My Neighbor has a Karma

My Neighbor has a Karma

I'm eagerly awaiting the Delivery of my Model S P85 sometime this month. As I was finishing the installation of my solar array I see the very recognizable "smiley face" grill of a Fisker Karma turning down my street. I live in Eunice, a small oil town in SE NM. EVs are not popular here and Romney won this county by 40 points. Still in shock that my Model S will be next door to a Fisker Karma in a town of <5000. Neighbors apparently won it in Las Vegas so they aren't "EV people"... just hope they plug it in!

Did anyone seriously consider the Karma? I almost feel sorry for Fisker since it gets to roundly destroyed by the Model S. I doesn't go as far, even with gas. It's almost half as efficient, even on electric. It's less powerful than a P85, even with two motors. It's also more expensive. Has less room; etc, etc. Elon was dead on when he called it a "mediocre product at a higher price"

petero | December 18, 2012

Friends, enough of this Fisker bashing. After all, negativity breeds bad karma! Sorry for the bad pun, I couldn’t help myself. Mr. Fisker and his Karma have the unenviable, bad luck to develop and come to market at the same time as a TM and the ‘S,’ and having to compete with sheer brilliance.

The Karma and Fisker’s vision are a step forward, especially when you compare it to other hybrids and luxury sedans. The Karma is a stunning car and appeals to a certain customer that is not ready to take the BEV plunge. There is room for Karmas and “S,” even on the same block. In many ways, nwdiver93, having both cars so close will only enhance the better car. Your neighbors will soon do their comparison and you need not say a word. With so many ordinary cars on the road at least the Karma stands out. Granted the loyal “S” owners and reservation holders are totally smitten by the “S” – and rightfully so.

nwdiver93. If you want to have some fun, ask your neighbors if they want those extra cans of oil, filters, spark plugs, or the empty gas can you have in your garage… it is not like you are going to use them!

SMOP | December 18, 2012

@mark K

The only "business" relationship I have is with Tesla Motors where I own their stock and 600k worth of their cars. I am just sick of everyone on here bashing the Fisker when most have not driven i (blind leading the blind). People on here complain about Jalponik's bias against BEV's or what Top Gear did to the Roadster. What you guys are doing is just as bad. Drive the Fisker Karma and then tell me it is a bad car.

Runar | December 18, 2012


A valid point, i guess next to no one on this forum have actually driven a Karma

Brian H | December 18, 2012

The Karma control center by all (reviewers') accounts is perhaps the worst ever engineered, an "ergonomic disaster" in CR's words.

tranhv68 | December 18, 2012


If you don't like your Tesla model s, I recommend you sell it on eBay. You should be able to sell it for at least 20000 more than you paid for it. You can use the proceeds to buy a karma. Win Win.

tranhv68 | December 18, 2012


Please see owner video

JZ13 | December 18, 2012

The perfect car would be the Model S in the Karma's skin.

My personal opinion is that the Karma is the most beautiful car on the road. I went to the dealer to consider it and learned that, for me, it is not a practical daily driver. My biggest complaints:

- Almost no trunk space. You cannot put a full suitcase in the trunk.
- It is very slow compared to other luxury sedans including the Model S.
- The battery runs down the middle of the car making it a very cramped space for only 2 people in the back seat. Sitting in that rear seat felt clostrophobic.
- It has 2 motors and needs gas to have reasonable range.

I think as a daily driver the Karma is just not practical. The Model S succeeds in every area that the Karma fails in.

I like the design of the Model S. It's classy and modern. But it is not a head turner. That's why I would prefer to take my Model S (still waiting for delivery) and merge it with the skin of the Karma.

SMOP | December 18, 2012


Thank you for that information; I had never considered your revolutionary idea of selling the car and buying another one! Thanks!

The 0-60 of the Karma is 6.3 seconds the 40kwH Model S does it in 6.5 seconds. I do not think that the Karma can be considered "very slow"?

Have you ever owned a BEV? Ever done a long roadtrip in a BEV? Sort of a pita to have to re-arrange your trip to charge etc with no backup plan. I like using my BEVs for areas that I know well and can charge opportunistically. Being forced to wait while charging is a huge waste of time IMO (and nerve racking). I have watched so many movies while on roadtrips waiting for my Roadster to charge. The superchargers alleviate some of these problems but still you have to take a special route sometimes to utilize them. I would rather pay the 30 dollars or so and be able to save my time rather than wait and charge when I have to go somewhere unknown. Spending 100k on a car by definition is not "practical." We buy these cars because we like the technology.

