New Charger at the Ahwahnee in Yosemite Valley

New Charger at the Ahwahnee in Yosemite Valley

There is now a new EV charging station at the Ahwahnee in Yosemite Valley that will accommodate two cars, as well as the charger in Yosemite Village. The new chargers at the Ahwahnee were supplied by Tesla and installed by the Delaware North Corporation (DNC), the current Park concessionaire. All parking in the National Park is public so the chargers at the Ahwahnee are for use by all EVs, not just hotel guests.

The National Park Service requirement was that this station should be able to charge all electric vehicles and not be brand specific, and that there be no obvious brand advertising. To this end Tesla supplied a HPWC and a Clipper Creek J1772 for this facility and DNC installed those chargers on simple wood post in the back row of the parking lot to the right of the porte cochere as you approach the Ahwahnee.

I tested these chargers today and the HPWC charged our MS at 80 amps, and the J1772 at 15 amps. I understand that this was probably all the power that was available for this purpose at that site. I also tested the J1772 by the Village Store and it charged at 32 amps.

DNC is in the process of establishing a protocol for charging and moving cars when they are adequately charged to accommodate those waiting and this may well involve the using the bellman and/or Valet Parking personnel. Let's just say that the Valets learned how charge a Tesla today!

DNC, is also planning to install one or more similar stations at the Yosemite Lodge, but i am not at all sure of the timeframe. Since the parking at the Yosemite Lodge/Yosemite Falls area is so crazy in the summertime, there is a concern that those spaces might go unused. If the spots at the Ahwahnee are used, that might reassure them of the demand more EV charging.

I think that it is significant that Tesla was willing to supply charging equipment for non-Tesla vehicles and that they did not insist on any obvious Tesla signage. Hopefully something similar will happen in other National Parks.

Start planning your trips to Yosemite. BTW, today was a beautiful day at Yosemite. No crowds. Excellent lunch at the Ahwahnee. The only thing that would have made the day better would have been rain!

Red Sage ca us | January 30, 2015

Excellent! I really hope that such destinations have charging in the future. National parks, museums, libraries, stadiums, schools...

NKYTA | January 30, 2015

Awesome! Great news, thanks for sharing!

nosken | January 30, 2015

Great news. When I get my P85D in March, this will be one of my first trips from Sacramento. Thanks!

Tâm | January 30, 2015


Thanks for the welcome news and the beautiful picture.

dortor | January 31, 2015

thank for this very very informative posting.

james | January 31, 2015

Ah, the Ahwahnee.

We stopped at this hotel on our honeymoon Christmas 2003.

A very,very nice hotel. One of the best.

Now I have a Model S, I have a double excuse to go back.

Can I hire one in San Francisco? My MS is at home with me in the UK.

EVino | January 31, 2015

Coincidentally I have the same Clipper Creek at home plus the HPWC. Robust pieces of eqpt but not waterproof. Why don't they have some kind of cover or overhang? Being exposed like that...

TeoTeslaFan | January 31, 2015

Looks like those chargers are not on plugshare yet. Somebody might want to add them there.

Ahwahnee Hotel

AmpedRealtor | January 31, 2015

@ FinGas,

I believe the HPWC is rated for outdoor installation.

Tâm | January 31, 2015


As @AmpedRealtor said, HPWC can take harsh weather including rain any time.

However, Clipper Creek, just like "fool cells" cars, is there as a "compliance" strategy :) In this case, it does fulfill that this charging station should be able to charge all electric vehicles and not be brand specific.

ChopinBlues | January 31, 2015

As soon as Manteca is up, I'm on my way!

AmpedRealtor | January 31, 2015

I think it's funny that the Tesla HPWC goes to 80A and the Clipper Creek "for compliance purposes" charger only goes to 15A... clearly this charging station is meant to primarily charge Teslas.

shs | January 31, 2015

I think that part of the issue is that doing this kind of work in a National Park is neither quick nor easy. DNC mentioned that digging a new trench was not really practical, I suspect because of the necessary environmental review and permits. So they put the charger were there was an existing electrical run and used the available amperage as described above. They also indicated that their was likely much more power available at the Yosemite Lodge and since that whole parking structure is being redone as part of the Merced River Plan and the NPS is also trying to incorporate EV charging into their transportation plan, it should be easier to get more chargers into that area. We will see.

