Multiple problems with my model S

Multiple problems with my model S

I have my model S since june 2013 and got 10 times to service center for several problems. Drive unit has been changed 2 times, battery connections changed, water infiltration by trunk, direction link bar changed 3 times, brakes changed, etc...

I'm now at 108 000km (67 000miles) and I'm not happy about my car and tesla customer service is not doing is job to change it.

I am the only one to have that kind of situation? Is there anyone got a similar situation?

thanks | July 11, 2017

Sounds a bit unusual. My Jan-2013 S had a few minor issues, including the DU replaced for noise (which is typical). Never had any water issues, brake issues, battery connection issues or turn signal issues. Service always took good care of me.

If you didn't get the extended warranty, you may have to front the costs for future repairs, although the main battery and DU are still covered.

carlk | July 11, 2017

Never heard of similar situation. You're too nice if that actually has happened to you.

hsuru4u | July 11, 2017

welcome to tesla. The real issue with tesla is consistancy. Sure some have had few issues but the ones thet have has alot of issues always seem to post unhappy experiences which is sad. Many likely dont even know they have issues yet. | July 11, 2017

Has this person posted before? Lots of problems to bring up after 4 years...

PBEndo | July 11, 2017

My list of repairs is considerably longer than that but service has always tried hard to fix things. They aren't perfect, but as long as they keep trying, I am happy.
Happy enough to buy a second Tesla 4 years later.

trixiew | July 11, 2017

Yep. You're the only one. Sorry.

Silver2K | July 11, 2017

I've had quite a few issues and it seems I have a new issue every time I get it back. I am extremely worried about the issues that are constantly coming up. I spoke to Brett and was told it's normal, even German cars have these issues. I remind him that I've had 7 German cars with only 2 problems total. he said I was very lucky.

I get my car back from service and rattling underneath the car is present. I thought it was my stuff rattling. I get home and empty the car and the rattling is present. I also got the click back in the steering that was fixed a month ago. I doubt it's the techs, it's my car unfortunately.

thranx | July 11, 2017

Had a July 2013 build for 3 years. Nary a single problem with it.
This post seems a bit...suspicious. Also, either very poor command of English or else an awful lot of typos.

Tropopause | July 11, 2017

It's July now with Model 3 about to take over the world. Lots of last ditch efforts going on everywhere.

rxlawdude | July 11, 2017

Yep, I have doubts about the veracity of the OP.
There have been several of these FUD bombs, all from new posters with limited English syntax.

SCCRENDO | July 11, 2017

@thranx. I think he is French or French Canadian. Uses km and look at his name

85S, Vin77xx, 120,000 miles (193,000 km), April 2013. Multiple early adopter problems but minimal of late. Am presently having my battery repaired under warranty. Tesla has always take care of me. hoping to reach 300,000 miles (482,000 km). have 2 Model 3s on order.

djmichaelmayhem | July 11, 2017

Lets see.......
Early P85D

Roof making noise, 3 fixes till perfect.
Roof Leaking, twice.
Roof wind noise, twice.
door handle, twice
Brake Rotors warped, twice (may not have been a Tesla isue)
Noise and vibration front front end, comes and goes (Tesla just replaced driveshaft)
Swollen lug nuts (getting replaced)
Front bumper not lined up properly
Charge door replaced.
Steering wheel clicking

Yeah, I have been in way more than any other car in warranty but the truth is, Tesla has always gone way beyond any expectation I could have! I bought this car knowing I may have a few issues. I know of one other Car the has basically been re-built by Tesla and then mine is getting close.... 92000KM and have the Extended Service.

It's not like I keep having the same issue. Roof leaks, like other leaks, may move to a different place as water tries to get out (or into the cabin) roof noise took a few tries but I keep having different issues and any issue I have had, has been corrected with the most updated parts.

Based on my experience with Tesla Service, I have a hard time believing that the service was not at least adequate.
Tesla Service has always been amazing for me! I will buy again. plans for an X and 3.

WattsThatGrin | July 12, 2017

Troll alert.
Have any cars in June 2013 been delivered to 'Kilometer countries'? First continental Europe deliveries were July or August 2013 I believe. Canada maybe?

WattsThatGrin | July 12, 2017

@hsuru4u what's your agenda? It's getting repetitive.

bp | July 12, 2017

Early on, we had a number of service visits with our late 2012 S P85 (over 85K miles). But in the last few years, it has had few problems.

I suspect that design and manufacturing changes were made after the early models were built, such as fixing the issue with the early motors that had the noticeable balloon whine during acceleration.

And, at least so far, with our 4 month old S 100D, the only maintenance required has been an adjustment to one of the door handles.

That doesn't mean we don't have problems - the media player has multiple problems affecting usability - XM radio is almost unusable (no station list, no station slider) and the USB media player has longstanding bugs (shuffle mode isn't random, forgetting the currently playing song every time the source is changed, ...).

High Plains Drifter | July 12, 2017


In order to build a better product, issues like this must be brought out to the open. Those who condemn valid negative feedback are doing Tesla a disservice. I encourage those with similar negative experiences to voice them and voice them often. Hopefully, the Tesla moderators will take notice and will take actions to produce a better future product.

High Plains Drifter | July 12, 2017


In order to build a better product, issues like this must be brought out to the open. Those who condemn valid negative feedback are doing Tesla a disservice. I encourage those with similar negative experiences to voice them and voice them often. Hopefully, the Tesla moderators will take notice and will take actions to produce a better future product.

J.T. | July 12, 2017

Anytime you want to make Tesla aware of something:

1) If convenient call the nearest service center.
2) Use (if in North America)
3) Use the Contact form at the bottom of the page
4) Then, after you've done to alert tesla to the situation, post it here.

J.T. | July 12, 2017

>>>after you've done all you can | July 12, 2017

@High Plains Drifter - It's unclear there are any Tesla moderators or any that can take actions. Owners should notify Tesla (See JT above) of any issues they have directly and not depend on random forum posts. The forum can be used to get help and suggestions from other forum members, or to vent, as is often done by a few owners.

Service centers provides excellent data to Tesla to improve the products. It's a huge advantage over dealers, who may or may not pass on any information about field problems.

rgassman | January 30, 2018

I have a late model 2013 and also have had about 10 issues including a new drive unit, handle issues, computer issues galore, and as I come to the end of warrantee I am very concerned. just had to replace the volume scroller as it fell into the wheel. Paint is very soft and weak as well so my front end looks like snow and the dealer says it due to the environmentally friendly paint but they need a solution.

rgassman | January 30, 2018

i dont understand why people think making comment about issues on an early model is some kind of sinister plan to hurt the Model, its the real world and the cars are far from perfect...this great but not perfect by any means.

Haggy | January 30, 2018

It's clear that the early ones did have problems that the new ones don't. But if you have an early one and got a new drive train (especially rev Q) then chances of it failing are slim, and lower than a new one with the same mileage as the car it went on. The same is true if you now have more recent door handles.

With something like a volume scroller, I'd be curious what Tesla charges for the part. It should be a simple DIY job for anybody who has done that sort of thing before.