My new Model 3 and Solar Panels have made yard work much more time consuming...

My new Model 3 and Solar Panels have made yard work much more time consuming...

All of my neighbors come outside and want to ask loads of questions about my transition to sustainable transport, and I get to point and say "Check out the sweet roof!" instead of actually doing yard work.


Kathy Applebaum | May 21, 2018


Give each of them a rake. Problem solved. ;-)

CharleyBC | May 21, 2018

Can't wait (but have to) for the same "problem". Our solar went live 1 March. The system is oversized to allow for charging our Model 3, whenever it arrives. So in the meantime we're selling SMUD our excess electricity...

Wimpy ti | May 21, 2018

@Kathy I can’t believe I didn’t think of that!

@Charley you certainly did it right, I wish I had gone bigger on the solar. I’m only at around 60% of total usage, but still better than none.

idoggmd | May 21, 2018

You can always add additional panels later after you see how much you are using. I would wait a year to get accurate estimate.

sroh | May 21, 2018

It's great, isn't it?

Our solar system went live in November; we also over-sized in anticipation. We have one Model 3 in the garage, another one coming (hopefully by end of year). We are currently over-producing by a fair amount. We'll see what the summer brings and what happens with a second EV. But for now, the costs are sunk and our EV fuel is 'free'. We love it!

Mike83 | May 21, 2018

If you drive 1000 miles/month and you use 250 kWh/mile you would need to produce 250 Wh/month for simplifying. That is about 8 kWh per day. This might work out to a 2.4 kW system for the M3. I would think a 6 to 8 kW system would be adequate for a home Don't forget on trips using the Supercharger Network reduces the amount you need so one could balance out your PV installation size.
I have to admit I admire this thread. It seems very smart people get Tesla Nice to have useful stuff to talk about.

CharleyBC | May 21, 2018

@Wimpy, in the past month, the only day we were a net buyer of electricity was when our son visited and charged is Model 3 by plugging into the spiffy new 240V outlet we had the solar guys install for the purpose.

CharleyBC | May 21, 2018

@Mike83, I did lots of similar math. Our system ended up at 7.92 kWp, right in your 6-8 range. We kept pushing our sales guy bigger.

ReD eXiLe ms us | May 21, 2018

I was saved from yard work today. First by 90° Fahrenheit weather, then by a torrential downpour and thunderstorm. Ah, the joy of living in a 'Semi-Tropical' environment.

Mike83 | May 21, 2018

@CharleyBC Cool. My numbers seem to correlate with your system. We will add more panels since we got our second Tesla but have decided to do a Solar Roof over our south facing deck and put in 1 or 2 Powerwalls. Thus we will have emergency backup as well as extra electrons for our Tesla. I have a lot of fun doing this stuff and I love saving money.

eandmjep | May 21, 2018

Lots of comments that the M3 are Attention Magnets. I just hope they are not Permanent Magnets. get it :0

belleWAM3 | May 21, 2018

pictures pls :)

nwfan | May 22, 2018

I have a solar system and battery. Charge 2 Tesla's.
My system is oversize as well. Wish I had room for more panels.
I have a shading problem due to trees. So my 11kw system under
produces. I went with Enphase microinverters to attempt recover some of the
loss energy. On sunny days producing 53kw. Should be producing 80 to 90.
I have given my trees a trim which helped.
On a positive note. The battery does make a difference. So far I've been
banking 500 kw a month. Hoping for a wet and mild summer in North TX.