Model X wish list

Model X wish list

I’m thoroughly enjoying the Model X experience – but after two months, there are definitely things I wish were different:

1. Bird’s Eye View
Many high-end cars have this, and once you’ve had it, going without it is difficult. It makes parking significantly easier and safer.

2. Rear Cross-Traffic Alert
Again, it’s a common feature in luxury (and lower) cars. This too is an important safely feature.

3. UNtinted Rear Window
In low light, (dusk, or night, or cloudy days), it’s difficult to see what’s behind you. I hate this tint! It should be an option.

4. “Regular” windshield
There’s a “wow” factor to the large windshield, but when driving into the sun on a winding road, the visor isn’t effective. That’s a safety issue.

5. AM Radio
Millions of people (like me) listen to news and sports on AM. Yes, you can find some alternative ways to hear some stations, but it’s a pain, and not all inclusive.

6. Full set of plug adapters
As it says on the Tesla Shop site: “With all seven Gen 2 NEMA adapters in one convenient storage bag, you can charge at any available outlet, at home or on the road.”
Being able to charge when travelling isn’t a luxury, it’s vital, and it should be included.

7. A Key Fob with a ring.
It’s minor, but an annoyance. I get a luxury car and then have to spend $18 to purchase what every other fob in the world has – a ring to attach other keys to (or to hang on the valet’s wall).

8. Handsfree trunk opening.
Just about every SUV out there has it.

raffidesigns | February 1, 2020

#s 1-2 can be added via software update. Please tweet to @ElonMusk. if he see's it, he will replay either yes/no.
#'s 3-4 I do not believe Tesla will ever change. The idea behind the tint of the rear view is to not be affected by the full blast of the headlights behind you. As far as the windshield, Tesla Ships a large cover that should be in a bag in your trunk. if not, lift the lever in your trunk and you should see it.
#5 can also be added in software update. Please tweet to Elon.
#6 Tesla ships all Vehicles with an adapter bag. The Gen 2 Mobile Connector Bundle and NEMA Adapter Bundle can be purchased at
#7. The Model X keys do come with key rings. (mine did).
#8 Software Update. (Repeat step 1)

Essentially #s 1, 2, 5 and 8 can all be added via software update. 4, 6 and 7 can all be found within your vehicle | February 2, 2020

#1 - Not with software. It would require 3 new cameras. The cameras are designed and pointed outward for AP. The front cameras have no coverage of the very front of the car and the side cameras do not point downward. Those same high-end cars, I suspect don't have Autopilot. It is technically possible to design in both systems, but it becomes more expensive. So far, I don't think anyone has both.

#2 - Not with software. It requires two rear-mounted radars. Still, you can use Tesla's rear camera and large screen to see far more of what is happening as you back up that what an Idiot light/alarm tells you. The cost for radars is likely an additional $300 in the retail price.

#5 - Not in software. There is no AM radio hardware in the car, nor an AM antenna. Also, EV's tend to be quite RF noisy in the AM band, but with more hardware costs, that can be dealt with. Tesla seems to have zero interest in offering AM radios now, and all new cars 3/X/Y they produce do not have AM. Not arguing for or against inclusion, just stating the facts.

#8 - Only with more hardware. Also, I think Ford has a patent on this, so it may require patent licensing as well.

sacfan | February 9, 2020

I too hate the heavily-tinted rear window on the Model X. I feel like I can barely see vehicles behind me during the day. It’s definitely my #1 dislike about the vehicle. I noted it immediately when I picked up my Raven and just assumed that there was something wrong with the rear view mirror. They replaced the mirror to humor me and it obviously made no difference. I am shocked that more people don’t have problems with it, or did I just somehow miss all the threads?

ratchet | February 9, 2020

Just leave the rear camera on the MCU screen. It provides a wide view to help with blind spots and adjusts to ambient light.

ken | February 10, 2020

No, leaving the rear camera on is not a good substitute for being able to see out the rear window. The rear view camera works fine when backing up slowly, but it completely distorts perspective when driving.

Vawlkus | February 11, 2020

I disagree. I have my rear view camera on at all times and it provides a much better picture of what going on behind me, especially at night.