so much easier than would a conventional front-hinged door. You can even do it standing up.

We’ll also deliver a level of functionality and practicality that will exceed what you saw on the concept vehicle. We can confirm that all-wheel drive will come standard for Model X, and you’ll have the option to add a third row of seats to carry more passengers. You’ll also be able to fold down the second and third rows to create a flat platform for storage. When it comes to charging and long distance drives, Model X will be able to take full advantage of our rapidly growing Supercharger network.

These features combine to offer power, speed, and space – all packaged in an all-electric vehicle that looks and drives like it comes from the future.

We’ll have more to say about Model X in the coming months, so stay tuned for updates. Thank you for your confidence in Tesla.

J.T. | June 16, 2014

Coming "Soon?"

AmpedRealtor | June 16, 2014

Stock is up almost 9% so far today... Coincidence?

Rocky_H | June 16, 2014

I think this is the first I have seen it mentioned that it's going to have fold flat seats.

plusplusjames | June 16, 2014

Early 2015. I predict that this will miss ski season.

tes-s | June 16, 2014

That is great news!! I was afraid they were further behind and would not be delivering until the second half of 2015.

When they say "newly expanded and integrated production line" are they talking about building the MX on the existing MS production line?

Cindy I II III | June 16, 2014

"you’ll have the option to add a third row of seats to carry more passengers." means that the standard will only sit 5?

Velo1 | June 16, 2014

This should be under the Model X discussion threads, but still good to learn about this announcement.

Maxkiddo | June 16, 2014

Do we have any idea of pricing vs. the Model S? | June 16, 2014

@Maxkiddo. Yes, more than Model S :)

Red Sage ca us | June 16, 2014

"’ll have the option to add a third row of seats..."

I'm with Cindy123 on this... I, too, had always presumed the third row, and seven passenger seating, would be standard issue on Tesla Model X. What's the point of the Falcon Wing Doors, if the third row of seats is strictly optional? Perhaps they meant that the second row would have other configuration options... Such as the ability to have a pair of captain's chairs instead of a bench, for a six passenger configuration...? Or maybe even a fourth row of rear-facing jumpseats to have nine passengers?

nickjhowe | June 16, 2014

@tes-s - they are building a second line at the factory that will handle S and X.

The fold flat seats was a suggestion made by someone at an event. Elon commented that it 'was a good idea and they'd look into it'.

Thomas N. | June 16, 2014

I'd conservatively say this means the X will be out in June timeframe of next year.

mdemetri | June 16, 2014

Red Sage +100

I just posted the same point in a similar thread in the Model X forum:

"The primary reason for the falcon doors was to improve access to the third row. If you are making the third row an option, then why are the Falcon doors not an option??????? I see little point of the Falcon doors without the third row.

The Falcon door/3rd row combo was one of the primary selling points of the Model X at the reveal and ever since.

I am more than happy to pay for a third row, but the falcon doors and AWD should be an option as well."

tes-s | June 16, 2014

Thanks @Nick. I always thought they would start a second line for the X. They've got a lot of cars to build!

akikiki | June 16, 2014

Great news for all you X'ers. Happy to hear this for you.

Rheumboy | June 16, 2014

Cup holders???

AlMc | June 16, 2014

@Rheumboy: Cupholders included with 3rd row seat option.

eddiemoy | June 16, 2014

i can't believe the level of stupidity that people are complaining about the third row being an option!!

what is wrong with it being an option? how does that increase the price of the car? you never knew the price to begin with. if you want the third row, order it with it. if you don't now, you can order it without. you guys acting like tesla took the third row away completely!

some people don't want a third row, they just want a higher ride height and more room to haul around their stuff. what is wrong with choice?!?!

how about if tesla made everything standard and you can only buy one configuration?!!? everyone has to pay for fully loaded model s?!?! how stupid.

chopper.wild | June 16, 2014

Is the Falcon 9 mounted on the roof optional?

carlk | June 16, 2014

@eddiemoy Stupidity is the only word to describe it. Those people are whinning when they don't even know what the base price and option price will be.