JZ13 | December 18, 2012


Why would you compare the $50k version of the Model S (40kw)to the $120k Karma? To make a fair comparison, wouldn't you compare the $100k Model S (85kw performance) to the Karma? In that case, it's 4.0 seconds vs 6.3 seconds. That is a HUGE difference for me. Maybe you don't like fast acceleration but, for me, that is a deal breaker on a car that costs > $100k.

SMOP | December 18, 2012


Fast acceleration is great (I have the P85 Model S) but when you are actually in the car and start to notice basic things missing such as lighted vanity mirrors, or cheap materials; the ill fitting plastic on the center console USB ports, the pep boys style armrest etc. To me I spend more time inside the car in contact with the surfaces of the interior. That is more important than the occasional 0-60 blast. The car is 4600lbs, going 0-60 in 4.4 seconds is fun in a straight line but once you hit the twisties the Model S does not handle very well (worse than the Fisker). I prefer interior appointments over 0-60 times as that is more useful to me everyday. Its a learning process for Tesla and we are early adopters. Tesla had to get rid of some basic interior appointments in order to give you that performance 0-60 time :).

lolachampcar | December 18, 2012

Thank you for adding substance to my suspicions on the engineering side. Tesla used the Roadster to learn the hard lessons and I have faith we MS owners will reap the benefits.

tranhv68 | December 18, 2012


You're Welcome.

sanjosedriver | December 18, 2012

I can't look at the front of a Karma without immediately thinking of the movie Killer Klowns From Outer Space. How could they have designed that grill without a single person saying... "hey Bob, does this like like a maniacal clown face to you?"

SMOP | December 18, 2012


Interesting observation, I get exactly what you are talking about in the pictures. When I first saw "wild" photos of the Karma I too thought that the grill was a bit too much. After seeing the Karma in person I think that the front end looks far less ostentatious. Is your observation based on seeing the car in the flesh or just in pictures?

The Fisker Karma comes with free maintenance during the warranty period. This makes it unlikely that you will need to carry oil cans, spark plugs or any other items associated with maintenance. When the warranty is up on the Fisker all the ICE maintenance can be done by an independent shop. A friend of mine has a Chevrolet Volt that just hit 25k miles. He has done 0 maintenance on that car thus far. When my Model S hits 25k miles it is likely that I would have spent $1200 in maintenance at that point.

Superliner | December 18, 2012

Timo | DECEMBER 18, 2012
@Superliner, Volt is not pure serial hybrid (it can connect ICE to drivetrain directly), neither is it pure parallel hybrid (it can run ICE as generator without connection to drivetrain directly). And it has big enough battery that it can work as BEV without ICE at all in short distances.

It is hybrid hybrid :-P

Yes, I'm aware that it is not a "pure" series hybrid as the ICE CAN under certain conditions (above 70 mph.) add it's torque to the driveline. But it is as close as is available. The Karma is the only available 100% series hybrid. Just felt nothing was to be gained by arguing the point, figured if "they" = anyone really wanted to know they could look it up themselves. I did when the car was introduced.

I drove a Volt today actually. It's nicely done, has ample power etc. My only complaint is that it has a "slightly" quirky looking exterior design. Much better than the Butt Ugly Nissan Leaf

Superliner | December 18, 2012

The New 2013 Ford Fusions appear similar to a Model S from a rear 3/4 view and the Aston Martin - ish grille opening is indeed appearing on all kinds of veh's Model S included, So as was written elsewhere in this thread ... The Model S is looking dated already. Model S without the class leading powertrain / range and HUGE touch screen controls is pretty ordinary styling wise, Not that it it unattractive just ordinary. That said that might be a good thing! All one need do is look at a LEAF for proof of that lol!!

As for the Karma the grille most reminds me if of Packards of the early to mid 50's only difference is the Karmas is split.

Timo | December 19, 2012

@SMOP, you complained that Model S doesn't behave well in corners and Karma is actually better. I have hard time believing that considering lighter weight and much lower CoG. Maybe Model S just feels rougher and you translate that as "bad behavior"?

SMOP | December 19, 2012

@timo every major magazine that has reviewed the Fisker Karma has its skidpad numbers higher than the Model S...For example Road & Track has the Karma Skidpad at .91G and 0-60 of 5.9 Sec

The best skidpad numbers that I have seen for the Model S are all less than .89g?

