New battery, lower rated range

New battery, lower rated range

I picked-up my new P85 in early September. I had it for 2 weeks and then got an error message stating that I should stop the car and pull off the road. Fortunately, it happened in my driveway. I called Tesla and they picked up the car. It turned out that the problem was a defective sensor in the battery. They replaced the entire battery pack with a "new" one. The rated range when I originally received the car in "daily driving" mode was 240 miles (273 maximum). When I got the car back it was 225 miles (249 maximum). It doesn't seem like a huge problem, but I paid for a new battery and it seems like I got a used one after mine failed. I made an appointment at the service center for next week to look at it. I'm wondering how aggressive other owners think I should be about demanding a new battery.

negarholger | October 11, 2013

I am not sure that it is a "used" battery, there are tolerances on a new battery. If the tolerances are +/-10% then your battery would be still in but at the low end. Keep us posted what the service centers response will be. By the way please let us know what service center you are going to.

MJF | October 11, 2013

San Diego service center

negarholger | October 11, 2013

I would send an independent email to ownership asking what the tolerances are on a new battery.
Replacement battery - what does that mean? Refurbished or new... I don't know but it should be in the warranty info. If not then again I would ask ownership about details.

MrB | October 11, 2013

240->225 mile range is what happened to me a a lot of other people when we went from firmware version 4.5 to 4.6. Due to changes in range calc and how much is charged by default for daily driving. Could it be the software in your car was upgraded to 4.6 or later at the same time you got a new battery?

Crow | October 11, 2013

What MrB said. It is the difference between a standard charge at 93% vs. 90%.

Captain_Zap | October 11, 2013

Touch the Tesla T on top center of your screen and it will show you which firmware version is installed on the car.

Tâm | October 11, 2013

Comparison of "Standard" rated miles are confusing.

You should compare maximum rated "range" charges.

Since EPA rates it as 265 miles, I would be satisfied with any numbers around that amount.

elguapo | October 12, 2013

Same experience as others, the firmware changes have lowered my rated miles over time - nothing crazy.

MJF | October 21, 2013

I took the car in for service in San Diego. They fully charged the battery and claimed the rated range is 261 miles. It was 255 miles on my Tesla App at the same time, not sure why the discrepancy. They could find no issues with the battery or software. There was no software update done when the battery was replaced. The Fremont engineers recommended waiting 2 weeks and checking the range again. Not sure how this will make a difference, but I can wait 2 weeks. In the mean time, I asked for the serial number and manufacture date of the battery. They are checking on it, but no response so far. Not sure what to do next except wait.

jchangyy | October 21, 2013

You sure it was not set to ideal range vs. rated range?

nimatoad | October 21, 2013

I'm in the exact same situation as MJF. Picked up my car in mid-September and was getting 234 Rated miles for a standard charge, and around 268 Rated miles (IIRC) for a range charge. After having my high voltage battery replaced, I'm only getting 222 miles for a standard charge, and 253 for a range charge. My car was on 5.0 before and after the batteries were replaced.

The service center had me do a range charge, and asked what the resulting Ideal range was (it was only 291, instead of the expected 300). Engineering reviewed logs, and "believe that there might be a slight imbalance in the battery cells. This can happen as the batteries are stored at no more than 30% state of charge due to shipping regulations."

I was told to perform multiple drive/charge cycles over the course of 2 weeks, and report back. If the range is not restored, they will take the car back in for diagnosis and battery replacement if necessary.

It has been over a week with the reduced range, and I've yet to see any improvement. I'm not optimistic.

yonak | October 22, 2013

Should your car show 300 on max range ? The best I've senn is 280.

Olof | October 22, 2013

I've seen 308 ideal miles on max range. Would be interesting to see what the highest and lowest numbers ever seen are

DonS | October 22, 2013

The is no way to really know the state of charge except to discharge the battery and measure the total power output, which is not that useful for car owners. Estimates are made based on the cell voltage and on the net power in/out of the battery. I would bet that slight errors in the current and voltage measurements have a bigger variance than the actual capacity difference between batteries.

Recall that the battery pack has >7000 cells, so this is a large sample that will average out a few extra good or marginal cells. The charge measurement system is probably a single point, or at most a few points. Error tolerances in the charge measurement system will be readily visible as 10s of miles in the rated range.

frekri | October 22, 2013

Maybe replacement batteries are those they get from totaled Teslas? :)

sergiyz | October 22, 2013

I'm pretty sure they've just upgraded your firmware.
They've switched from charging to 92% on standard charge to 90%, so the range went down from 240 to 227 or so.

MJF | October 23, 2013


What service center are you using? I might ask San Diego to call them and compare notes. They just told me to wait two weeks but nothing about charging/discharging. I only let the battery go to about 130 miles before recharging, so it won't be fully discharged.

nimatoad | October 23, 2013

Burlingame service center for me. They have been fantastic, by the way.

I'm in the midst of a road trip, and got my battery down to 20 miles Rated range at one point today (in between Superchargers). I'm now charging at one of my destinations, and at one point my projected Rated range (based on the charge rate x time to complete + existing range) hit 265 and change. I was thrilled, but it was short lived. When I checked again later (and now), the projected range works out to 253. Quite odd.

Boll123 | October 24, 2013

I am on 5.0 and seeing 255 to 256 on Range Charge. My car has 18k miles, so I am unsure if this discrepancy is due to the software updates or mileage on the car.

blingfocus | November 15, 2013

On Tuesday I had the 3 errors pop up on my Model S:
1) Pull Over Safely
2) Car my not restart
3) 12V Battery has low charge

This while driving my normal morning commute on the 680. I had to pull over onto the shoulder since I had no power when I pressed the gas pedal, I was driving at 45mph at the time. Indeed the car did not restart and I continuted to get the above alerts as well as the rated range on the vehicle going from "Charge Now" to random range readouts every 3-4 seconds.

I called Tesla Roadside Assistance and eventually had the vehicle towed to the Tesla Factory in Fremont. Not fun at all, since I had my wife and baby with me at the time... and Tesla was out of loaners, we had to go with Enterprise (paid for of course by Tesla).

I'd say I've had the car for about 2.5 months now and I had just surpassed 8,000 miles when the errors occured.

The Service department was stellar and sympathetic. Ultimately we got the car back yesterday morning (Thursday) with the report that they replaced both the 12V battery and high voltage battery.

I did notice after charging to the usual 90% or maximum daily commute recommended charge, I only got to 225ish miles rather than the ideal 235 which I got when the car was new.

They did update my software/firmware to 5.6 though, so I'm not sure if that had something to do with it... anyways just wanted to share my experience and I'll be monitoring the ranges over the next couple weeks to see if I can get back to normal.

Captain_Zap | November 15, 2013

Check your update notes to see if it says anything about changing how the rated range is calculated.

Touch the Tesla "T" on the big screen and then touch "Release Notes".

jat | November 15, 2013

When I first got mine, I was able to get 271, but pretty quickly a max range charge got ~265mi. Personally, I wouldn't complain as long as you get 265 rated miles on a max-range charge with it.