My bicycle opens the charge port.

My bicycle opens the charge port.

Was stood by the car today and I could hear the charge port door clicking as it tried to open (it still randomly sticks closed). A few minutes later it did it again then popped open. Strange thing was that I wasn't trying to open the port, no one was in the car, and the UMC was 20 miles away.

The only thing I can put it down to is that something on my racing bike - maybe the ANT+ sensors, or maybe the magnets on the cadence/speed meter - triggered the port. We had just loaded the bike into the car.

Anyone else had 'spontaneously opening charge ports'?

Chuck Lusin | July 6, 2013

Could by Spooky Action at a Distance with the UMC. I bet no one knew that was built in!

Chuck Lusin | July 6, 2013

My charge port was not affected by a large magnet from an old hard drive. I would think that it is RF or your wireless transmitter on the bike computer.

KWTESLA | July 6, 2013

Chuck Lusin
Two things does someone else have you login on a phone App?
Also static does all kinds of things with the touch screen. Today it started charging my car 3 hours early. Static turns on Seat heaters ! Sometimes I can't get the doors open with the key in my pocket. Gremlins ?

mallynb | July 6, 2013

nickjhowe --

In the 5 weeks since the car was delivered the charge port has opened on its own at least a dozen times.

The car is always parked in the same place in the garage, the key in my pocket, the charging connector either in my hand or coiled on its holder on the wall less than 3 feet from the port. It has happened when I am in the car, when I am entering the car, and when I am outside, approaching or leaving the car.

It's inconvenient, but not a show stopper.

ian | July 6, 2013

Off topic warning! ;-)

Great to hear of some fellow cyclists driving S's! Imhave to ask what kind of bike you were loading and where was the race?


nickjhowe | July 6, 2013

@goneskiian - a 2012 Cervelo S5. I'm just getting back into cycling after quite a few years off, and have just started training again. The MS is perfect because the S5 fits easily in the back with room to spare. Don't even have to remove the front wheel. Not racing yet.

ian | July 6, 2013

Nice ride! Coincidence you ride an S and drive an S? Haha!

I started racing in college and have missed only one full season. There's a great community and an awesome bunch of races up here in the PNW. Winter training can be a bit of a grind though with all the rain. Makes for a good excuse to go somewhere warm and dry during the winter. ;-)

Enjoy the S's!