My first month electric bill with the S+ was down over $100

My first month electric bill with the S+ was down over $100

Happy to report that the move to SDG&E tiered pricing not only covered the cost of charging my Tesla, it reduced my overall costs for the month. Used more. Paid less. Cool. $61 due to shorter billing period but the rest due to rate decrease from Tiered Electric Car rates.

Selected bill:
Last month:
7/24/2013 Impact
Total electric charges: $253.26 $363.74 $110.48
Total gas charges: $27.16 $33.66 $6.50
Total Charges: $280.42 $397.40 $116.98

Impact DecreaseEnergy Charges:
Your energy charges were $116.98 lower for this bill.
Impact IncreaseElectric Use:
Your electric use increased for this bill.

Selected bill:
Last month:
7/24/2013 Impact
Billing days: 28 days 33 days $61
Average cost per kWh: $0.1665 / kWh $0.2437 / kWh $107
Average use per day: 49.71 kWh / day 41.82 kWh / day $63
Total Electric: $253.26 $363.74 $110.48

Brian H | August 27, 2013

You can create a fixed font table with the 'pre' tag.

Selected bill: Last month: Impact
8/21/2013 7/24/2013
Billing days: 28 days 33 days $61
Average cost
per kWh: $0.1665/kWh $0.2437/kWh $107
Average use
per day: 49.71 kWh 41.82 kWh $63
Electric: $253.26 $363.74 $110.48

geekydon | August 27, 2013

I've had the same experience with SDG&E's TOU pricing. I've received two bills covering full billing periods of Model S ownership and I have to go back more than two years to find a bill as low as these. I've concluded that my Model S is generating power and pumping it back into the grid :)

Vicelike | August 27, 2013

Thanks for that tip, Brian. At 68 years old, I am still on the self taught technology learning curve and do appreciate help in stuff like that....

Very cool.

Brian H | August 28, 2013

Yeah, you're a year older than me, that's pretty old!!

dnew92130 | August 28, 2013

Before I switch rates, I'm going to spend a couple months with the car figuring out how much I charge it at home. And I'll charge it at night.

One can download from SDG&E's site an hour-by-hour breakdown of one's electric bill (a week at a time, though) even if you're not on the TOU plan, so I'm going to slip that into a spreadsheet and see what the cost savings would be.

Vicelike | August 28, 2013

Sounds like a good plan. Just keep in mind that the car is not the only thing that can be time shifted into the cheaper rate slots. A big one for me was the pool pump hours and the hot tub heating and cleaning cycles.

Rte66 | August 28, 2013

My first full two month bill with my Tesla was $0! It was during the peak output of my solar panels and my highest electric bills tend to be in the winter. Also LADWP billing is a bit screwy -- especially when you combine Solar Panels and automatic payments. The thought of adding time tiered billing with a 2nd meter scares me.

loefvinc | August 28, 2013

I had a meter put onto the charging outlet in the garage when it was installed. Meters on ebay are cheap. It's not a separate bill, just a metered outlet. The electrician asked if I wanted one and said it would add about $30 to the cost. Thought it would be cool so I went with it. Now I only need the car (they just moved my delivery date out to 9/6).


nightdevil21 | September 6, 2013

Did you get it vince!?

Brian H | March 4, 2014