The Model S feels sloppy compared to the Fisker Karma. The Karma feels a lot more sportier and composed. Many have postulate that this may be due to the air suspension on the Model S. I own several Ferrari's, Lambos and other high end sports cars. I am well aware of what a great handling car feels like. I do not think that the Model S is duping me with regards to its handling characteristics.

Timo | December 19, 2012

@SMOP That's sounds bad. Model S should be better so there is something that has been done "wrong" in it. Maybe we see numbers from someone without air suspension soon. Or maybe air suspension just smart enough for really good handling and that could be fixed with some firmware upgrade (I hope).

SMOP | December 19, 2012

@Timo I am equally as surprised; for the past few years I have watched several videos where Tesla employees have spoken about the low COG of the Model S and how the Model S is one of the greatest handling cars in the world. The former Tesla employee Peter Rawlinson is the most vibrant video memory I have of a Tesla employee explaining the incredible handling nature of the Model S. I was very surprised to find that the Model S felt so sloppy. Maybe my expectations were unrealistic after I test drove the Karma? The Karma is a best of a vehicle and significantly heavier than the Model S (and wider). The steering feel from that vehicle is oh so sweet. So weird?

lolachampcar | December 19, 2012

I'm going to have to side with the "not so great" guys on the MS handling.

I was a bit surprised on the test drive under first lateral load. The car felt like it was pushing through the contact patch and not trying to roll it over. The only other time I have felt this is in a purpose built race car where the crankshaft has been lowered and the gearbox is fed by drop gears which actually raise the rotation centerline up from the crankshaft for the gear stack. It was a very odd feeling to have in a car. I tried to upset the car while under lateral load by lifting to see how the car would react. I was unable to learn much given the limitations of having my minder in the right seat.

Overall, the MB air suspension SUCKS when it comes to handling. I am, of course, assuming Tesla is using the MB air suspension. I've done lowering modules for the MB and VAG vehicles and thus have a ton of experience with the air suspension. I was beyond happy when MB used coil overs on the C63 as they finally built a car that felt good (like an M5 :).

I was hoping that the MS would handle like my old RS6. It does not. That's ok for me as it is an A8 sized four door sedan and I typically do not throw these things around corners.

SMOP - We've got the correct tools when it comes time to throw stuff around corners....

bigez1 | December 19, 2012

S MOP and lolachampca

"The Model S feels sloppy compared to the Fisker Karma" and "Overall, the MB air suspension SUCKS when it comes to handling"
While I respect your opinion(s), I couldn't disagree more. Although I've only test driven the MS, I thought it handled exceptionally well. Additionally, I've owned several BMWs (one while living in Spain) so I also know a thing or two about handling dynamics and performance driving. Lastly, Nobuhiro “Monster” Tajima, one of the most decorated and accomplished professional drivers ever proclaimed the car’s handling as “really incredible.”
To each his (or her) own, but I feel your assessment of the MS’s handling characteristics overly harsh and unfounded.

nwdiver93 | December 19, 2012

I'm not a "high-end" car guy. I'm stepping up to the MS from a Jetta TDI. As such I don't feel qualified to comment on the MS handling in comparison to similarly priced cars.

However, even if it is true that the Karma has an edge here I'm still curious as to how Fisker failed to badly in terms of efficiency... 54mpge? really?

petero | December 19, 2012

SMOP. Forgive my lack of clarity. My remarks were directed towards nwdriver93 not the Karma owner. His neighbors (not the Karma owner) may enjoy having the oil, filters, etc. It will also help the other neighbors see some of the extra benefits of the “S.”

Personally, I want Fisker to be successful, there is room for both.

sanjosedriver | December 19, 2012

@SMOP: I see about 1 Karma a week in Silicon Valley (saw one today in fact), the sides and rear look fantastic but I still can't get over how the grill looks clownish.

If you haven't see it yet, you also have to see a photo of this purple Karma:

PS: I really wish this forum was threaded to make it easier to reply to specific posts

Electron | December 19, 2012

@sanjosedriver That's a great looking car if you are The Joker.

Electron | December 19, 2012

I guess I should have read the article before making that joke. sigh.

tranhv68 | December 19, 2012

Not only is the Fisker Karma poorly built and engineered, It's built in Finland. Teslas are built in the USA by Americans. I have always owned Japanese or German cars. I have never owned an American car until the Tesla. I plan on buying the Model X and probably three of the 4th generation Teslas for my children.

