Moving to New Mexico -- just found out NM is BLOCKING Tesla from having service centers or stores!

Moving to New Mexico -- just found out NM is BLOCKING Tesla from having service centers or stores!

I'm a Model S owner and my wife and I have been planning to move to New Mexico for a while, and now we're in the process of doing so.

I was stunned today to learn that the NM is one of those Luddite/notorious states that is BLOCKING Tesla Motors from even building a service center in the state. I have heard no media or even online reports about this before.

I just learned that if my car ever needs service, a Ranger has to drive 6 hours from Denver to help me out.

All because the powerful lobbies have paid off the New Mexico legislature and have enacted laws, like other states have done, to prevent an American car company from even servicing customer cars within the state. This is insane.

New Mexico Tesla owners: we need to get united and active in fixing this. Who's with me?

evcarfan91 | February 20, 2015

Another thing -- now I understand why in Tesla's "Find Us" page on their website, the Albuquerque service center is marked as "Coming Soon". Well, the way things stand now, "Soon" might be a very long time unless we GET MOVING on this....

NomoDinos | February 20, 2015

That's so disappointing.

Not terribly surprising, but very disappointing.

Sorry to hear that, evcarfan :(

AmpedRealtor | February 20, 2015

Unbelievable! Glad they didn't get the gigafactory.

Dramsey | February 20, 2015

I can't find any info that NM is blocking service centers. Do you have a cite? That would really suck if true.

evcarfan91 | February 20, 2015

Source is a mgr at Tesla -- I was contacted by Tesla directly today after I made an inquiry about the status of the Service Center in Albuquerque. I was stunned. I'd thought the holdup was just building permits or something. He told me, "New Mexico is worse than Texas."

evcarfan91 | February 20, 2015

... to which I replied, "well now I understand why there's no Gigafactory in New Mexico" to which he chuckled without further comment :-)

Larry@SoCal | February 20, 2015

There was a rumor that Teslas might have facilities on reservations.
Seems fair to me.

evcarfan91 | February 20, 2015

Ha, that would be awesome.

evcarfan91 | February 20, 2015

By the way I submitted a comment to the Governor of New Mexico stating my concerns and wondering why she and her legislature are blocking me and other customers from getting our cars serviced. Asked her how is this American? How is it fair? How is it "free market"?

OHMY | February 20, 2015

I'm in Denver. I support you. Any Denver Tesla owners want to organize and drive down as a show of support to NM tesla owners? Santa Fe I would imagine should be the meeting place since that is the NM capital. We should all join forces and make a road trip of it!

Baribrotzer | February 20, 2015


By the way I submitted a comment to the Governor of New Mexico stating my concerns and wondering why she and her legislature are blocking me and other customers from getting our cars serviced. Asked her how is this American? How is it fair? How is it "free market"?

It is very American, and has a long and honored history, going all the way back to Boss Tweed; and even further back to Aaron Burr, that greatest and most prescient of the Founding Fathers.

It is fair, because the New Mexico Auto Dealers Association have invested quite a bit of wherewithal in becoming close, personal friends with the leadership of New Mexico's majority party. Tesla and its supporters could have invested just as many golf games, extra-firm handshakes, and generous, deep-pocketed campaign contributions, and become even closer, more personal friends. They chose not to, and this is where it's gotten them. They have only themselves to blame for not thinking ahead.

It is "free market", because the aforementioned majority party of New Mexico freely markets their valuable friendship to those with the loudest and most jovial Ed McMahon laughs, the firmest handshakes, the sweetest golf swings, and the most generous, deepest-pocketed campaign contributions. That's business.

laykutsu1 | February 20, 2015

This is one of the most interesting and ridiculous thing that is happening in US. I just don't understand...
Tesla is the only American Car company at this point that is selling cars at starting 75K and above all the way into 150k range
within US that have a very strong sales..
While other company struggle to sale their high end car(such as Viper.. cough cough..)...Tesla is able to compete with the AMG, Ms , RS.. and even compete client with Ferrari, Porsche, or Lambo at certain extent(not exactly the same market at this point)...
Coming from owning various Mercedes or BMW from college days till now( age 39).. Tesla is the first and the only American car I or some of my family members who also owns other high end german car would actually buy or consider buying..
And yet it seems its the other American Car companies that's working hardest trying to make sure Tesla does not survive...
I am pretty sure Merc ,BMW or Porsche, or even Toyota would love to see Tesla fail as well.. but I don't know how much effort they are putting in these type of circumstances... very ironic and very sad situation that Tesla is getting this much resistance at the company's own country...

