Model Year 2015 vs. 2016

Model Year 2015 vs. 2016

My understanding is that Tesla assigns the model year to the year of manufacture. In the olden days a car coming out in September would be designated the model for the following year. My question is, if given the option of having my X made and delivered in November or December am I not better off putting off the purchase until 2016. I would hate to lose a whole year's worth of depreciation after having the car for only a month or so. Depending on how fast they are produced this might not be a question I have to worry about. Mine might not be made until next year anyway. If I ever decided to sell my X, I know you can tell people it came out late in the year of 2015 but NADA and Kelly Blue Book don't distinguish that way. Just thought I would ask if anyone else had thoughts on this issue. | June 21, 2015

Not much of an issue unless you are contemplating a quick sale, I should think.

If you are still concerned when your number comes up, you can certainly put off ordering until you want delivery.

I on the other hand am too old to wait. I don't buy green bananas and will be delighted to take your place in the queue.:-))

jjs | June 21, 2015

george, somehow I think it appropriate you get a Green X. Hope your X comes soon. But, no I'm not willing to trade my place in line!

As for model year. I don't think it makes a bit of difference. Most of those that are in the market for an S/X/Tesla understand how different the car/company are. They will not give much/any credence to model year. Most of those that are not familiar with the new method can be educated. Those unwilling/unable to understand will simply not be buying a Tesla. Supply/demand will be in your favor.

Red Sage ca us | June 21, 2015

The Model X will probably enjoy the curious situation of being both very popular and relatively rare until at least 2018.

vandacca | June 22, 2015

It would seem to me that Tesla doesn't really distinguish with model years. They make improvements on their schedule, not based on any calendar. So, I don't think a "model year" will apply to the Tesla Model S or X.

Maybe when the 3 comes out, they may decide to go to a more traditional release cycle, but we'll have to wait to find out. | June 22, 2015

But the marketplace has been trained for many decades to think in terms of model years, independent of Tesla's antics. Built in 2015, it is considered to be a 2015 car in the absence of any other information. Ask my insurance company or the state of Florida for example. My MS is a 2014 model despite the fact that it is identical in hardware to S85's made after 1/1/15 that are considered to be 2015 models. | June 22, 2015

See for example the Tesla CPO inventory with each car assigned a year.

vandacca | June 22, 2015

Very good point George. I wasn't thinking in those terms, but rather in terms of the original posting. If someone wanted to sell/buy a used Tesla, I don't think there would be a significant difference in price between a Nov 2015 vs a Feb 2016 vehicle (unless they began to include some incredible new feature in that time-frame).

vperl | June 22, 2015

Georgie, you really must be old. I buy green bannas all the time.

If you live close, I will get you some.

Does your retirement homes allow you to have a dedicated parking spot for your wall charger?

Remember, I am here to help those of the special needs group, just ask. | June 23, 2015

Older than dirt but able to charge a Model S in a single bound.:-))

timf2001 | June 23, 2015

I would gladly take delivery of a 2015 if it means getting it in December. The worst case scenario would be getting a 2015 build delivered in early January, meaning you take the depreciation hit and have to wait an extra year for the tax credit. Although, with Model X being a new model with limited 2015 deliveries I don't expect a huge difference between 2015 and 2016 depreciation.

Roamer@AZ USA | June 23, 2015

@georgehawley, They do show year of manufactur but it seems to have little bearing on price. Mileage and months in service seem to determine used car value. I think the year printed on the VIN has little to do with used car values since Tesla does not actually make "model year" changes to their cars.

You are correct that it may take time for the world to catch up to the Tesla system. Year has little meaning within the Tesla car world. Mileage, months and options establish the used value. | June 23, 2015

@Roamer: You should know, oh wise one, as an owner of multiple Models S. :-))

jjs | June 23, 2015

That's why he's a Roamer.

sorka95032 | June 24, 2015

Even if there were NO changes between years and you were near the end of the year, I'd of course wait to have one delivered in January. You'll enjoy the car for the longest period but with the least depreciation. It doesn't matter that there are no changes. If in 3 years you go to kbb and price out the same car with the same mileage, one built in December 15 and one built in January of 16, they'd be virtually identical in every way including age except kbb will give you a much higher price for the newer year.

Even if you don't plan to sell, you never know what's coming and if you might have to sell for unforeseen circumstance.

Brian H | June 25, 2015

Not up on green bananas, but fried green tomatoes are delicious.

Vawlkus | June 25, 2015

with or without ham Brian?

Brian H | June 26, 2015


You can take the tax credit beginning immediately by adjusting your withholding.

ian | June 26, 2015

I love it. A canadian giving out US tax advice. ;-)

Brian H | June 26, 2015

Accurate in both countries, AFAIK.

Haggy | June 27, 2015

Getting one in January does not necessarily mean that you will have a 2016 VIN. VIN year goes by when production starts, and that goes by when Tesla assigns the VIN. As long as they stamp out the VIN plate, theoretically, production has started. Unless they speed up production time and time from order to a few weeks, there's a good chance that January will give you a 2015 car.

Backy Back | July 7, 2015

Does anyone know if the features of the 2016 Model S will be any different than 2015?

vandacca | July 7, 2015

sssb2000, thats a question better suited for the Model-S forum.
However, no one (outside of Tesla) knows the answer to that question. There is speculation that new Model-X features may make its way into future Model-S versions (e.g. More auto-pilot sensors/cameras)

Brian H | July 8, 2015

Yes, 3 times.