There is something so satisfying about driving Motor Trends 2013 COTY, helping the economy by buying American, going stupid fast, saving the planet, saving money for every mile I drive, telling the arabs to sell their oil to somebody else, saving the planet, and, finally, watching the envious stares of everyone I pass.

Talk about killing a bunch of birds with one stone.


Timo | December 20, 2012

@nwdiver93 However, even if it is true that the Karma has an edge here I'm still curious as to how Fisker failed to badly in terms of efficiency... 54mpge? really?

Huge weight, bad aerodynamics, bad rolling resistance. Probably also weak engineering in drivetrain. Fisker is designer, not engineer, so he has quite a different approach to cars than Elon (both head of the companies they represent).

smoothoperator | December 20, 2012


To be fair the rolling chassis of the Roadster was built in England. Also the parts content of domestic parts in the Model S is only 10% higher than the Fisker.

@timo The Karma weighs more than a Mercedes GL, its a heavy car. Henrik Fisker is no longer the head of Fisker Auto. Are you currently daily driving a Model S? The range is not up to par (at least on my car) in a standard more charge I get 208-212 miles. If you are an owner what is the mileage you are getting?

tranhv68 | December 20, 2012

I get the feeling that some of the negative comments, especially the ones that seem incongruent, may not be from real Tesla owners. We all know that Tesla has been heavily shorted and with the recent runup in share price there is the worry of an impending short squeeze.

SMOP | December 20, 2012


Many people on this board, on TMC etc can vouch that I am a real Tesla owner. Tin foil hat?

Volker.Berlin | December 20, 2012

tranhv68, if I were shorting TSLA, of all places I wouldn't waste my time in the Tesla forums trying to break bad news to people who are wearing rose tinted glasses all day... Doesn't seem a good way to make any difference in the stock price. There are certainly some stock holders here, but the total of stock held by guys like you and me is negligible in the grand scheme of things. And those who hold massive TSLA don't spend their day sifting though these forums, I bet.

Sudre_ | December 20, 2012

Thanks to the guys that tell it like they see it.... SMOP. Tesla needs good pointers of where to improve to make a better product. If it was up to us happy Tesla grinning folks the car would never change.

I still haven't found any reviews of the Karma that would make me want one. Even the Karma fan boys cut the car down in too many places for me to be interested in it. Maybe in a couple of years when they iron out the problems but by them I'll have my S.

Timo | December 21, 2012

@smoothoperator, for standard mode charging that range is quite normal. Lowish but normal. EPA 265 mile range for Model S is with range mode. 300 mile "ideal" is with constant 55mph in ideal conditions.

Model S range depends greatly about how you drive it, over 400miles is possible, but also less than 200 is possible (even in range mode).

If you get poor range just slow down. Speed is what kills the range in BEV. You would see it in ICE car too if they wouldn't have so crappy efficiency at slow speeds and city traffic.

Mark K | December 21, 2012

smop - I still don't get it.

You extolled the virtues of the Fisker, but you bought the Tesla.

If the Fisker is the better car, why do you own a Tesla, but not a Fisker?

With your stable of Ferraris and Lamborghinis you could own both a Fisker and an S, but you passed on the Fisker.


The Fisker shipped before the S, and you had a chance to test drive the S before closing the deal. Why did you go through with it if the S compares unfavorably?

TM did ship more cars in two months than Fisker has sold in 2 years. That seems to say something a out what most people think.

Here's a bet for you: which company is more likely to disappear, Tesla or Fisker?

The market seems to have called that one already, and I'm not inclined to put money on Fisker.

We all have our personal preferences, and that's cool. But what you are saying seems out of synch with what you are doing. That's the part I don't understand.

SMOP | December 21, 2012

Mark K

Thank you for your questions it would be my pleasure to explain my situation.

2010: Purchased first Roadster and was told that Tesla would give us a 10k discount on the Model S Sig if we put a deposit down on that car. We did a bit of research and found that we liked the Model S in its 2009 iteration (the one shown at Space X) The interior we beautiful (very Karma like with nice padding/materials and luxurious appointments), touch screen IC and a bunch of other higher end appointments that we definitely liked. At this point it was not even on our radar to purchase the Model S. We were looking at buying the Fisker Karma, but with the 10k discount it made sense to go for the Model S.

