Navigation without the Tech Package

Navigation without the Tech Package

I'm about to buy an MS but struggling to make a decision on the Tech Package. My primary interest is the navigation--the other features are nice to have. With the v5 updates to the firmware, it seems that it may be good enough navigation without Tech even though it doesn't have turn-by-turn directions. Does it seem likely that the google map capability on the touch screen will evolve such that the better Garmin features will be less important?

bevguy | March 28, 2015

I don't have the Nav feature either, relying on the adequate Google maps, and my Garmin Nuvi with maps at a far safer eye level.
i do feel a bit annoyed that it is standard now. But that is part of owning a Tesla,. Later cars are actually better, not just some cosmetic sheet metal changes. Today's cars do not have the wiring or enough sensors for the autopilot that will be standard in a couple of years. But a 2012 Tesla will still be better than a 2017 almost anything else. And it will drive as well as a later model.

Brian H | March 29, 2015

couldn't give... ?

Bighorn | March 29, 2015

I believe Range Assurance applies to all cars, NAV or not.

stevenmaifert | March 30, 2015

@Bighorn - We'll see, but I think you're right. I don't have NAV. The distance to the Superchargers or any location I put into the Google Map is always shown "as the crow flys" instead of driving distance, making the range to the next charger a little less assuring, as it will always be shown closer than it really is.