Model Y autopilot

Model Y autopilot

I’m interested in a model Y in 2 years I wanted to put a deposit. Should I wait since Model 3 already included autopilot in the price and model Y is separate. Not sure if it will be included in the the future ? Should i wait ? Thanks please only positive comments. Thank you

trixiew | May 12, 2019

Those pants make you look slim. | May 12, 2019

My guess is AP will be included. The Y specs occurred before the change where AP is included on all online orders. Doubt anyone at Tesla has gone back to update the Y specs. Then again the pricing was raised $2K when adding AP for free, so the price needs to be adjusted on the Y order page too.

Now an interesting possibility may occur - if AP becomes standard on the Y and they raise the price $2K, it's possible that those that ordered before these changes might get AP for free. It's happened in the past when people order a car and the price goes up with a previous option now included. I only give it about a 20% chance, but definitely possible.

Jcastillo18 | May 12, 2019

Trixiew thanks been working outing. Teslatap you have a good point.

Jcastillo18 | May 12, 2019

Trixiew thanks been working outing. Teslatap you have a good point.

Silver2K | May 13, 2019

J, I think trixie was telling you you may be overweight and the pants help make you look slim.

That's what I read into that comment.

Jcastillo18 | May 13, 2019

Silver2k you had to burst my bubble

mcIary | May 14, 2019

I’m holding my breath so I don’t scream...



Buy a car and get a life!

FLAGGED!!! | May 15, 2019

@mcIary - Welcome back - we missed you!

To be fair, there is no Y forum, so Y questions seem to be scattered across the forums.

Daisy the Road ... | May 16, 2019

Re: "Buy a car..."
Aren't the forums limited to verified owners now?

Daisy the Road ... | May 16, 2019

On that note, how do postings get flagged?

egonzo21 | May 16, 2019

Hi @Daisy .............I believe the OP has a Model S..............he's merely inquiring about the Model Y pricing in this post. In order to flag postings you have to be a verified owner. Once Tesla has verified you are an owner, which you do by sending them an email. You will see "Flag as Inappropriate" in red next to each post and then you can flag it if you desire.

redacted | May 16, 2019

@Mclary, we missed you and that dress looks beautiful on you.