need help electrical savvy

need help electrical savvy

would it be difficult to swap a nema 10/50 receptacle for a nema 14/50 receptacle
the nema 10/50 is hooked up to a 50 amp breaker

thanks in advance

Drdon220 | December 20, 2012

The NEMA 10-50 is a 3 prong plug (hot, hot, neutral) - three wires
The NEMA 14-50 is a 4 prong plug (hot, hot, neutral, ground) - 4 wires
Additional wires required.

skry | December 20, 2012

thanks drdon220

the electrician i hired screwed hope he comes back and corrects it. otherwise i'm going to have to get someone else to fix it there goes some more cash.

DouglasR | December 20, 2012

Yes. The 10-50 is a three wire receptacle, combining the ground and neutral as one.

The 14-50 is a four wire connection. Ground and neutral each has its own blade.

So you would need to rewire all the way back to the breaker. I'm not an electrician, but that's what it looks like to me.

nickjhowe | December 20, 2012

If you are slightly handy it is pretty easy. Assuming the electrician did it properly it is "10-50" so it should already be #8 or #6 wire to carry 50A, so no problem there. All you need to do is pull a ground wire, swap the outlet and connect the wires to the right terminals. Easy.

DouglasR | December 20, 2012

Also, couldn't the outlet be converted to NEMA 6-50, for which TM makes an adapter?

skry | December 20, 2012

thanks everyone this blog and tesla owners are good folk. wish i were more handy with this kinda stuff. took me 2 hr to change a light switch in my house. hope the guy i hired does the right thing and corrects it. getting my s on sat would be nice to get this done tomorrow.