My Tesla - a whole new opportunity for pranks

My Tesla - a whole new opportunity for pranks

I currently have a black loaner while my pearl-white MS60 is being serviced - a perfect opportunity to pull the wool over my friends' heads.
I run a sports club in Los Angeles, and when I came in yesterday, I casually mentioned that I had for the first time activated the ECS feature, the Electrostatic Color Swap. After a couple of seconds of consternation and looks out the window, beholding the black Model S, there were all kinds of reactions: "What the hell!!?" "I've never heard of such a thing" "How does that even work!!" - but not one called "B.S.".
To lend further credibility to my story, I added some details: That I didn't really understand the whole process - some electrostatically activated nanotechnology in the paint - and then I took away a little from its grandiosity by saying that "it works only within very limited parameters, two colors only, and you have to pick them when you first get the paint job. But it looks pretty good, doesn't it?"
Most of these guys are pretty tech-savvy, but I had them all going for a good three, four minutes. When I finally came clean and had received sufficient punches on my shoulder, the general consensus was: They would never have bought it in any other context, but in this case, "Well, it *could* have been true. It's a Tesla after all."

thranx | September 15, 2013

You mean you have the beta test version with electrosensitive paint, where when a small current is passed through the paint, it slightly alters the molecular structure, thus causing the paint to change color.

That's the Tesla model C..."C" for "chameleon".

cfOH | September 15, 2013

That's fun. :-)

Neech | September 15, 2013

Maybe some tech-savvy Model S owner can make this happen.

DavidN | September 15, 2013

My favorite trick is to talk about the horsepower and the torque, and then ask people if they want to "see what's under the hood." They eagerly crowd around, and then break up laughing when I open the lid to the totally empty frunk.

I've thought of escalating the tomfoolery by going to the local pet store and purchasing a hamster wheel, complete with hamster to go in the frunk. Imagine people's reaction when they see this "under the hood."

negarholger | September 15, 2013

@diegoPasadena - but that is an option in the menu. Every morning I pick my favorite color of the day - today I was grey, tomorrow I think I will be blue. The only color I can not pick is signature red... that is special.

NomoDinos | September 15, 2013

DiegoPasadena - oh, that's a really good one. The best thing is that Tesla has already accomplished so many unbelievable things that people wouldn't doubt what you said.

Come to think of it, I remember reading about some research into doing something like this with changes in electrical current to change colors, like with chromatophores on octopi or cuttlefish (maybe Brian H or someone else knows more on this). I think primarily for military camouflage and such. So... yeah, maybe you just came up with tesla's next big announcement :)

inverts | September 15, 2013

There was a TV show once (CSI Miami?, Dexter?; don't remember), but it had a car that looked from one angle red from another angle blue, so witness statements were all over the place, then turned out it was some special paint. Not sure whether this was also CGI or actually true. Anybody any info on that?

SamO | September 15, 2013
cerjor | September 15, 2013

I walked up to my car with two couples. The door handles slid open automatically. "How did that happen?" I replied simply that the car had been programmed to sense my body odorous. No one objected or questioned me.

Alex K | September 15, 2013

@ inverts | SEPTEMBER 15, 2013: then turned out it was some special paint. Not sure whether this was also CGI or actually true. Anybody any info on that?

It's called color shifting paint (

Brian H | September 16, 2013

odors. Those are odorous smells. An odorous body is generally a social disadvantage.

As for colo(u)r:

J.T. | September 16, 2013

Brian A body that owns a Tesla is never at a social disadvantage. Cleanliness might be next to godliness, but Tesla ownership is a strong third. :-)

alcassfast | September 16, 2013

As long as the, "O", stays with the, "B", everything is okay.

NomoDinos | September 16, 2013

Brian - Haha! Great video. Love the little touches ("Flora Polis" as an anagram for April Fools)