"Must-Have" Wish List

"Must-Have" Wish List

I was going to try to compile a short list of features that the Model S really ought to have, similar to the Punch List thread. However, unlike the items in that thread, there is no objective standard for determining what should be on it (i.e., no promise or specification from TM that we can check). Moreover, there will be little or no opportunity to strike items from the list, as TM is unlikely to offer these features in the current model run. So I would like to make this a list of five to ten features that we think a car in this class should really have. Not "it would be nice," but real deficiencies, perhaps even things you would be willing to pay extra for. If there is enough consensus, we can hope TM will offer these features as upgrades or at least provide them in future model years. Here are my initial suggestions, although I'm sure there are others: 1. Power folding mirrors 2. Parking sensors with audible warnings 3. Blind spot monitoring 4. Rear camera guidelines 5. Adaptive cruise control 6. Key fob-linked driver profiles 7. Entry and exit seat settings Please feel free to add or subtract to this list, but let's not try to design a fantasy car here.

stephen.pace | October 17, 2012

While key fob-linked driver profiles is probably something that can be added after the fact (assuming each fob has a unique identifier), I'd remove this from the list. I had initially thought this would be good as well, but the implementation of driver profiles is so nice as it is, that key fob-linked just isn't needed IMHO. The touch screen makes selecting a profile extremely easy, and unless you just can't easily get in the car (one big driver, one small one), if you are trying to get to 5 items, this one is certainly the lowest priority. Your (7) can probably go as well, but if it were there, there is even less reason for 6.

Captain_Zap | October 17, 2012

FLAC discrete 5.1 music capable on Premium Sound System

DouglasR | October 17, 2012


I don't have my car yet, so I'm in no position to judge. If I get a few more comments like yours from actual owners, I will remove (6) and possibly (7). Thanks.

Alex K | October 17, 2012

@stephen.pace@ka... | OCTOBER 17, 2012: The touch screen makes selecting a profile extremely easy, and unless you just can't easily get in the car (one big driver, one small one)

I think this is exactly why we need item #7 (Entry and exit seat settings). If the seats do not move out of the way to make entry easy, it will be difficult for people to adjust the seat before going in.

Also #6 (Key fob-linked driver profiles) is very useful. I have this features on several cars. There is no need to fumble with the screen when getting in to the car: the car is just ready with all your settings. I think the ability to add a key to a profile would be all that is needed. If you don't want this feature, then don't add the key to the profile.

@DouglasR | OCTOBER 17, 201: I don't have my car yet, so I'm in no position to judge. If I get a few more comments like yours from actual owners, I will remove (6) and possibly (7).

I'm not an actual owner - just a reservation holder. But my option should count for something. I am of the belief that having as many features as possible is beneficial. If the GUI is properly organized, the extra features should not get in the way.

stephen.pace | October 17, 2012

@Alex K: But as someone else pointed out in another thread, all you have to do is create a user profile "Exit" and have the smaller person press it as they leave the car. You mention fumbling with the touch screen, but when you sit down, the screen comes on, and user profile (and Homelink) are already there on the top. Just select the profile and go. I'm not saying that having the fob auto-select the profile isn't marginally better, just that the profile option is so easy to select that I don't think it would bug me in the least. Whereas I completely agree with power folding mirrors being the #1 item on the list.

joesontesla | October 17, 2012

tow hook
dont care about useless gadget (door handle etc)

ColonyGolfer | October 17, 2012

User profile being tied to the fob is essential.....Wife is 5', I'm 6'. I cannot sit down to change the settings on the screen, because I cannot fit. Also, as important, two different color fobs, so I don't take hers to the car by accident. And when she loses hers, if it was white, she couldn't blame me like she does with the nail clippers. (Divorce could solve this, but I'm afraid she'd get the car) I have 1-1/2 inches clearance on each side from mirror to mirror when entering the garage. I open the driver side window and fold in the driver mirror for a little breathing room; would like electronic folding ones for ease. Cup holders are misplaced and the directional stalk and the cruise stalk should be reversed. With your hands in driving position at 10 and 2, your left pinkie should reach the blinker for a left turn, not reach the accelerate function of the cruise control. In my opinion, this is more dangerous than watching the occasional porn on the screen. LOL

DouglasR | October 17, 2012

Looking at the comments above, I am giving up on trying to maintain this as a single list. There are no agreed upon standards, and judgments are too subjective. I suggest that each person simply post his or her own 5-10 item list. Sorry.

