This is the most incredible forum I've ever seen.

This is the most incredible forum I've ever seen.

It behaves like TSLA stock, for a while it can go down to reach the bottom of the barrel and then after a quarter of shit, it becomes the greatest thing ever created in humankind. A free forum with no ads and no inbuilt search engine.

Please do not blame Tesla for the behaviour of online humanlings, they are uncontrollable.

lilbean | January 9, 2020


Scrannel | January 9, 2020

Like the free-form; instead of everything being wedged into categories, the posts emerge almost as needed. If there's a new software download, don't have to go scrounging around the "software category, someone will have posted about it up top.

Maxxer | January 9, 2020

I like the fact there is no categories.
Questions are getting answered faster this way because everyone sees it.

gparrot | January 9, 2020

Bof... honnêtement, j’me tanne comme l’autre.

Maxxer | January 9, 2020

C’est un peu comme les médias sociaux
Il y a de tout
Des informations utiles comme des informations qui ne servent à rien.
Je pense que l’important c’est de ne pas trop s’y perdre en évitant de perdre trop de temps avec les membres trios insistants et qui se réalisent pas leurs performances argumentaires en ligne

lilbean | January 9, 2020

Que? | January 9, 2020

@Maxxer - Great thread. Far more interesting than the negative version that has gone off the rails :)

gparrot | January 9, 2020

Je sais. Mais il y a trop de colons et de péteux-de-broue qui empêchent un échange sain. Pour chaque réponse valable, il y a des pages et des pages d’insultes à filtrer qui rendent la lecture intenable et insoutenable par grands bouts. Comme je disait, j’me tanne de plus en plus.

Maxxer | January 9, 2020

Je trouve que sur Teslamotorclub il y a beaucoup moins ce genre d’attitude parce soit parce que les membres ont peur des Dislikes où des modérateurs

Ici c’est le free for all

gparrot | January 9, 2020

J’ai fait un peu de lurking sur TMC. C’est la même gang qui s’y retrouve. M’intéresse pas bcp plus.

Maxxer | January 9, 2020

Je n’ai pas vu aucun attaque personnelle sur les groupes Facebook Tesla Model 3 Quebec et Tesla Cybertruck Quebec.

Les modérateurs font un excellent travail.
Mais beaucoup de posts de nouveaux à répétitions mais ils sont très reconnaissant quand on les aide et et leurs questions

Tronguy | January 9, 2020

Besides finding out just how rusty my High School French happens to be..
I like this forum because, as previous posters have pointed out: Every blame thing involving Tesla 3's comes down the feed. Power, faults, driving, displays, software updates, you name it.
TMC is cool enough and has a distinct lack of trolls, thanks to moderators, but having to peruse 20-odd forums gets old, quickly.
It'd be nice if the M3 forum was broken up into, say, 5 fora, max, just to make things a bit more findable. But it's not likely to happen.

gparrot | January 9, 2020

Thanks Tronguy. And now that the Habs have lost 8 in a row, I’m off to bed.

M3phan | January 9, 2020

Agree, as issues develop and experiences occur, we tend to get them up top, quick easy access. We all see it, we can instantly see the interaction and answers. TMC categories while seemingly helpful, I personally find can unintentionally hide stuff I might have otherwise been interested in reading.

Varricks | January 10, 2020

I, too, find myself turning off this Forum, looking at my shoes, shaking my head and muttering, "Incredible".

Perhaps not in the same sense as the OP means.

lilbean | January 11, 2020

Yet, here you are posting. Admit it, you love it. :)

Varricks | January 13, 2020

Oh, I do indeed.

Perhaps if the nurses would let me go outside and walk around the grounds, that could change. Some.

andy.connor.e | January 13, 2020

No one else in my life cares about Tesla. So this is my go-to for Tesla talk.

ksrehman | January 13, 2020

I learned about the 2019 Autopilot / FSD 'fire sale' here last year so yeah it's a great forum if you learn to filter out some noise. I don't follow Elon Musk's twitter feed very often.

I think Tesla is better at communicating with owners now than a year ago ... I got an email about the AWD 'acceleration boost' upgrade for example. I did not get a fire sale email or notification in the Tesla app.

I also find it helpful that if something breaks with a software update everyone talks about it so I react with 'it's a known problem' rather than 'did I break something while installing this0 update?'.

TickTock | January 13, 2020

Honestly, it is only a handful of people who consistently ruin it. Once I muted them, I found it to be quite nice.

adcock.dan | January 14, 2020

Many times I have come to this Forum seeking help. It is a most excellent place to get condescending answers and insults. But there is no way to get an answer to a question for which you need an answer.

Every time I have a question, I look first in the fabulous online Owners Manual, which answers most of the obvious questions. Today, I needed to know the correct torque setting for tightening lug nuts because I bought a set of wheel locks from Tesla. Of course there was no information with the locknuts.