Iowa92x | June 16, 2014

Give the people a choice, AWD should be optional too. Extra weight, price and complexity, plus range reduction.

Red Sage ca us | June 16, 2014

Typically, the 'choice' that is offered in crossovers, SUVs, or minivans... is a removable third row, or one that folds flat into the deck. I'm not so much angered by this, as I am... surprised. From my point of view, there really isn't any reason to purchase an SUV or crossover at all without an included third row of seating. Without the third row, you essentially have a wagon instead.

I'm certain that alternate configurations will be considered. I thought they would be relative to the arrangement of the second row of seats though. Bench seat, captains chairs, revolving, reclining, removable, fold flat type options -- the usual. But an 'optional' third row? Hmmm...

Is there a version of the Porsche Cayenne, BMW X5, Volvo XC90 or AUDI Q7 that only has two rows of seating, fore and aft?

eddiemoy | June 16, 2014

@red, the cayenne is not offered with third row, the x5 is offered as an option, i think it is standard on the xc90 and q7.

AlMc | June 16, 2014

Red and Eddie: There are several people who have commented here and on the TMC site that do not want the third row seat. Personally, I want it and will take it as an option. I think making it optional actually can increase the flexibility and increases overall demand.

Bighorn | June 16, 2014

I remember way back when we bought an Isuzu Trooper, after negotiating a decent deal, the salesman said that the second row seat wasn't included! Loggerheads, then wife tears. Finally, did the deal and ran out of gas 5 miles from the dealership. Thank god they're looking out for us.

Erik M. | June 16, 2014

I would order a third row of seats only if they can be moved entirely. It's just for those rare occasions you have 6 or more adults to drive around, maybe once or twice a year for me.

Fold flat is great, but even better if they are removable. I'd love to take the car on a road trip and use the entire space for camping out. Elon mentioned before that it should fit a queen size mattress. And still have the frunk for additional cargo, awesome, nobody else come even close!

Mathew98 | June 16, 2014

Options = more profits + flexibility.

You don't want it, don't do a thing. You want third row seats (most will), then pay for it just like the tech package.

AWD is standard and mileage is offset with improvements. Did you expect all options to come standard at $120k or $75k base + loads of options that you really want? | June 16, 2014

Our Jeep (the original SUV) does not have a third row and I don't want to pay for one on our Model X.


david.baird | June 17, 2014

So much looking forward to seeing this and upgrading to it from my MS in four years time... Maybe sooner if the kids grow quickly...

akikiki | June 17, 2014

Since we are talking about the X anyway.
X Question that I don't think has been asked.

Is AWD going to reduce the available rated mileage?
Two motors, still one battery?

I don't know the answer. Anyone wish to guess or tell us?

HenryT2 | June 17, 2014

According to a newspaper out there (sorry, no link and can't remember which paper) the price is supposed to start at $55K - ie. less than the Model S. I find it hard to believe that with all wheel drive it'll be cheaper than the equivalent battery size Model S. But that would be great if it were.

My main concerns are:
A) price
B) safety (because of gull wing doors)
C) accessibility of third row

If these three are reasonable, I'll execute my reservation. The fact that it is, in my opinion, ugly as sin, will not change my opinion. But I think they "phoned in" the design. It's basically a "puffed up" Model S.

bent | June 17, 2014

Elon Musk previously sort of committed to the MX not being more than 9% more expensive than the MS. My first thought when I saw that the third row would be an option was, they're pulling stuff out of the base model in order to make good on that commitment. But maybe my cynicism is just running wild.

The third seat row is probably an easy thing to remove from the car and make optional, and I'm sure that are other good reasons for doing so. Falcon wing doors are not so easy since they would have to completely redesign large parts of the car body to accommodate a different type of door.

