Most sold in Norway is an electric car, can You imagine ?

Most sold in Norway is an electric car, can You imagine ?

So far Nissan Leaf, but Bluestar May be the huge game charger , I guess. When said, any rumors about Bluestar folks ?

Jolinar | May 4, 2013

I'd think that Model S will be even more popular than Leaf there. It already have few thousands reservations and first superchargers will be in Norway.

Benz | May 4, 2013

BEV's do not have a large market share in any country in the world. The market share of BEV's is growing steadily though.

jk2014 | May 4, 2013

Did Norway sell out for 2013 already? Wow, that's impressive if its true...

Ø | May 4, 2013

Ok folks here's another link with some real winter pics

Ø | May 4, 2013

Norway have already approx 2000 on the block :)

jkirkebo | May 5, 2013

1800 for Norway was the last rumour I heard. Leaf sales for April was 455 units + an additional 80 private imports. This earned the Leaf second place on the sale list, first was the new Golf (Golf is always on top of this list). Lef market share in April: 3,3% (not including the 80 imports).

If the Leaf had the same marked share in the US Nissan would have sold around 30,000 of them in April in the US alone.