I have tried calling the Customer Service line, the Roadside Assistance line, and two different local customer service locations. Every time I get caught in an endless loop with the charming lady computer repeatedly offering the same options until I give up and when I don't press the number quickly enough, she says "goodby."

I love the car, but all affection I had for the company is being quickly squandered.

Any suggestions? Maybe Chilton will publish a service manual someday.

derotam | January 14, 2020

@adcock.dan: Lug nut torque is defined in the owners manual.

gparrot | January 14, 2020

déroutant, care to be more specific? He says he looked into the manual but could not find it.

gparrot | January 14, 2020

Oops... I meant ‘derotam’, not déroutant... Apology.

andy.connor.e | January 14, 2020

Some people definitely get condescending answers, but alot of that has to do with how the question is asked. @adcock.dan, In your case with your post just now, you're talking about calling customer service and getting caught in a computer lady loop, and now talking about how your affection for the company is quickly squandered.

As @derotam pointed out its in the manual. And a post like that is where i'd say thats exactly why Tesla representatives are nearly impossible to reach. If i were Tesla, i wouldnt want my employees to deal with that either.

jallred | January 14, 2020

In the manual under wheels and tires. 129 lb. ft.

Bighorn | January 14, 2020

129 lb-ft

andy.connor.e | January 14, 2020

Heres the most recent owners manual:

You can open it and do CTRL+F and type 'torque', and keep hitting next until you find it. Its on Page 182.
183/209 total.

derotam | January 14, 2020 manual, hit find, type in "torque" hit search 1 time and get the wrong answer, hit a second time and get the correct reference.

derotam | January 14, 2020


vmulla | January 14, 2020

My friends line, 'love the car, not the company'.

Xerogas | January 14, 2020

Lug nut torque answer is literally the first result on google; one doesn’t even have to click a link.

vmulla | January 14, 2020

adcock.dan | January 14, 2020
Many times I have come to this Forum seeking help. It is a most excellent place to get condescending answers and insults.
Not fair! Most of the condescending answers and insults are from a handful of individuals. Others truly try to help. Aren't you judging the entire forum based on a few individuals?

gparrot | January 14, 2020

vmulla, that ‘handful of individuals’ are awfully vocal and cause 75% of the trafic around here. The truly useful information is difficult to filter and find in the hubbub. | January 14, 2020

I rarely see condescending answers and insults, unless the poster is just a complainer and doesn't really want help. It seems those that honestly want help, get it quickly. Those that spend paragraphs on complaints about how everyone treats them poorly and Tesla is the worst company ever and then repeats the same diatribe multiple places - sorry to say the snarky replies will come forth. I have to resist the urge myself.

derotam | January 14, 2020

Hey! I am perfectly capable of being both helpful and condescending at the same time! :)

Ross1 | January 14, 2020

The other forums do not an intoxication make.

andy.connor.e | January 14, 2020

+1 @TeslaTap

andy.connor.e | January 14, 2020

Maybe @adcock should have opened with

"Does anyone know where i can find the lug nut torque?"

vmulla | January 14, 2020

gparrot | January 14, 2020
vmulla, that ‘handful of individuals’ are awfully vocal and cause 75% of the trafic around here. The truly useful information is difficult to filter and find in the hubbub.
True, but that's also the nature of any open forum. If you do not find the forum helpful then find another source for your info - why paint the whole forum with the same brush just because few choose to express themselves rudely?

ReD eXiLe ms us | January 14, 2020

This is a great place.

OrthoSurg | January 14, 2020

25% of people make 75% of the posts

yudansha™ | January 14, 2020

@OrthoSurg There are ~400k model 3 sold so far; I don't think 100k people are posting here. What people are you talking about?

rehutton777 | January 14, 2020

Yudensha: Ortho meant that 25% of the people who post do 75% of the posting. Sounds about right.

billtphotoman | January 15, 2020

This forum has saved me a lot of time and money (TeslaTap's articles on getting USB dashcam/Sentry cam storage working reliably, the thread on claiming the Michelin tire warranty to name a couple of examples) and I have enjoyed some of the threads on technical topics a lot. Definitely worth my time to participate in and hopefully I have learned enough to answer at least some of the basic questions from new owners ("Why did my range drop in the winter ?" type questions). Overall I would say the signal to noise ratio is pretty fine.

andy.connor.e | January 15, 2020

thanks for sharing. the article about the dashcam/sentry will come in handy when i get my Tesla.

yudansha™ | January 15, 2020

@andy.connor.e When is it?

andy.connor.e | January 15, 2020

When will i get my Tesla???

yudansha™ | January 15, 2020


andy.connor.e | January 15, 2020

Whenever Tesla can ship me the Cybertruck