Modular design for future mass-market Teslas

Modular design for future mass-market Teslas

Many times, we buy new vehicle because the look is outdated, paint faded, interior worn out, overall impression that you are driving an old car. This is despite promptly maintaining the car as per manufacturer requirements/schedule. Here you have a car that has an "old" body and pristine from the "inside" mechanically.

Especially for mass-market type of vehicles , it maybe beneficial to consumer to have the ability to purchase the replacement of just the body of the car, while retaining the same base platform?

Different kinds of car-body would include sedan , coupe, pickup, convertible, etc..

Modular design can also offer lots of creative ways a customer can be "unique".

Many advantages here both financially and environmental I see as well.

Jewsh | November 13, 2013

The S and in the near future the X do use a modular body... the skateboard is clearly modular. :-)

Dramsey | November 13, 2013

It's been tried before, kinda. Anyone remember the Nissan Pulsar?

The problem is that there are substantial engineering and construction differences between things like, say, a pickup (which might require a more substantial rear suspension, increased cooling requirements for towing) and a convertible (which requires a stiffer chassis to make up for the rigidity lost when a vehicle's top is removed.

The Pulsar is the most ambitious such effort I know of that actually made it to market, and it was a complete flop from a "people buying the extra body parts" point of view.

elephant in a bottle | November 13, 2013

There will be technical challenges for sure , I'm sure TM/Elon has what it takes to overcome them. There are big risks here too since this is not the "conventional" way cars are built.

I mean, if its not designed right, for example, during a collision with another car, it would be extremely funny and embarrassing when the car's body gets separated from the base platform.

Reviving the Electric car was a very ambitious project that TM took, and so far they have done very well. Electric car prior TM was not just a flop, but literally killed (remember?).

@Jewsh , the MS design is so zen-like that this modular car concept has potential to work.