Need Pictures of White with Silver Wheels or Gray Wheels

Need Pictures of White with Silver Wheels or Gray Wheels

Just ordered my Model S, in the 2 week grace period because I can't decide on the gray or silver wheels. Does anyone have some good pictures of their car (not stock pictures) that could help my decision? Tough one, need some good pic's to help me decide. Thanks!

GDH | September 20, 2013

yes, go to tesla motor club site and look at the model S sightings, i posted a pic of a white one with silver wheels a few days ago. | September 20, 2013

this web site. models/gallery there are several pics of white with silver rims

portia | September 20, 2013

you may want to join our facebook group
currently it has a photo of a white Model S as the group photo.

jcryer | September 21, 2013

Just picked up our new MS. I ordered the pearl white with gray wheels. I debated silver vs. gray as well. The gray really makes the car look exotic and distinctive. I am glad I picked the gray; I have not seen another one yet with gray wheels.

ddyas | September 21, 2013

Well then, your the perfect person to ask, can you post a few pictures of your car?

Reedmadd | September 21, 2013

I concur. I have pearl white with grey wheels and interior. Will try and post some pics here in a mo

ddyas | September 22, 2013

You guys are great, I appreciate you taking time to post the links, tough decision you have already made, I've got one week till she goes to production!!