For the record, I don't agree with a tow hook unless it can be shown that towing the car will not damage it. As for different color fobs, I suggest a dab of nail polish (or a divorce). I don't have any FLAC recordings, so that is not something I would pay extra for.

joesontesla | October 17, 2012

DouglasR Yes simply dont tow the car a really good solution. Never using the car can be good too.

CurrieG | October 17, 2012

I feel we must retain item #6, the Ke Fob to driver settings feature. I have this in a number of my cars now and any car of this level should have this. My wife too is small and I can not get in my car if I pick up the wrong keys (which has happened only once or twice). At least in my other cars there is a button on the door for the Driver Seat settings. With only screen access, how do you get into the seat to turn it on if you don't fit? The Exit setting is a great idea... If the previous driver remembers to set it!

weeandthewads | October 17, 2012

1,2,3 & 5 would be great additions. I wouldn't mind adding infra-red night vision to detect animals and people in low visability situations.

sergiyz | October 17, 2012

the list makes perfect sense to me.
(1-6) is pretty much a must on any modern luxury car.
(7) I'm not sure about. In most cases the standard behavior is to move the seat back and raise the steering column once you pull the door handle.

Slindell | October 17, 2012

Nothing listed so far is needed, and I'm glad they are not on my (soon to be) car.

dborn | October 17, 2012

Automatic steering retraction exactly as on the Lexus on exiting the vehicle. We ARE dealing with " the best car in the world".

Captain_Zap | October 17, 2012

The FLAC multichannel playability isn't something that you would need to pay extra for. Its just one of the current music formats. I can't play my discs and I can't copy them either. I have to re-purchase the music as it stands now.

I think it can be done in a software update.

sergiyz | October 17, 2012


plenty of options, especially on linux, don't see why tesla wouldn't support it:

Volker.Berlin | October 18, 2012

IMO, (1) should read "Power folding mirrors/door mirrors replaced by cameras". Given that power folding mirrors seem to have been ruled out for the first generation of Model S, and the Model X prototype has cameras in lieu of mirrors, IMO both are equally likely for the next generation of Model S. Both would solve the problem (tight parking spaces) equally well -- actually with a small advantage to the cameras b/c they can always be used while a folded mirror cannot give any guidance.

Volker.Berlin | October 18, 2012

For reference only: "No Power Folding Mirrors for Model S in the future."

Michael23 | October 18, 2012

100% agree with your whole list!!!!

Are aftermarket power folding mirrors possible?

Michael23 | October 18, 2012

How can you say nothing in that list is needed? Lol seriously? You like moving your seat to get into the car and hitting your knees on the wheel? You like folding a mirror to get into a tight garage? You enjoy not being able to use guidelines to back up into a parking space? Saying you don't want those things is just silly. My 03 30k infiniti has all 7

georgevet | October 18, 2012

Great job on the list! I agree with everything so far. Please add:

Rear passenger storage

I can get away with just using the glove compartment up front but my passengers in the back will need some (or all) of the following:
1.) Pocket behind front seats
2.) Compartment space built in the door
3.) Cup holders


Volker.Berlin | October 18, 2012

georgevet, which brings up an interesting question: Does the interior design of the rear doors serve as an arm rest? Or is it too low/too sloped for that purpose? Would love to hear a comment from someone who already has a Model S at home.

Also, here's another item for this list, albeit related to georgevets' items: Drop-down armrest integrated into the second row center seat back, with storage and cup holders.

It is nice to have seating for five, but in many more cases there will only be three or four people traveling with the Model S. A center armrest adds a lot of comfort (and luxury feel) for the rear passengers (particularly when they have to slouch to avoid hitting the roof/hatch bar with their heads), and offers an opportunity for closed storage without interference with the rest of the interior design.

DouglasR | October 18, 2012

Some of these are great suggestions. As you know, I have abandoned as too difficult any attempt to maintain a single list. However, when this thread peters out, maybe I can try to list the ten or so most popular items (or at least the ones I like best).

BYT | October 18, 2012

I can tell you that the following things I am looking into installing myself after getting my Model S with links.

1. MobilEye
2. Covering the whole car with the Clear Auto Bra
3. Radar detector (but I don't think Tesla would ever offer that).
4. Don't know if this can be installed after the fact but the blind spot detector is great considering the sports car typical blind spots on the Model S,

I want to test out the iOn Road app but it's only for Android so far... and maybe a good solution to the MobilEye, just need a windshield mount for the SmartPhone and can control it from the 17" screen anyway via Bluetooth!

Beaker | October 18, 2012

I'm confused. If one has a backup camera, why does one also need parking sensors (at least on the rear of the car). Can't you see what you are about to hit by looking at the view from the camera?

