Multi-coat red

Multi-coat red

I know the whole color issue has been posted before, but I wanted to post it again. I am a one month owner of a MS with multi-coat red. It was a last minute
decision, but a great one. I can't keep track of all the people who have commented on how gorgeous the red is. I have the tan leather interior and just love it. Anyway, just my two cents worth.

rfriess | October 10, 2013

Sounds like mine, I love it too.

AmyOo | October 10, 2013

Stepped out of mine today to be greeted by a guy proclaiming that my multi-coat red MS was the sexiest car he'd seen in a decade. And if I'd just give him a ride he'd buy me dinner. It was a last minute change for me as well and I couldn't be happier!

jcaspar1 | October 10, 2013

Thanks for the post. I pickup my MC red with tan and carbon in 16 days. Was a bit unsure of the color but these posts help!

Fred O | October 10, 2013

Happy to hear this. These are the colours I ordered but was starting to doubt. The wait is almost over. Have fun.

Kleist | October 10, 2013

MC red is georgous. Can't wait until my money pile is high enough to replace my wife's ICE with at MC red MS.

chrisdl | October 10, 2013

Me too!
Waiting for my MC Red / Tan / Carbon Fiber MS.
I did keep 19" wheels, though. (I'm one of the few people who's annoyed by the 21"'s turning backwards on the right-hand side of the car ;-) | October 11, 2013

Also love my MC Red/Tan S85. As I have lived with the car, a couple of things I appreciate: 1) the way the color changes in differing light and 2) how well it actually hides road dust and dirt.


AirForce462 | October 11, 2013

I have had my MC red for about two months and love mine. One note, the car is a rock magnet. I have been struck by at least 5 rocks, 3 high on the hood (center of the hood above the paint armor) and at least 2 in the center of the windshield. I HIGHLY recommend getting the hood fully paint armored, not just a paint armor "bra". I am getting opti-coated on Monday and will have them do the full armor on the hood at the same time. I do not tailgate other vehicles and avoid large trucks/semi's.

Mathew98 | October 11, 2013

I have an MC red with black cloth interior. I topped it off with red/black racing seat covers for front and back. I'll post pictures soon.

@AirForce462 +1

I already bought the touch up pens from TM accessories to cover a handful of rock chips on the hood. Opticoat is no match for rock chips. I'll install the clear bra + full hood armor shortly.

The MC is a magnet for attention from drivers and pedestrians alike. Be prepared to be peppered with questions at intersections and at your destinations...

carlk | October 11, 2013

I do not plan to buy MC red, although you never know, but I've seen an MC red with black pano roof and 21" rim in my neighborhood a few times. All I can say is wow what a beautiful car.

Ohms.Law | October 11, 2013

Just when I was beginning to think fewer and fewer people would be hailing me over to compliment the car, our MC red attracted yet one more admirer this morning. In downtown DC, in a driving rain and jammed with traffic, a DC police cruiser chirps its siren in the lane next to me and wants to talk. You have a gorgeous car, she says. Is there really no place to put any gas?

The traffic started to roll forward, rain is coming in through both our windows, and the two cops continue to ask fawning questions.

It's an amazing car, red or not.

talbryn | October 11, 2013

I had originally decided to get the diamond silver exterior but became attracted to the MC red after seeing the color chip in the showroom. After a fair amount of indecision I finally decided on the red. I am so glad I did! It is a gorgeous color on the Tesla S. Mine has the black leather interior. I would have gotten the tan interior but was tired of it because my last car of 13 years had tan. Like others I also ordered the touchup stick.

My advice to those on the fence--go for the red; you won't regret it!

While I am on the forum, I might mention that my S85 came in essentially perfect condition. The only problem I had was that my XM radio showed "no data" when tuned to channel 0. A call to the Tesla hotline resulted in a quick firmware download and a few minutes later the data showed up allowing me to subscribe to the XM Sirius service.

The other input I would like to make concerns the sound system. I put out for the upgrade since I am quite a music buff. To me the sound is absolutely fantastic ( I listen to mostly classical and am grateful for the improved bass). Indeed, the standard sound system may be adequate but I'm blown away by the upgraded one.

Rock on

Gizmotoy | October 11, 2013

@talbryn: I'm happy to hear from someone who likes the upgraded sound option. My MC Red P85 is due for delivery next month, and I went back and forth on the sound option, ultimately opting for it. I decided I didn't want to pull the car apart to upgrade the system later, and that I'd probably be happy with it.

lolachampcar | October 11, 2013

I love my MC Red/Black but I do drive my wife's white/tan every now and then. Not many cars look good in white. MS is one of the very few that does and gives my red a run for its money. The moral to me is either will do just fine and thus you can not go wrong :)

Gizmotoy | October 11, 2013

@lolachampcar: I went back and forth between MC Red and white. So you get a thumbs-up from me on you and your wife's color choices!

JPPTM | October 11, 2013

I got my MC red/black leather/solid body color roof in May and could not be happier. Lots of positive comments.

cbassdriver | October 11, 2013

I confirmed my car last week in grey and black leather. I love the MC Red/tan, however. My wife argues that a MC Red Tesla is a ticket waiting to happen. I have owned silver cars for the last 20 years and kind of feel like doing something really different. My biggest concern on the MC Red is the ability to do any touch ups if it gets scratched. I know they have the touch up paint, but it seems like because it is MC, the touch up paint would really stick out. What are peoples' experiences with that?

Mathew98 | October 11, 2013

Red color will induce more tickets is just an urban legend. If you get ever get a ticket it is because you're speeding. It doesn't matter which color you get. If you have a lead foot you're gonna get pulled over regardless of the color you choose.