One more note, when we got there yesterday there were employee cars parked in the charging spots as no one knew the chargers were live. By the time we left the Valets were putting cones out…. But If you want to charge at the Ahwahnee, do check in the the bellman.

The waterfalls are falling, the sun is shining - come on up to Yosemite.

centralvalley | January 31, 2015

This is terrific news! We are taking my mom to The Ahwahnee for lunch on Tuesday to celebrate her 95th birthday.

While I am sure we could make the round trip without charging, this will relieve even her nonagenarian anxiety!

If the HPWC is not on PlugShare when we arrive Tuesday, I will add it.

Chunky Jr. | January 31, 2015

I love The Ahwahnee - what a great hotel and such an amazing location. Short hike to base of Half Dome, Mirror Lake, and great views of Yosemite Falls.

Some people may not be familiar with The Ahwahnee, but have been to the Grand California Hotel at Disneyland. The Awhahnee was the inspiration for the design of the GCH.

sorka95032 | February 28, 2015

I live 85 miles from that charger in Merced, so would be able to make it there and back in one charge but it would be nice to be able to charge there just in case.

MountainVoyageur | February 28, 2015

Sounds great! I wonder what the etiquette and/or rules will be for using such a charger. Charging may take several hours, so the user may well want to go off for an all-day hike or a backpack while the vehicle is charging. I hope such use will be possible without the vehicle tying up the charger after its charging has completed.

sorka95032 | March 2, 2015

I was there this weekend and went by to find it. It's exactly where plugshare says it is. There were two parking spots with cones. One marked Tesla and the other for EV. Both were empty.

DannyM | March 2, 2015

I went up to Yosemite a couple of years ago and chanced it that I could use the sole charger in Yosemite (I could since it was an off-season weekday). I stayed at the Ahwahnee and asked them about adding a charger. I then contacted Tesla and gave them the name of the Ahwahnee person to contact. I'm glad to see that it all finally worked out. I also hooked Tesla up with the folks at the Groveland Hotel (before the entrance to Yosemite) and they now have a Tesla charger as well.

What folks may not realize is that Tesla wants you to make suggestions about where to put HPWCs. I believe they supply them for free to appropriate hotels, etc. They followed up on my three suggestions (I also suggested Disneyland's Grand California Hotel) and 2 of them are in place now (I'm not sure of the status of the Grand Californian).

Make your own suggestions!

Brian H | March 3, 2015

The only other cars which would use the CCrk are PHEVs at this point, I guess. A few local Leafs might make it, but pretty much only Teslas can get there and would make serious use of the installation.

EVino | March 3, 2015

Is there a Tesla email address or contact you can provide for forwarding the charger suggestions?

EVino | March 3, 2015

Bumping for keyword search and Google indexing.

Keywords: Yosemite, Ahwahnee Hotel, The Ahwahnee, Yosemite Village, Groveland, Groveland Hotel, Grand California Hotel

EVino Veritas

DannyM | March 8, 2015


Dan Myggen
Program Manager, Charging Infrastructure
dmyggen at teslamotors com

If you are going to recommend a particular establishment, it will help Tesla if you provide a name and contact info for someone that can help get the charger approved.

equake | September 9, 2015

The Ahwanee is not working. It shows only 40 Amps and when I returned in 2 hours there was less charge tan I began with. Says cable fault and would go red, green, red. The 15 amps works but seriously...

liner5 | December 26, 2015

Thank you for this update!! Does anyone know if the charger is back in operation? I'm planning a trip out there in 2 days in my S, and need to make sure I can get back home!! (Not thrilled to be putting chains on the car, but if anyone has other suggestions around this, please share). THANK YOU!

rxlawdude | December 26, 2015

@liner - If you have a "D" version, 19' wheels and all-weather tires, you won't need to put chains on. You must, however, carry them. If I had some chains sitting around from previous cars, carrying them would be fine.

According to the CHP and Caltrans, R1 and R2 conditions should allow an all-wheel drive vehicle with tires marked M&S (mud and snow) to pass control points without putting chains on. But you want to have them to show at the control point. R3 conditions (all vehicles must use chains, no exceptions) generally result in a complete road closure, so chains are essentially a moot point.

rxlawdude | December 26, 2015

Er, 19" wheels. 19' wheels would be a very large Tesla, indeed. :-)

TaoJones | December 26, 2015

Terex Tesla? Heh.