Enlighten me.

BYT | October 18, 2012

@Beaker, yes you can see, but when you are navigating a tight fit and need to reach the limits of the spot in which you are pulling in and don't want to drive by "feel" then guides that would virtually mark the boarder points are very helpful. For example, if you pull the car back as far as you can see it on the fish-eye lens, you WILL hit something.

sergiyz | October 18, 2012


Camera alone doesn't give you enough depth perception to figure out how far the objects are.
Audible indication helps a lot and can see areas that the camera can't see.
The absolute best implementation I've seen is on Infinity JX and QX that have sensors *and* cameras on all sides, including cameras facing down on the side mirrors.
It's easier to park the huge QX than some two-door mazdas...

sergiyz | October 18, 2012

... and I can never remember they spell Infiniti with an 'i' ;)

STEVEZ | October 18, 2012

I've already created a profile called 'Easy Entry'; the problem I have is remembering to select it before leaving the car. A simple software fix would be to have the car move the steering wheel up and forward when you open the driver's door after selecting Park. I'd like the seat to move aft and down, too, but some folks might object. Tesla could solve that by creating a permanent profile called something like 'Entry/Exit' which is activated as above (or by selecting it through the Profiles drop-down) and which can be tailored, just like any other profile.

WolfenHawke | October 18, 2012

1. Power folding mirrors - no, better for airstream mirrors
2. Parking sensors with audible warnings -- no, rear camera suffices
3. Blind spot monitoring -- no, i adjust my mirrors for little blind
4. Rear camera guidelines -- no, really?, like windshield guidelines?
5. Adaptive cruise control -- no, rather auto drive
6. Key fob-linked driver profiles -- YES - automate, no reason not to
7. Entry and exit seat settings -- connected with item 6
8. all personalizations to key fob (drive characteristics, dash config, etc.)
9. credit card thickness key fob with bodycom

Slindell | October 18, 2012

10: Telepathic interface

Tomas | October 18, 2012

Parking sensor? I may be old school, but I still get a thrill out of nailing a parallel parking job. Come on folks, it ain't that hard, do we really need sensors. Computers are making us all useless imbeciles.

My add to the wish list: fix the button on the steering wheel so that it advances to the next programmed station rather than "search".

Volker.Berlin | October 18, 2012

WolfenHawke, do I understand you correctly?

Power folding mirrors - no, better for airstream mirrors

Do you mean to imply that powered mirrors necessarily have worse aerodynamic drag than manual ones? I may be getting this wrong, but if that's what you mean then I don't agree. There seems to be a lot of room inside the mirror housing where an electric motor could be placed, precisely because of the aerodynamic shape of the housing (which tries to approximate a tear drop and therefore bulges forward).

Volker.Berlin | October 18, 2012

credit card thickness key fob with bodycom (WolfenHawke)

+1. Alternatively/on top: Option to replace key fob by an NFC-enabled smart phone (assuming that it's similarly secure as a proprietary fob).

Volker.Berlin | October 19, 2012

Camera alone doesn't give you enough depth perception to figure out how far the objects are. (sergiyz)

You're right, but you don't draw the obvious consequences: We need a 3D-enabled screen! :-) Now that 3D technology is available for mainstream television, it shouldn't be too far out. In fact, it should be particularly easy to implement because the driver is very predictably looking from the same angle (passenger is another story, but depth perception isn't required for passengers).

See the discussion on cameras replacing mirrors:

sergiyz | October 19, 2012

I'd settle for the birds eye view, looking at the car from the top.
This is one of my absolute favorite features on the Infiniti, and you can do split screen too or switch between views.

To the "old school" people: GPS used to be a novelty, now everybody has one on their phone with sat view maps in most cases.
You can still use a printed map or ask for directions, but it's way more convenient to use nav in your car or on your phone.
Manual transmission was a must on a sports car, not anymore.
Most of the super cars have automatic transmissions of some kind since they are faster and better at switching gears.
You used to drive an ICE car and now you're switching to an EV, see the trend yet ? :)

Michael23 | October 19, 2012

Yes once again Infiniti has features I use everyday in a 30k car that my new 110k car doesn't have. By hey aren't fluff to me.

DouglasR | October 19, 2012

How about:

Rear Floor Mats

I'm reading the thread about how the after-market mats stink. They say that, after a while, the smell goes away (trans: you get used to it). Anyway, getting the mats from TM should be an option.

petero | October 19, 2012

I want my key fob to include a phaser, set to stun, it will go with my vulcan ears.

jbunn | October 19, 2012

Changed my order to tech package today, and was going over the features with the config specialist from HQ on the phone.