I've always had darker color cars for the last 25 years. Despite my wife's vehement objections to the MC red due to the same concerns, I went ahead with it anyway. It took her about two weeks to realize the MC red brings out the true beauty of the curvaceous lines of the MS. Depending on the lighting condition, it will look anywhere from darker red to bright lipstick red.

Other drivers had mistaken my MS for a Jaguar, Maserati, and even Aston Martin.

Heck, no one even suspect I have four kids plus the wife in the car. Can you imagine the reactions when I let two kids out of the trunk?

If the MC read please you then go for it. You wife will come around in due time. You just need to drive with cruise control for a little while to avoid the urge to floor it every time.

EJH | October 11, 2013

I have, and love the P85 red/black/21silver/cf, but a client just picked up his P85+ green/tan/21black/cf, and I was stunned by how good it looked. The tan interior works very well with the suede accents, and the green is

holstein13 | October 11, 2013

I waited 6 months to get the red. My wife insisted on it. I was told I had the second one in South Florida. Got it on May 1st. It's got the black interior and I get tons of attention.

TomN | October 11, 2013

The color was definitely the hardest decision when it came to finalizing my Model S. Well, that and whether I should reconfigure to get the parking sensors and cold weather package (I confirmed August 1 as they were about to switch pricing/configurations).

I ended up going with the MC Red with black leather interior and love it. I live in the western suburbs of Chicago and see plenty of Model Ss around, but I have yet to see another MC Red. So if you're in this area, go for a different color - I'd like to stay unique. ;)

b82klo | October 11, 2013

Looking forward to my P85+ MC red/black leather/siver 21" due next month. The only downside is that winter is probably here when I get the car and it would be nice to drive the car the first few weeks on summer tires.

Roamer@AZ USA | October 12, 2013

Red S 85, love it, taken over by my wife.

Dark gray P85+ with gray turbine wheels scheduled for delivery in November, to ease the pain of the loss of the beautiful red car to my wife.

I hope the P and + will be able to erase the sting of losing my first Tesla to my wife.

Both have the light gray leather interior. I like the lighter feel in the car with the gray. Got tired of black interiors years ago.

akikiki | October 12, 2013

I sold my White60 just to be able to order an Arrest-Me Red. Of course it an attention-getter. Of course it going to get me in trouble. Of course, Of course. But if we wanted to not live boldly we would not have bought a Tesla in the first place.

Please NO ONE ELSE pick/order RED. (Those of us with one, want it to continue to be the rarest of colors in the MS's Those of you "on the fense", you want White or Black - not Red.)

So, cbassdriver, follow your wife's advice, pick another color :)

mathiasc | October 12, 2013

MC Red P85+, tan, carbon spoiler and interior, pano, 21" gray, all options. Tesla 19" Hakka g2 for winter. Delivery in January. (If Tesla keep their promise...)

lolachampcar | October 12, 2013

I think you will find it very nice that the garage is no longer a sauna when you and your wife get home. I found it a pleasant benefit of removing the pistons from our garage.

Paul1839 | October 12, 2013

Love Love Love my MCR P85 Tan/CF/CFS/Pano/Silver 21
Picked up 4/26 (three year wait, RN1839) and now have 10,000+ miles

h1diaz | October 12, 2013

Picked up my red/tan P85 yesterday and I agree with everyone. It's just striking. Go for it; you'll love it.

cbassdriver | October 12, 2013

I called Tesla today and asked if I can change my grey/black to red/tan. Waiting to hear back if it is still possible.

lawsteve | October 13, 2013

MC red is gorgeous. Glad to see all of the red / tan combos. Makes my red / grey one a little more special. I just liked the look of the carbon fiber interior better with the grey. Also reminded me of my garnet and grey 1986 1/2 Toyota Supra combo I bought many years ago.

Was in Flagler Beach Florida over the weekend. On the way out of town this AM, discovered a corvette car gathering at the beach. I couldn't resist slowly driving around all of the Corvettes and turning several heads. Another Tesla smile happened...........

jcaspar1 | October 13, 2013


My wife is the same way. She likes every color but red! I am hoping she will change her mind when it arrives in 13 days...

cbassdriver | October 14, 2013

MC Red and Tan interior confirmed! Will be quite the change from the last 20 years worth of silver/grey cars with grey interiors!

Can't wait for "Late November"!!

Mathew98 | October 15, 2013

@jcaspar1 - Hehehe. Order first. Ask for forgiveness later. It's nothing an appliance or two can't resolve.

Scratch that, replace appliance with jewelry...

RedMS85 | March 20, 2014

I am placing an order and was undecided about red, but after reading these posts, I think i'll go with it!

chrisdl | March 20, 2014

Don't take MC red! I want mine to be more unique ;-)
It's ugly! Ptooie!

thranx | March 20, 2014

MC red with black leather interior here.

Interesting trade-off, I think, in re safety. The color makes you stand out more to patrolling police, but...anyone driving lazy can't miss seeing you. I consider the red an accident-avoidance bonus. Not unlike driving a giant stop sign.

Ever notice how silver and black cars blend right into the pavement at night?

Brian H | March 20, 2014

A classical fan who says, "Rock on"? Heresy.

Nuts4MS | March 20, 2014

Took delivery of my MC Red one week ago and I LOVE IT!! The way it sparkles in the sun and the overall smooth look it gives to the car is probably only second to the signature red. If you go with it I can say that you will not be disappointed and will probably spend quite a lot of time just looking at your car in the sun like I did.

john.bower | April 19, 2015

Red pretty much says "If you've got it, flaunt it!"

Being an early implementer of the obsolescence of ice, you have to be a leader, and you carry a responsibility to be noticeable.

At least, that's how I justified it ;-)