My New 2015 model S 85D, should I be worried about mileage??

My New 2015 model S 85D, should I be worried about mileage??

I bought the car directly from Tesla and Love it. When I charge to 85% it says I should get 227 miles. I came pretty close the first time, maybe 223 miles. My latest got me 207 miles - 177 actual and 30 left. Should I be concerned? I'm not driving it crazy, pretty slowly actually. How do I lose 20 miles???

Thanks in advance.

Scorpyo | January 11, 2019

How cold is it where you leave?

I noticed my 90D had a 252 miles range at 90% when I first got it, then the weather got cold and I got 240 miles range, now in my garage I get 246. Waiting to see what I’ll get once spring and summer come. Driving in cold temperatures also drains the battery much faster so I don’t reach that range as I keep the car toasty.

Scorpyo | January 11, 2019

I meant where you live.

Starsky3 | January 11, 2019

I live in LA. It's been cold for LA (50ish degrees) but I can't imagine that would impact miles.

eggbert747 | January 11, 2019

I'm sure the 85% number is too high at 227 or even 223. I think 85% on that car, 3 years old would charge to the max at about 257-260 maybe. More realistically 85% would be about 220. That number will change somewhat each time you charge, but may average about 220.

murphyS90D | January 12, 2019

A temperature below 70 degrees will have an effect on a LiIon battery. At 50 degrees I would expect to see the orange limits on the regeneration display until the battery warms up.

AERODYNE | January 12, 2019

I have the same year and model. Regen limited at 60 deg and below. Consider a few charge cycles fron 25% to 95%, then drive a test run say of 30%.

I suggest Tesalfi if you want to obsess over the battery..

Muzzman1 | January 12, 2019

I too have a 85D 57k miles. I get 221 at 85%. You need to focus on wh/mi. Anything above 280 will get you less than epa mileage.
Many things can contribute to a higher number. Just to name a few: Wheel size, hvac setting, outside temp (Im in LA too), tire pressure, speed on hwy, stop n go etc.

xdms | January 12, 2019

Others have said the correct answers already. I too just picked up a 2015 S85 2 months ago (Nov 2018). 3,688 miles later (23k miles total) 85% is about 220-221. I live in LA as well.

Here is a tip to avoid future problems with this that I have learned in this (and TMC) forum: Go to your car settings and change the display settings from Miles remaining to battery % remaining. It solves 99.9% of range anxiety!

Starsky3 | January 12, 2019

Thanks for the replies. I just downloaded the tesla Stats app and will change the display to % just so I stop obsessing. I'm getting over 300 wh/mi in stop and go traffic which is what I'm usually in and low 200's when it's open. That must be a big contributor.