Navigation: distances correct?

Navigation: distances correct?

I typed some addresses into the nav app today and noticed that the range estimates vary from google maps estimates by about 10% (shorter) for a 200-240 mile trip. Anyone else experience this?

nickjhowe | December 5, 2012

Is this before or after you start routing? It has been reported elsewhere that the car comes up with an initial distance that can be quite a bit different that the actual distance it calculates once you start routing.

Brian H | December 5, 2012

That could really throw range arithmetic for a loop when figgering your trip.

HH | December 5, 2012

When you say "before routing", do you mean before I start driving the route it recommends? Then yes. When I put the address in it suggests a route and tells me how far it is to that destination. This distance is usually 10% less than what google maps says.

HH | December 5, 2012

Yeah that's the problem Brian H... If I hadn't double checked it I might be in trouble on range. Now I'm not sure when to trust it and when I should be double checking.

nickjhowe | December 6, 2012

@HH - I don't have my car yet so I'm only reporting what I've read. I'm told when you first put an address into the Nav it gives you an estimated range. Seems like it is the straight line distance or something. Once you say 'navigate' it then calculates the exact route and distance.

If you are seeing something else it sounds like a different issue.