My Model S ate a plastic card...

My Model S ate a plastic card...

I put my parking card (a plastic card in credit card format) on the closed sliding door of the Model S (early 2017) middle console, had to brake hard and it was gone. It disappeared in the gap between the storage "drawer" attached below the display and the middle console. I put my fingers in as far as I could and felt a wide hole in what seems to be leather behind the (possibly removable? any suggestions?) plastic storage part.

Has anyone else had such luck? Where exactly do things go when they disappear in that hole? :-) It's not a big issue since I assume the card won't cause any problems where it ended up, but perhaps it's a useful as a warning to others...


p.c.mcavoy | January 30, 2018

@mjy - You can remove the plastic "drawer" below the center console. I believe the procedure is simply you need to rather firmly pull it down and it will unsnap being held in by a couple of clips. I've not ever need to do it personally, but have read numerous posts by others that have. I believe that will allow you to get back into the area behind the center console where you card has gone to hide.

If you're uncomfortable doing this and you're relatively near a service center, I'm sure you can stop by and they would assist you. If that's a bit out of the way, you might try calling them and they could probably talk you through it over the phone.

RDeal75s | January 30, 2018

@p.c.mcavoy is correct. I removed my "drawer" yesterday (late 2016 model s) for the first time for the same reason. Push down firmly (you won't break anything). It easily pops back up after you retrieve the missing item.

akikiki | January 30, 2018

I think it lands in Asgard

Captain_Zap | January 30, 2018

Another reason for the Tesla to get rid of that darned console!

CXVII | February 1, 2018

After reading your post, I decided to look for the access card I've been missing for a couple of weeks.
I actually found my card at rear of the center console, underneath the small shelf with the flip lid.
I also found 3 pens, a key and the garage door opener.

Hungry car, eh?

αл∂ӌ | February 1, 2018

I really wish I knew this exactly 3 days ago, when I lost my work access card the same way, and I desperately resorted to removing the console's side panels in order to reach the card I could see stuck on the furthest section of the ditch. I'm sure it was closer to the Frunk than to the console's sliding door opening, but it worked.

shank15217 | February 1, 2018

Seriously, that's probably where my parking card went, fortunately they have another solution with bar codes that works for me.

DRFLGD | February 1, 2018

I lost a Tesla sticker given to me by rich this way (sorry bud. I hope to get another one from you when I see you again).

amcan0718 | September 9, 2018

I lost my parking card this way the other day too. Will the service center help me retrieve it for free?

rg22.vanhorn | September 9, 2018

Glad I saw this posting... I lost a plastic "car wash" card back in that slot a few months ago. @p.c.mcavoy you are correct: although I would describe the piece below the Model S display as a "shelf." Just push the front end down and indeed it does unclip for easy removal. Then you can perhaps reach the card or whatever slipped back behind... I managed to retrieve my car wash card. Thanks guys!!

lilbean | September 9, 2018

@rg22 Wow! Your car is smart for eating the car wash card. :) | September 10, 2018

@lilbean - very clever. I two bucket wash too.

Yodrak. | September 10, 2018

I wonder if a piece of black foam weather stripping tucked into the opening would solve people's problem without looking too ugly?

Mi75d | September 10, 2018

Yup. I lost a credit card, and traced the last use to a drive thru, where I took the card back, set it on the console and quicker than you can say Penn and Teller Fool Us, it was gone. I happened to have an upcoming service appointment, I asked them to look, and sure enough that’s where it was.

akikiki | September 10, 2018

I think you can access that area from above too. I didn't have anything lost, but I recently had my cubby removed. i could reach in and feel the back and an opening inside the console. Popping the cubby out is easy and doesn't risk breaking any clips. Pull straight down on each side until you see it releases. The just lift it out toward you (away from the dash).

Madatgascar | September 11, 2018

@Yodrak, here’s what I did:
Sheet of black sponge rubber folded in half and cut to the right size, with the fold facing out so its compression completely fills the gap and holds it in place. I tucked it back 1/4” from the face of the cubby so you don’t see it unless you really look, and even if you see it, it looks good.

jthukral | June 30, 2020

Solved... CUT A SLIVER OF VELCRO AND PASTE ON THE LIP. Watch my video...

jthukral | June 30, 2020

Here is how the installed velcro looks. stops all cards and no scratches.