My thoughts after first week

My thoughts after first week

I have a performance 85kw non-sig black:


-So much torque, car/wheels/tires not really built for it. Wheels will break out on you, even in straight away sometimes so you have to be careful. Wider tires might be something to look into.

-FM reception is weak for me as well. I also get an echo sometimes while listening to the radio.

-I have a booster seat in back (at least until the rear facing seats show up) and fastening the seat belt around the booster is tough.

-3G map loading can be laggy. Hopefully they can start caching that map data now that Google allows.

-I wish wireless was working so I could just tether my 4G/LTE phone to the car and have much faster internet.

-I also wish the car went to high suspension when driving under 5 MPH to make sure you don't hit curbs when parking, I have not yet, but its been really close.

-The big screen can be really bright at night, I have it down to like 8% I think now in night mode.

-No cup holders in the back is a pain. 2 cup holders just stuck on the other side of the small middle console for the people in the rear would be perfect. 3 kids so the console in the seat idea won't work for me.

Great things:
-Put on 19" with snow tires, it drove great through our first real snow in Colorado this year. About 4" and no problems at all. BTW, I can't tell any difference in ride quality from 21" to 19".

-Service center and delivery specialist were awesome to deal with

-Car is SO FAST! :)

-Love the big screen for controls, never had any issues not having tactile controls as I use the wheel controls for what I need there.

-Nav is great, best I have ever used in a car. I love how it fills out the address usually for me after just typing a small amount.

-Always being full every morning when I get in the car is awesome.

-Most common term I hear when giving test-drives/rides to friends is that this car is "the future" and I agree.

-Big opening in the center is perfect for my wife's purse or my backpack. Really glad nothing is in that space. Its more useful than I realized it would be never having that as an option before with the transmission always being there.

-Getting in the car to an update with a ton of new features is just incredible. To think a car company wants to keep improving my car even after I have paid them is so great.

-I think Tesla succeeded in their goal of making the greatest car in the world. There is no other car I would rather have for any amount of money. Love this car!

weeandthewads | December 21, 2012

I have had my P85 White since last Friday and it is great. Everything you say I agree but can live with it. One item that that has to have been a complete over sight. No coat hook over the rear doors. No place to hang my suite coat while driving. My 1972 Ford Pinto had them. Da?

JThompson | December 21, 2012

Thanks both of you for this thread!

chort67 | December 21, 2012

Scorch thanks for the update. I'm in Denver and have had my Sig Performance since 11/30. Did not get the 19 in wheels as I prefer the look of the 21. I did take it out a couple of weeks ago and it did not do very well at all. I do have a 4x4 to use when I know it's bad out, but worry a little about getting stuck out with an unpredicted or early snowstorm. I also hate to drive the truck now :).

Sudre_ | December 21, 2012

You mentioned slow map loads? Did you not get the Tech package which has the maps on board?

lolachampcar | December 21, 2012

I've not seen Elon in a jacket all that much. I wonder if that has something to do with the lack of hooks.

shs | December 21, 2012

Lack of hooks is I think a byproduct of like of handholds that seem to be against the Tesla religion. I have been trying to train myself when a passenger in our current car not to hang on to the handholds in preparation to receiving our MS. Unfortunately during our recent test drive I found myself often clawing at the roof-liner about the passenger door, but to no avail. I guess it is one of those things I’ll get used to. Adjusting to not having a hook for hanging clothes will be even harder.

desiguy | December 21, 2012

Not having handholds is a pain .. during test drives my wife hated the car just because of that. Any one know if there are plans to add hand holds at the back. The car is too fast and for folks behind they need something to hold on to.

BTW I drove test drove performance and non-performance and found the performance too fast and not so comfortable for folks sitting in the back.

Aleksandyr | December 21, 2012

i agree wit what you have said as well. Why no hand holds?!?! I would also like the stereo to adjust the volume down when coming off the highway.

andex23 | December 21, 2012

Here are my additions after 700+miles in 5 days

nitpicks (they are all VERY minor):
1. Sometimes the sun reflects perfectly off the drivers side chrome mirror arm into my eyes.
2. Sometimes when getting into the cold car, I get a faint burning plastic smell with the heater on ove rthe frist 5-10 minutes of the drive. I am hoping it will go away over time, Tesla says it is a rear tire!
3. Rear driver side door latch is inoperable, tesla has another one on order.
4. The energy app randomly defaults to instant and 5 miles and I have to correct to my likes (average and 30).
5. windshield washer fluid low signal as an issue with V4.0
6. TPMS error keeps randomly popping up. they are looking into it.


EVERYTHING, this car is incredible. I have given 15-20 test rides, everyone is amazed.

Scorch | December 21, 2012

I did order the tech package. The nav in the display under the steering wheel is fine, its the google maps nav on the bigger display that is slow.

Also has something happen interesting today, my charge port keeps opening up and I realized magnet is coming un-glued from the panel and just opening up. I wonder if its the cold...


mferron | December 21, 2012

Fantastic car. I've had it for 6 days and love it more each day!

One niggle: the Bluetooth stopped working on day 4. Is this a known problem?

Josh | December 21, 2012

Got mine last saturday and have about 300 miles on it. Love the car - my only nitpicks are:

1) The UV glass kills my valentine 1. That is annoying. Now have to try to convince my service center to install an Escort Passport 9500ci - but is way more expensive and really not that much better than the trusty old school V1 and would rather have that than fancy UV glass... Should make that glass an option....

2) Sometimes get a hiss in the speakers (have the sound upgrade) at high volume.... On both XM and my iPhone - only happens sometimes though so maybe it goes away with updates.

3) Would have liked the registration / license plates to be ready at delivery. The 4 - 6 weeks on the temp registration and no plates seems like a lot and already got pulled over once by police and had to produce "the letter" from Tesla... It worked and the policeman was cool about it - but still is going to be a long 4 - 6 weeks if that keeps happening...

Everything else is great. Love driving it and lives up to / exceeds my day dreams as I waited for the car for the last how ever many years....

Josh | December 21, 2012

Oh yeah - the bluetooth sometimes drops my iPhone during the first call I get or make - but reconnects about 15 seconds later... Is weird and assume that will get fixed in updates and in the meantime I know it will likely happen so I just put call on iPhone speaker if it does drop and then it goes back automatically to bluetooth when the car finds it again.

But still my biggest grouch is the fact the UV glass kills my V1...

kjwcanary | December 21, 2012

@Scorch - I have exactly the same problem with the charge port. It wouldn't open for a while, and when I did get it to work I realized the magnet had come unglued form the hatch. Right now (after 1 week) that is my only major gripe with the car.

I have also noticed a faint burning smell when the heating first comes on, and the regen braking did not work one time, but restarted after I turned the car off and restarted.

As everyone else is saying, this is a truly amazing car and, by far, the best purchase decision I have ever made.

snowmass4 | December 22, 2012

The V-1 should work if located to the right of the rear view mirror. See my post over at TMC (username retinadoc). What I do not know is how the sensitivity is altered by the UV glass.