Son of a Gunn | February 20, 2015

You said it. Welcome to crony-ocracy! It's how bread is buttered. Immoral lot.

evcarfan91 | February 20, 2015

What's interesting is that some New Mexico owners of Model S don't even know about this situation in their own state. Just kind of take it for granted, I guess, that to get service, you need to depend on "the kindness of Rangers" from other states!

DavetheSmelter | February 20, 2015

New Mexico sadly has been a power house for coruption for centuries...and we are surprised why?
I like New Mexico it is a beautiful state, Wish I could drive to Albq on superchargers and hope to some day.

Also New Mexico is not the most wealthy of places either, you either have money or you dont. Pretty easy to racket. | February 20, 2015

They are not worried about Tesla, the are worried about the precedent it will set to allow company-owned stores of for alternate channels for distribution such as Costco. They are on the wrong side of history, but will continue to make life difficult for a while longer.

My guess is its going to take something like someone who cannot buy a Model 3 to sue in federal court to start shaking things loose.


Brian H | February 20, 2015

Buying one there is not a problem.

rdalcanto | February 21, 2015

People who live in a state that doesn't allow Tesla stores shouldn't have to pay sales tax when they register the car....

moorelin | February 21, 2015
moorelin | February 21, 2015

According to this (pain to get to):

NM law says Tesla/car manufacturers can't "perform warranty or other service"

adktag | February 21, 2015

We are really disappointed to hear No service here in NM, so far we haven't needed service but will head to Denver if needed we just need that supercharger near the border in Colorado. I was really happy to see Shamrock Tx opened already and disappointed nothing in ABQ yet.we are in Santa Fe.

breser | February 21, 2015

From the New Mexico Statues Annotated (I'd link directly to it but their online system makes it impossible):

57-16-5. Unlawful acts; manufacturers; distributors; representatives.
It is unlawful for a manufacturer , distributor or representative to:

V. be licensed as a dealer or perform warranty or other service or own an interest, directly or indirectly, in a person licensed as a dealer or performing warranty or other service; provided that a manufacturer or distributor may own a person licensed as a dealer for a reasonable time in order to dispose of an interest acquired as a secured party or as part of a dealer development program;

So it appears that Tesla cannot sell or service vehicles in New Mexico.

vperl | February 21, 2015

The Democrat party runs New Mexico, who'd think they would stop the evolution the EV ? What could possibly be why ?

Go figure ! ! !

freemarket | February 21, 2015

Governor Susanna Martinez is a republican, but regardless, I'll touch base with some friends that have access to her and see what I can find out.

Haggy | February 21, 2015

The Democrat party runs New Mexico

There is no such party as the Democrat Party. You've been watching too much Fox News.

freemarket | February 21, 2015

Yes, the Democratic Party does run NM.

rossh | February 21, 2015

Hope this doesn't affect Supercharger installations near Albuquerque and Santa Fe. With two in NW NM and one in progress in Tucumcari I am hopeful that I can drive the S85D to Santa Fe this summer.

Mel. | February 21, 2015

You are correct. Democrat Party is an epithet used in the United States.

Socialists do not recognize it.

Brian H | February 21, 2015

The two-faced Demorat party. The Janus Party?

Grinnin'.VA | February 21, 2015

@ freemarket | February 21, 2015

Yes, the Democratic Party does run NM.

And the governor of New Mexico is Susana Martinez, a Republican.

It would be good if participants in the Tesla forums got their basic facts right.

evcarfan91 | February 21, 2015

I would love to see the Santa Fe newspaper or the ABQ newspaper do a story on this Tesla problem. I suggest NM residents email the tips email address at the Santa Fe newspaper (look for it on their Contacts age) and urge the editor to assign a reporter to dig into this story and find out what is going on.

It's time to get active in NM and help owners out. If I wind up moving to NM soon, I'm really gonna be concerned about my car needing service and having to wait (maybe along the side of the road) for six hours minimum for a Tesla Ranger to show up just because some fat cat auto dealers from the NMADA (New Mexico Automobile Dealers Association) have written into law some very protective legislation that is unfair and undemocratic not to mention anti-competitive.

freemarket | February 21, 2015

To which basic facts do you refer?

evcarfan91 | February 21, 2015

Please, don't turn this into a partisan politics flamewar.

Let's stay focused on discussing the specific legislation affecting Tesla and its customers in New Mexico and what we can all do to fix it.

freemarket | February 21, 2015

I agree Evcar, I just don't understand what I missed. Let's get it done in NM, I'm with you!!!