2011: Purchased two more Tesla Roadsters, enjoy these cars more than I thought.

2012: We got our first hand look at the Model S and it was way different than what we thought. By the time we got to look at the Model S "in the flesh" our deposit had already gone "non-refundable" i.e. you lose 10k if you ask for a refund. We thought the materials looked cheap and the touch screen implementation looked nothing like what was shown in 2009. We were able to drive the car without limit (friend of ours works at Tesla) and found that the handling was not as crisp as the Karma. In fact the Model S we drove and our current Model S feel quite unstable.

Today: So now we have the Model S (which can only get better). We are not upset with the decision but it just sort of turned out this way.

The Model S is a less expensive car than the Fisker and more practical (from a usability standpoint). The Karma is more akin to an exotic "halo" car where as the Model S is not of this stature (that was the Roadster). I hope Fisker survives, I think Tesla Motors is on the right path. Hopefully demand stays hot for the Model S. Let me know if you have any questions or comments and I can break down our situation further.

bigez1 | December 21, 2012

S Mop

OK, now I get it. Initially, I couldn't understand your overly (and in my opinion) unfounded harsh criticism of the Model S. Again, I've owned several BMWs (including one while living in Spain) so I also know a thing or two about handling dynamics and performance driving.

I've also driven the Model S and to me, it handled phenomenally. Besides you and lolachampca, I have yet to find anyone or any publication (which did an actual review) describing the Model S handling as "unstable" or "sloppy". Sure, they pointed to areas needing improvement but nothing close to your assessment. But that's beside the point. Again, to each his own... However, to me it is clear your disappointment over what you consider a lack of/sub-standard luxury features in the final product combined with a non-refundable 10K (which forced you into this purchase) clearly caused you some resentment towards Tesla which appears to have tainted your judgement of the Model S in other areas.

My advise - sell the Tesla (you'd probably make money) and purchase the car you really want - the Fisker. Although I strongly feel the Fisker is too slow, poorly engineered/constructed (plus it uses gas) and looks too much like a cartoon for my taste, it certainly looks fast and the cramped interior is appealing.

SMOP | December 21, 2012


There are several people who have commented on the handling of the Model S and its unstable characteristics. Doug, AnOutsider and some others from the other boards have also commented on this. They think it is probably due to the air suspension design.

I am very familiar with TM and their cars, hopefully the next iteration offers more creature comforts and higher quality materials. I do not want to deal with the hassle of selling the car and possibly losing my rebates and all that stuff. If you want to make me an offer on the car I would be happy to listen. I keep hearing about me making money on the car but no one is opening up their purse strings to make an offer.

bigez1 | December 21, 2012

S mop

Never heard of Doug, AnOutsider but I stand by my statement that credible reviews don't share your view, including Monster Tajima. (FYI -Tajima has racked up nine wins at the Pikes Peak Hill Climb, including six consecutive victories earned from 2006 through 2011.
He was also the first man to break the 10:00 barrier for the run in 2011.)

Clearly you want to part with yours. May I suggest Ebay or Autotrader. As for me, my delivery is scheduled for Feb 2013.


SMOP | December 21, 2012


I just read your link and it looks like Mr Tajima is looking for a sponsorship from Tesla (at least that was alluded to several times in the article?)

I am not interested in wasting my time with tire kickers. People on this board make it sound so easy to make money off selling a Model S (like it is a brick of gold). The fanaticism is unreal! Bottom line: The Model S is a good sedan for what it is but there is a lot of room for improvement. Every single magazine I have read shows that the Fisker Karma pulls better skidpad numbers than the Model S. This is pretty odd since the Model S is lighter and does not have an ICE motor up front?

Bottom line: The Model S is a good sedan for what it is but there is a lot of room for improvement. The Karma has better creature comforts, handles better, better finish, and has exotic looks (love it or hate it). Even Franz himself said that he wishes he would have had more leeway with the Model S (cd wise) to make it more interesting looking.

bigez1 | December 21, 2012

S mop

I actually agree with you the Model S has room for improvement. Every car does. It is your overall assessment I disagree with. However, there is no denying your opinion(s) is not widely shared anywhere. And if you tally the reported negatives vs positives for the Model S vs the Fisker, without a doubt the Model S is clearly rated overall superior, period. Perfect no, but when you can only reference slightly better skidpad numbers as the one and only concrete performance advantage, that in itself speaks volumes. Lastly, for the amount of $ spent on the Model S, if I felt as you do I'd definitely at least attempt to sell it and purchase what I truly want versus wasting time criticizing it here..

