NEMA 10-45 install (townhouse garage) requires some permit?

NEMA 10-45 install (townhouse garage) requires some permit?

I'm getting my MS soon.. and want to install NEMA 10-45 by an electrician..

One question I have is..
I live in a townhouse... Do I need to ask management firm if I can install this in my garage ?

Anybody has this kind of experiences?

SonomaDriver | May 17, 2013

The code requirements vary state to state. The permit requirements vary town to town. If you live within a complex that has a homeowner's association, they may have their own rules.

If you rent the townhouse, I'd ask them first. If you own it, I doubt you need anyone's permission to do a plug in a garage.

Call out an electrician (preferably two or three) and get bids. Ask them if permitting is required by the city/town you live in.

jimina | May 17, 2013

Thanks a lot SonomaDriver!

I owned it.. but as you suggested.. I need to find out if there is any restrictions since my HOA rule is quite strict.. (1 year ago.. no car should not be parked even on your driveway... now.. just one car is fine..^^;;)

Also.. appreciate your advice re. multiple quotes...

Shakespeare | May 18, 2013

Homeowners associations only have the right to advise you on exterior of your townhouse and property.
They have no permission to advise you on what type of furniture,light fixtures or other electrical connections you would install inside of your dwelling.

shop | May 18, 2013

What's a nema 10-45? Did you mean nema 14-50?

Brian H | May 18, 2013

It's got all the same digits.

jangwonl | May 18, 2013

Yap.. it is NEMA 14-50...

BTW, I found another site said that

"Permit required in CA"

Also, here

I found that...

"New legislation requires that HOAs grant a condo owner's request to install EV charging equipment."