My center screen went blank.

My center screen went blank.

After being away for a week, I got in my Model S this morning, and center screen was black/blank. Car started and drove fine but nothing on center screen. No Nav, A/C controls, home link, etc. Car had been in garage and plugged in since last Sunday. I've tried plugging back in, locking with fob, leaving it alone for an hour, etc. Still no center screen. Any clues?

Xerogas | September 14, 2013

Not sure how it got to that state, but you can try to hold down both steering wheel roller buttons for about 10 seconds to reboot the center console computer.

negarholger | September 14, 2013

I had the same issue one morning. Service said press and hold both wheels on the steering wheel AND press the brake pedal. Car rebooted and went to normal.

william.strittmatter | September 14, 2013


Thanks for info on how to reboot. Held down both buttons and brake for 10 seconds, thought I heard a faint tick like noise, released and everything rebooted and appears back to normal. | September 14, 2013

I also had my display go blank on me for several seconds. The car continued to perform perfectly and very shortly the Tesla "T" appeared on the screen. The display then returned to normal. I contacted Tesla and asked them for an explanation. They ran a check on the car and could find no anomalies. They did say that if the car had "lost" the 3G signal a restart of the screen would be initiated. Since this occurred while I was driving down to Big Sur on CA Hwy 1 (near Bixby Creek Bridge} it is entirely possible that 3G service and Cell phone service were lost. Interesting.

Michael Thompson | June 4, 2015

Happened to me this evening for the first time. Not sure if it was related to the 6.2 software update that occurred on Monday. Anyway the reboot scenario worked fine as described above. Cheers.

jsr | July 31, 2015

I parked the car for half an hour whilst I carried out an errand. On restarting the screen was blank and the mirrors did not swing out. The car drove ok. I deliberately left the car and tried again. The same. I drove home and looked up the problem on the net and found this string of comments. I tried the procedure of the two buttons and the brake and everything returned to normal. Although I am relieved, I am somewhat concerned that such things happen to such a high-tech car without warning or explanation !!! I hope Tesla can come up with a satisfactory answer and hopefully a fix such that it doesn't happen again. Thanks.
Jazz Rathore, Stavanger Norway.

FelixMendeldog | August 1, 2015

The explanation is simple: it’s a computer; computers get wonky sometimes; reboot fixes it. Anyone with a PC; a Mac; a smartphone of any brand/operating system is used to this, yes? When the mirrors stay folded that’s annoying but don’t fret, the Tesla display computers do not affect the three most critical driving systems of the car (stop; go; steer); reboot whenever anything looks weird; this fixes nearly everything. Think about how often you’ve done this with other computers; don’t worry about it.

mstubbs007 | January 10, 2016

Well I don't agree my master screen never came back and rebooting did nothing to correct it. I would just hate to be out of warranty and have to pay for junk like this. I use to be the guy always saying how great the car is but now I going to keep my mouth shut.

GailWallFL | June 21, 2016

That reboot helped me today.

vish.saoji | July 2, 2016

We parked our car under hot sun for 3 hours and went to watch movie. After the movie, the car started with a blank screen. I went panic since this is not even a week old car (model X) and touching the screen to see if anything happens. The funny part is, the screen was blank but the touches were opened both trunks and doors. After researching on the iphone, found this reboot option which fixed the issue. But i still do not know why this thing happened. Clearly, we had signals. If heat is the issue, then it is concerning since i live in California and my car will be out in the sun for at least 6 hours while I am at work.

Tropopause | July 2, 2016

And they all lived happily ever after. ;)

lilbean | July 3, 2016

My screen was misbehaving when I had it set to night mode so I just set it back to auto.

Tesla-David | July 3, 2016

In 3.5 years of MS ownership, and on my second MS (S85D) I have only had one episode of blank screen last month, but as others have noted, merely rebooted, and the screen came back to life, with no subsequent problems.

thranx | July 10, 2016

Refresh is about two weeks old. A week ago, got the "Touchscreen needs service" warning. Rebooted, everything fine. Two days pass; repeat. Reboot, everything is fine. This morning, got the "Car is powering up, wait until this message goes away, then press brake" message. That was new to me. Waited...and waited. Message still there. Drove car a quarter of a mile, parked, rebooted. Everything comes up normally...except the "Touchscreen needs Service" warning is back...and blinking. Rebooted anew. Everything fine once again...but...nervous.

lilbean | July 10, 2016

I got that message daily when I set the display to night mode. After setting it back to auto, I don't get that message anymore.

thranx | July 10, 2016

Some time ago, folks were getting blank screens. Haggy was told by Service that it might be a buffering problem caused by the browser set on a site that continually refreshes, thus filling up the buffer. I checked my last browser setting and it was set on the ADOT (Arizona Dept. of Transportation) emergency map website, which does indeed update continuously. So I switched the browser location to Google (as Haggy was told to do). Now we'll see what happens over the next few days. If the problem does not repeat, this suggests a solution not often suggested for the blank screen problem.

Or, I could need a new central console computer (please, no).

gwrogde | November 6, 2017

blank center screen, but reboot using the two scroll buttons on steering wheel is not doing the trick. Are there any more hard reboot available.
The touch screen was doing reboot, but never came back.

evaandmarty | November 6, 2017

Your MCU is dead
About 4000$ to replace unless you have warranty

akikiki | November 6, 2017

Or contact They have a used one for $ 1450. All you need is SC labor to install it

FLTeslaS | November 18, 2017

I got the black screen for the first time. Thanks for the posts, it was rebooted successfully after pressed the two little thumb wheels and break for 10 sec.

Bighorn | November 18, 2017

Try scroll wheels and brake for about 30 sec.

shirj.786 | October 9, 2018

Gave a salute to the King Car!... and voila!