My friend chose Audi A3 etron over Model 3, wishes he didn't

My friend chose Audi A3 etron over Model 3, wishes he didn't

Mid 2017, a friend of mine couldn't keep waiting for the Model 3, as Tesla was still trying to ramp up the production. So he bought the plugin hybrid A3.

Fast forward, his car's a brick now and doesn't charge at all. He says a recent software update may have completely bricked the system. It's been sitting in service for a while, and Audi said they are out of loaners. So, he's basically Uber-ing on his own dime.

He's now looking to get rid of the Audi, and get the 3 as the wait times are pretty negligible. He asked me if I have any issues with the car. Told him about the occasional screen reboots, and random LTE connectivity issues; which are minor. He says those are nothing compared to a brick car, and that they are pretty manageable. I concurred.

I also remember reading news about how Porsche admitted it's taking them much longer to build an EV than they anticipated. One Audi failure isn't a good sample size by any means, but maybe Elon and Tesla did build a reliable and ground-breaking product!

Xerogas | January 12, 2019

@vishious911: ironically, in this case Tesla is the company with more experience building reliable cars. EV cars that don’t brick, I mean.

gballant4570 | January 12, 2019

Hybrids are so yesterday anyhow. All the sorry baggage of an ICE along with mediocre EV cred at best. Despite all the "Tesla killer" hype, there is only one credible EV out there that you can buy today.

Magic 8 Ball | January 12, 2019

Does he need a referral?

howard | January 12, 2019

After the Volt lease was up I was pretty excited about the Audi E-Tron until I read the specs. It was a major step backwards so I bought the Bolt and then the M3. All worked out well in the end. Audi will get it worked out. Just like early Tesla did.

mcalbright | January 12, 2019

I turned in my Audi A3 E Tron 3 months early on a 3 year lease when I picked up my Model 3, because the expiring federal tax credit more than offset the loss. When I leased it in 2016 I chose it over a Volt due to the larger size, great Audi interior, and sunroof although I think I would have been just as happy with a Volt. My only full-EV options at that time would have been a Tesla that I couldn't afford or something like a Leaf that couldn't handle road trips. I really liked the Audi and I had no problems with it at all. I had two frustrations: 1) that I had to constantly plug it in and make decisions about that 16 mile range so I could avoid using gas; and 2) it was pretty fun to drive when the gas engine was running and in sport mode, but sluggish on battery-only. The Volt has a much more advanced powertrain than the Audi. It was the only time I've leased a car and I think that was a great decision -- the Audi served its purpose for a period of time but it wasn't a long-term keeper. Plug-ins are just a step along the way towards full-EV. My Model 3 does everything better than that Audi (other than the sunroof), but I do need to road trip in it and the Model 3 is still the only affordable EV I can do that in.

minervo.florida | January 12, 2019


Maybe they did build a ground breaking car??? Absolutely!!!!! Greatest product launch i the history of mankind. Check out the deposit lines 2 years ago on youtube. Over 400,000 reservations, insane. Motor may go million miles with no maintenance, etc.

jeannebridge51 | January 12, 2019

We have both. We moved from a "Prius/Subaru" household to a "Prius/Audi A3 Etron" household in 2017 and I considered the Audi a great and fun car. Its range also fit my daily commute well. Since November we are an "Audi A3 Etron/Model 3" household. While the Model 3 is clearly superior (it is a totally different world after all), the AUDI is still a great 2nd car, it is just not an alternative for the Model 3.

Hal Fisher | January 12, 2019

It’s funny how out if those 400k pre-orders so few actually purchsed compared to new buyers suddenly buying (like me). That might have been one of the most advantageous marketing ploys ever in that it did actually work out for everyone in the long run.


jordanrichard | January 12, 2019

Howard, is Audi one of the traditional OEMs that have decades of experience at building cars that can easily build an EV and beat Tesla at their own game.......?

RES IPSA | January 12, 2019

Three reasons I bought a Tesla Model 3 in August 2018:

1. Full Fed tax credit combined with a strong likelihood of a $2500 state rebate

2. Tesla has, by far, the most advanced battery power train system available for purchase (combined with the most range and supercharger network).

3. Only the Leaf and Bolt were somewhat comparable to the Model 3, and #2 above pushed me towards the M3

I predict that 5 years from now, Tesla will have available for purchase a car that can go 500 + miles on a single charge (real world use mileage) and cost 40k or less.

rdavis | January 12, 2019

@Hal... that 400k is a world wide number and Tesla has not released world wide yet. Also many may be waiting on 35k model...

RES IPSA | January 12, 2019

@rdavis... agreed

DanFoster1 | January 12, 2019

Ya boy done f’d up. Tesla is the only car company that matters.

jimglas | January 12, 2019

Until the other companies have a SC network, they are selling local commuter cars.

DanFoster1 | January 12, 2019

Thank you, jimglas! +100 the supercharger network is a more important ‘product’ than the amazingly great cars.

Madatgascar | January 12, 2019

The new Audi etron GT concept looks pretty nice. All electric with a compelling design. The range and acceleration promise to be almost as good as my Tesla Model 3, and volume production is scheduled for the end of 2020.

David N | January 12, 2019

@Hal Fisher | January 12, 2019

“It’s funny how out if those 400k pre-orders so few actually purchsed compared to new buyers suddenly buying (like me). “

Hal, why do you think “so few” actually purchased?
Do you have figures or just your opinion.
I would think a general concensus is there’s still a boatload waiting on the elusive standard range.

roger.klurfeld | January 12, 2019

@David N; half the 400,000 reservations were from outside the US.