Grinnin'.VA | February 22, 2015

@ freemarket | February 21, 2015

To which basic facts do you refer?

1. The governor of NM is a Republican.
2. The governor of NM has a substantial authority in the NM state government.
3. The Republican governor of NM does NOT exercise her authority to serve the partisan interests of the Democratic Party.

Yet you claimed that the Democratic Party runs NM.

Tell us please, which "facts" did I get wrong?

hammer @OR-US | February 22, 2015

New Mexico Governor R
State House: 37R 33D
State Senate: 25D 17R
Cong House: 2D 1R
Senate 2D
NM Voted Dem in 5 out of the last 6 presidential elections

Just the facts ma'am, just the facts.

freemarket | February 22, 2015

@ hammer, thanks for the stats.

@ Grinnin - I wasn't the first to make the statement, but my reply and agreement to NM being "Democratic Party run" was based on predominate tendencies of the state voting and governing from that end. I should have been clear about my agreement with that statement to help you avoid confusion.

AmpedRealtor | February 22, 2015

This is a great reason to move away from New Mexico!

Grinnin'.VA | February 22, 2015

@ freemarket | February 22, 2015

@ hammer, thanks for the stats.

@ Grinnin - ... my reply and agreement to NM being "Democratic Party run" was based on predominate tendencies of the state voting and governing from that end.

You've got to be kidding given the stats reported by hammer!
Either that or you're delusional.

freemarket | February 22, 2015


It's great to see at least that within 2 weeks, permits pulled in or just out side the state.
Tucumcari, NM & I just saw Trinidad, CO. Good signs at least that we can go north or east easy by SC SOON! :-))

evcarfan91 | March 3, 2015

UPDATE on the New Mexico situation.

If all goes well we will be moved in to our home in New Mexico by end of March.

Meanwhile, I got a call from someone in Governor Martinez's office this morning, in response to my inquiry about the Tesla situation. She claims she was not aware of Tesla consumers being blocked by the state so I pointed out the specific legislation on the books (and proudly displayed on the NMADA website) that prevents companies like Tesla from providing sales -- and worse -- service centers to existing customers anywhere within New Mexico.

She suggested I talk to the local representative in the legislature, and that the soonest something could be done (meaning: new legislation introduced) would be next January. (Yikes!) I pointed out that I now have to worry about what to do if my car ever needs service and I have to wait -- possibly stranded out on the road somewhere -- for 6 hours for a Tesla ranger to come down from Denver. She didn't seem to care. She seemed more interested in recommending that when we do get settled in town we dine at a restaurant called The Shed on the Plaza in Santa Fe because it's so good. I assume she has a business interest in it. I was not amused. :-)

TaoJones | March 3, 2015

I have decided that during my two transcontinental road trips later this year, I will as, visibly as possible, spend zero dollars in the top 10 states that exhibit legislative collusion unfriendly to Tesla (as opposed to the usual legislative collusion).

Hey, it's a gesture.

evcarfan91 | March 3, 2015

(Just kidding about The Shed, to be clear)

But seriously, once I'm settled in New Mexico I plan to meet with the local legislator, who's a Democrat and active with legislation related to energy and the environment, to see what can be done to improve the situation for Tesla owners.

I'll report back if and when I have any luck getting a meeting with him.

bayrowet | March 3, 2015

Tesla needs to set up a coop structure for service, perhaps sales too, that is owned by customers much like REI does. Make it economically neutral as if they owned the service which can be done.

Further, both political parties are subject to capture by well funded and organized special interests. And both regularly do it so let's not get distracted by that.

omega | March 3, 2015

Dont move there easy solution...

evcarfan91 | March 3, 2015

@bayrowet Agreed re political parties.

Just hoping that something can be done.

First I had range anxiety, and learned how to mitigate that after a year and a half of Model S ownership.

But now I am having service anxiety, which is not so easily mitigated.

Kutu | March 3, 2015

Why does these issues always turn into a Dem vs. Rep. The problem is that the automobile dealers association had the power to get laws enacted, regardless of which party was in power, in a lot of states. At the time they got those restrictive laws, there was little, if any, resistance from the public because there were virtually no manufacturers that wished to sell directly to the public. The voters just accepted the prevailing system.

We all have to put pressure on the elected officials to make changes for the benefit of the public!

evcarfan91 | March 3, 2015

@Kutu I think everyone can agree to your point. I'm trying to keep this thread from becoming a D vs R debate, and instead staying focused on helping Tesla customers.