Need Car Wash Mode

Need Car Wash Mode

We need a "Car Wash" mode. It should do the following

1. Close windows
2. Turn off wipers if they are in Auto
3. Put the car in neutral

Today my Model 3 went into Park in the middle of the car wash because I had undone my seat belt to get wallet out to pay for the wash.

No damage to car but it took me 10 seconds to put the car back in neutral

I wonder if leaving it in Drive is a better option for car wash.

DanFoster1 | February 9, 2019

Car wash mode: seatbelt on; leave in ‘drive’; enjoy the ride :-)

Uncle Paul | February 10, 2019

It was not the undoing of the seatbelt that put the car in park, but when you lifted your butt off the seat to get your wallet.

Gotta stay firmly in the seat.

EVRider | February 11, 2019

Even if the car was in drive, I think unbuckling the seatbelt and lifting your butt would have shifted into park. Not sure what happens if you’re actually driving at the time, but I’m not planning to try it.

Yodrak. | February 11, 2019

Back in the day when there was no such thing as a school bus so we had to walk to school uphill both ways, the local car was was in our own driveway.

ed | February 14, 2019

Another alternative is to select the towing mode. This keeps the car in neutral, and parking brake OFF, even if you get out of your seat. To do this select Controls > Service > Towing. To exit this mode simply put it back into Drive.

DanFoster1 | February 16, 2019

From the Model S owners manual, page 51:

« Model S automatically shifts into Park whenever you connect a charge cable or if two or more of the following conditions are met simultaneously:

• The driver's seat belt is unbuckled.
• The occupancy sensor in the driver's seat does not detect an occupant.
• The driver's door is opened. »

Most important phase: “…if *two or more* of the following conditions are met simultaneously.”

As I said before, keep your seatbelt on and you won’t have any trouble in the car wash.

And to re-reiterate: ‘Park’ simply applies the small, electrically actuated parking brake calipers (the little ‘extra’ ones on the rear disks.) They are powerful enough to jar you to a stop when you’re moving slowly; they are not powerful enough to slow the car dramatically from speed. They can be used as an emergency brake in the extremely unlikely event of hydraulic brakes failure. You press and hold ‘Park.’ I’ve tested this at 65 mph—it’s no big deal.