My Awards

My Awards

So I ordered the black wall connector about a month ago with my referral awards. It still shows as "Scheduled" in the Tesla app. How long did it take other people to get their awards?

vmulla | February 12, 2019

about 2 months

cvrontakis | February 12, 2019


syclone | February 13, 2019

I only have one referral. I guess I missed it, but how do I order whatever my reward was?

tanya | February 13, 2019

Click on Loot Box icon in the top right of your mobile app, then click on My Awards and select.

cvrontakis | February 13, 2019

In the Tesla app you click on the little "loot box" icon in the upper right corner and that takes you to the awards screen.

syclone | February 15, 2019

Thanks for the info, everybody. I've done all of what was suggested, but there is no way to move forward to a screen that allows me to make any kind of selection.

EVRider | February 15, 2019

@cvrontakis: The amount of time it will take you to receive the wall connector depends on when you earned the award. It took 6 months for my first to arrive, 2 months for the second one (arriving next week).

The “Scheduled” status doesn’t mean anything. Both of my wall connectors, including the one I already received, show as scheduled. You won’t get a shipment notification. I signed up for the FedEx delivery management service to get notified whenever a FedEx shipment is headed my way, and that’s the only way I knew Tesla had shipped my awards.

azdonna | February 15, 2019

My wall connector arrived this week and was left on my front porch. (It was ~3 months ago I selected it as my award.) I received no notification it was on the way. In fact, my Loot Box still shows a status of Scheduled. By the way, my first award says photo uploading will be available in February. I haven't received instructions of how or where to upload it.

jimglas | February 15, 2019