Model XMas Show Easter Egg

Model XMas Show Easter Egg

When I run the Model Xmas Show Easter Egg, at the end, all of my windows stay open (down) . . . shouldn't they all close up?

Triggerplz | October 30, 2018

The last time I used it (3weeks ago) the windows all closed at the end

john | October 30, 2018

Mine is random... Sometimes they stay open at the end.

Vawlkus | October 31, 2018

Same as John.

hoffenberg | October 31, 2018

If that is your biggest issue........

bobalesiani | December 23, 2018

After multiple attempts, I've only gotten all windows to open when pushing the lock button on the fob. Car is parked with 10 feet clearance on all sides.

Any hints?

Triggerplz | December 23, 2018

Car has to be on level ground

jjgunn | December 23, 2018

Yes - level ground also make sure your wheels are straight.

lilbean | December 23, 2018

Mine works on an incline.

Redmiata98 | December 24, 2018

Lilbean, that’s because you know all the angles ;-)

lilbean | December 24, 2018


wluk | January 3, 2019

I just got my X 2 weeks ago. Whenever I tried to activate the Xmas show, after I locked the doors, it will just make a loud sound but the show never start. I have tried it on multiple places with level ground and open space. I wonder if there is a faulty sensor prevent it from starting.