What I'm wondering (but finding myself too lazy to actually research (unless posting the question here constitutes research)) is: did they say anything about the rumoured tow hitch?

J.T. | June 17, 2014

I would imagine a car that includes everything is just easier for the assembly line. No options except color, as long as it's black, is optimal.

So, making everything optional has to be the opposite. Still, I agree with eddiemoy (a rare occurrence) that those who want the third row to be standard are thinking only about themselves.

Customer: It says Tuna salad on a bagel is $6. Why did you charge me $6.50?
Me: You asked for lettuce and tomato.
Cust: You charge extra for lettuce and tomato?!!
Me: I understand your shock. I looked at my produce bill this morning and I couldn't believe they charged me for lettuce and tomato.
Cust: Why don't you just include it?
Me: Why should I charge people for lettuce and tomato if they don't want it?

I will order the Model X. I don't need or want a third row. I'm glad they're not making me pay for something I don't want.

eddiemoy | June 17, 2014


There is no mileage penalty for having awd, they mentioned that they were able to cancel the negative effects of awd with software code. This isn't some mechanical linked awd, so I believe them.

The reduction in miles comes from the bigger front section that the motors have to move through the air.

Jonathan C. | June 17, 2014

If I remember correctly the falcon wing doors where useful to stand up in the vehicle to be able to put your child in without twisting your back… Accessing the third row is doable with conventional sliding door.

djtommy | June 17, 2014

come on!!let me choose color please!!haha

jjs | June 17, 2014

As one who was initially surprised at the third row seat being optional, I stand completely and thoroughly corrected. It makes a lot of sense to make it optional as this fits some people's desires/needs well. My third row seat myopia has been cured. It's a miracle. :)

dleidy | June 17, 2014

Who cares if third row seating is optional or not. This is a 2-motor AWD car, and the "base" model is claimed to have a sub-5 second 0-60. That means the PERFORMANCE model could out-perform the MS because of the AWD traction. That alone is worth the price of admission for me, which is why I have a reservation!

That coupled with the new even better interior and falcon wings, and I cannot wait to get my hands on it.

Red Sage ca us | June 17, 2014

The similar thread to this one is now in the Model X Forum if you'd like to contribute there as well.

I believe when Elon Musk was in Norway in January, someone may have asked him if the second row of seats could be optional, or removable (the audio was pretty bad). He commented that would make for a rather expensive delivery van, but that he would consider it.

As I've said earlier, removing the third row is fine... In that being able to optionally remove it for more cargo room, or to lower weight, is good. Making the third row itself an option means that the vehicle is no longer a crossover, but a 'tall wagon'.

Nothing wrong with that. It just requires an adjustment of perspective. I get certain images in mind when I think of the terms crossover, van, and wagon. Similarly, I think of SUVs a certain way as well.

It's not so much a matter of myopia, as it is intent of use.

john_mathon | January 29, 2015

I would prefer a REMOVABLE second row to a removable 3rd row or foldable 2nd and 3rd row. Sure folding the 2nd and 3rd rows gives a flat bed for loading which is nice. Ideally both options would be possible. I do not always carry 7 people. I think a lot of people buy an SUV/Crossover because they want the extra room not because they are always carrying 7 people. Therefore it is more important for me that it provide a spacious really flexible environment for 4 or 5 people. Ideally being able to remove the second row or pushing the second row back to the third row so that the second row is really open. The advantage of this besides the comfort is that the space with the gull wing doors becomes extremely convenient and easy way to load up the Tesla throwing stuff into that open space between the first and second rows. If there is a way to fold forward the 2nd row so there is a lot of space between it and the 3rd row would work but it would probably be more difficult to get into and utilize than the other choice.

carolinagobo | January 29, 2015

Same ugly nosecone than Model S

Captain_Zap | April 1, 2019

Over 4 years later and still loving that nosecone.

akikiki | April 1, 2019

On the S or the Falcon 9?

hololeena | April 23, 2019

its nosecone seems same not it?