There will not be drivers prefrences by key fob for keyless entry. He said that was the origional plan but they had problems with it.

This is just my guess, but if my wife has the fob in her purse it unlocks the car. So you'd want a sensor in the drivers door. What happens if I have mine in my pocket and we approach the car at the same time? Perhaps, I'm opening the door for her (I do). Who does the car think the driver is? So you can see the car's problem...

What he also said is the car completley unlocks. This should be changed. The drivers door needs to unlock seperatley for safety. You don't want someone approaching from the passenger side and having access when you are getting into the vehicle. Think about parking decks, dark streets, ect. He says they have received feedback about this, and should be changeable via software.

sergiyz | October 19, 2012


This problem has been solved years ago by multiple car manufacturers.
Whoever unlocks the car get his/her settings in.
There's usually a set of buttons on the driver's side door to restore one of the saved presets, so even if you unlock the car with your wife's keyfob you can easily bring your own settings back.
This is even true for BT.
The car will remember what BT headset or a phone is associated with a preset and will connect your phone if you've unlocked the car with your keyfob.
You can also switch them later if you want to stream music from your wife's phone or she wants to use hands-free.
I frankly don't understand why Tesla, having direct access to Daimler as a partner, only used a steering column from them ;)

jbunn | October 19, 2012


True, but I'm specificly referring to keyless entry in the Tech package. There is no "unlocking" the car in terms of something the driver needs to do. The car unlocks when it senses any fob coded to it. So with one driver, it works fine. With two fobs in proximity, it needs to make a choice. That's the issue. I suspect it's what they had a hard time getting to work relialably.

You are right about other cars and presets. My 98 Explorer has the preset buttons on the drivers door handle. My wife's new Volvo has the presets close to where your left hand would normaly find power seat controls, except they face directly up, so you can see them from outside the car when you are standing.

I asked the gent about this, and he said presets are accessed from the touch screen. I mentioned the height difference between my wife and I (I've got 8" height and twice the mass). I've already nearly emascualted myself 4 or 5 times jumping into her car without setting the seat. I told him this would require leaning all the way into the car to reach the touch screen.

The only suggestion was if she had been driving, to move the seat manualy before I get in. That's actualy a bit less advanced than eiether the 98 ford or new newer Volvo.

Sounds like the driver presets from the touch screen ARE pretty advanced though once you get in. Had lots of bells and whistles that will keep us busy for a while.

My only concern at this point is the driver side unlock vs all door unlock security issue.

sergiyz | October 20, 2012


An obvious workaround would be to move the seat back and steering column up once the seat belt is off and you pull the door handle.
That they could do with a sw update.
At least this way you could get in without injuring yourself and then pick the profile on the touchscreen.
I really think a mechanical button on drivers door would be so much more convenient.

Volker.Berlin | October 20, 2012

An obvious workaround would be to move the seat back and steering column up once the seat belt is off and you pull the door handle. [...] At least this way you could get in without injuring yourself

You might be injuring the passenger in the second row behind you, though, if there is one...

Michael23 | October 20, 2012

J bunn you do have to unlock the car by pressing the handle. There is no more auto extending handles. It should work the same as my 03 car. Person who presses driver door handle sets the seat setting. Done. A
So you can always hit unlock on the fob if you want to reset it on my car so that should work to. I have to assume this is coming with update nice it's such an easy thing to do and has been done for 10 years already.

The mercedes steering wheel shiuld easily adjust on entry and exit via a fuyure fitmware update hopefulky. Aren't the mirrors from Mercedes too? I heard they already had the power mechanisms and tesla took them out and didn't bother wiring them up :( .

Alex K | October 20, 2012

I would like to see a new item added to the list:
8. Detailed Tire Pressure Monitor Display

This would display a pictorial of the car along with the tire pressure of each tire. Here is a picture of what is displayed on a Porsche Panamera, for example:

jerry3 | October 20, 2012


That gets my vote.

Tomas | October 20, 2012

Why can't my iPhone be the key fob?

nickjhowe | October 20, 2012

+1 @Alex

jerry3 | October 20, 2012

Tomas -- Why can't my iPhone be the key fob?

Probably because it would need a third antenna in the iPhone to send the signal. Also unlocking your iPhone and opening an App every time you wanted to get into the car would be a real pain (of course, they could have it signaling all the time but that would shorten the talk time).

The fob on a keychain where you never take it out of your pocket or purse is as convenient as it gets (at least until you can control the car with your brain waves).