Electron | December 21, 2012

@smop I don't understand the skidpad argument. The Fisker pulls around 0.87g in all the tests I've seen, while the model S pulls anywhere from 0.86g to 0.89g depending on who's doing the testing.
I wouldn't call .01g a significant difference (and that's taking the worst model S skidpad number).

SMOP | December 21, 2012


I have 600k worth of Tesla automobiles selling my 120k Model S is pretty far down on the TODO list. The whole purpose of a message board is to discuss, that is exactly what I am doing here. From what I gather you are not an EV owner yet? It is easy to look at the pros and cons on paper and write about them here. I have been driving EV's everyday for the past 2+ years. I know exactly what the Model S is and is not. It is difficult for me to explain this to you at this point (since you are not an EV/Tesla owner?). It would be my pleasure to debate the merits of the Model S vs Karma once you actually receive your Model S and have been able to spend some time with it. This in my opinion would make a better conversation than these on paper "wins" that you point to.

SMOP | December 21, 2012


On page 3 I referenced this Road & Track link:

It shows the Karma as .91g on the skidpad. What I am sort of confused about is the fact that for the past 3 years we have heard Tesla talk about how the handling is superior due to the COG being located a few inches from the ground. How is it that the Karma (weighs 800lbs more than the Model S) handles better or even (comparably) to the Model S? The Karma has an ICE motor and EV Motor yet it has pulled higher Skidpad numbers than the Model S has ever pulled?

tranhv68 | December 21, 2012


America's quickest sedan. Not America's quickest electric sedan. If you can show me a video with the Karma with a similar evaluation, please leave a link.

SMOP | December 21, 2012


Quickest=Best? Quickest=Better? Quickest=Quickest

We are talking about the whole body of work here. I thought me stating this twice in one of my previous responses would drive home the point about my feelings of the Model S.

Bottom line: The Model S is a good sedan for what it is but there is a lot of room for improvement.

So there is no non-sequitur confusion.

1. Powertrain on the Model S is awesome (- some odd noises)! I have stated several times that it seems as if Tesla spent all of their budget on the powertrain and not enough on the other parts of the car (i.e. interior). No one is debating the fact that the Model S is a quick car. What I am simply and openly stating is that there is a lot of room for improvement. It seems like the major consensus on this board is that the Model S is perfect in every way. As an owner I do not feel that is true. Lets compare apples to apples, not interior vs powertrain etc that really is quite ridiculous? The Fisker does 0-60 in 5.9 seconds the Model S in low 4's? On a road trip its cool to be able to accelerate quickly to 60 but I spend most of my time driving constant highway speeds. The quality of the interior and the surfaces that come in contact with my body are important; especially at this price point.

Little OT but I find it hilarious that many on this board are forsaking my opinion because it goes against the grain.

jjaeger | December 21, 2012

Hhmm SMOP - a $10K delta vs. a lack of sub-standard luxury features and piss poor handling. Bad choice for you for a few $'s I guess. My trade-offs exceeded all expectations. Suggest that leaves me as a lucky one...

SMOP | December 21, 2012


What car did you come from out of curiosity? The handling is not "piss poor" (in my opinion) it is just not as good as I expected. I would be curious to see how the coil suspension version of the Model S handles.

bigez1 | December 21, 2012

S mop

Please explain why having "600k worth of Tesla automobiles" makes selling your 120k Model S pretty far down on the TODO list? Doesn't make sense to me.... If you are unsatisfied with your purchase simply get rid of it - problem solved. That to me would make a better statement than complaining about it here, wouldn't it?

And another thing, for the life of me I cannot understand why Fisker picked the unrefined and noisy GM Ecotec for their "supercar". Can anyone imagine another manufacturer making such a boneheaded decision? BTW, MotorTrend stated Fisker's 0-60 time as 5.9 seconds in sport mode ACCORDING TO Fisker. Official results has Fisker's 0-60 in 6.3 to 6.5 sport mode and 7.9 in "stealth" mode (whatever that is). Here's more of what MotorTrend stated about Fisker's ICE: "When you ask for a burst of acceleration it needs to work harder and rev higher, and a harsh engine note penetrates the cabin, sounding less than premium." Sorry, the Fisker is a pig.

Again, the Fisker is mediocre - period. If you value style over substance, this vehicle is for you.