Thanks for the clarification - if I cave and get sucked into taking I-40 in an effort to get to South Carolina one way or the other before late Spring (since I-10 as a viable solution is still 1-2 years away at this rate), it's nice to know a) that there's a fighting chance, and b) about the reminder re having to have chains - I'd forgotten about those signs when last in, for example, Colorado on I-70.

I was *not* impressed with the handling in an RWD 85 in 2" or less of snow in October. Fine up hills - not so fine insofar as lateral traction was concerned; drifted right through a flat intersection turning left at about 5 mph. I should know better, given the nature of "all season" radials. My assumption being that the 19" OEM Michelins are M+S. If not, then, well, never mind (Emily Latella voice).

Am grudgingly acknowledging that the loss of frunk space will probably be worth it for AWD. Grudgingly.

leemorse | May 17, 2016

Just returned from a 4 day trip to Yosemite Valley in my P85D with my wife and 2 of my young kids 5 & 3. Bay Area to the Valley was ~180 miles each way. I fully charged in Manteca and made it to the Valley with ~80 mi range remaining (70-80 degrees) going 80mph on highway/65-70mph on most of rte 120. Kids were in rear facing seats. Have a 10" cool fan back there and also put AC on Lo with full vents. Closed front vents so rear seat vent pointed toward ceiling and was on full blast. During the 4 days only did one trip to Glacier point (Tioga closed). To go up to Glacier Point is only ~30mi but took ~60 miles range since elevation gain is 4000' (valley) to 7000'. Coming down was all regen so used only ~ 5-10mi range. Charged 3 times while I was there. Day 1 at Tesla HPWC at Ahwahnee (Majestic) for a few hours. It's an 80 amp charger but I don't have duel charger so charged at 40amps (~28mi/hr). Charged to mid-range. Day 2 - charged at Village store (J1772). 32 amps so charged at 19 mi/hr. The night before leaving I charged fully at the village store overnight. Yosemite Lodge where we stayed has a wall outlet but didn't use since the Ahwahnee and Village store Chargers were always surprisingly open. Plus the little maintenance electric vehicles were always plugged in. Going home I did not stop to charge. I didn't mind my speed at all, had air conditioning on and still had 70mi of range when I got home. Given the elevation decrease of 4000 ft you get great range. Had my car set to Insane mode all the time and did not have it set to range mode. So with Manteca Supercharger for trip to Yosemite from Bay Area, trip was a breeze with no anxiety. I did see a lot of Teslas in the Valley so I may have become a little anxious if I couldn't have fiound an open charger the night before I left, although you need very little range to get back to Manteca (climbing out of Valley you eat up range but then use very little once on the downhill.) Could also charge at HPWC in Groveland. So Yosemite is awesome in a Tesla. Nothing beats gliding silently around the park and knowing you're not emitting a single molecule of CO.

leemorse | May 17, 2016

Sorry, thought I posted in the previous "Bay Area to Yosemite" thread. There is no new charger at the Majestic, still the Tesla HPWC and Level 2 charger.

Made in CA | May 17, 2016

Thanks for the update. With the new SC in Fresno we should have no problems getting to the Valley from down south.

Mike83 | May 17, 2016

Thanks for the post. We haven't visited Yosemite since 2004. With the Pano open the views will be awesome like our trips in the Cascades and Mammoth Lakes.

shs | May 17, 2016

I was there yesterday (I live nearby) and the falls are spectacular. Traffic not too bad during the week.

rxlawdude | May 17, 2016

Just did Yosemite (from OC) at the beginning of April. Charged at Tejon and Fresno, stayed at the Tenaya Lodge (J1772's @30A) and charged overnight. (Two chargers, most of the time both open, did share with a Model X one night.) Going into the Valley and touring around each day was absolutely no problem - we could have easily done two round trips with side stops at park attractions.

All in all, delightfully easy from SoCal. Now, on a summer weekend, YMMV!!

healy | August 2, 2016

Thanks for all this great information! I will be picking up my 75D with Pano roof and high amp charger at the factory in Fremont Saturday 8/6. We will be driving back to Illinois. First overnight stop will be in Winnemucca NV. Want to stop in Yosemite valley as we drive 120 east to Lee Vining then up to the Hawthorne supercharger. Will I likely be able to use the HPWC at Majestic? I should get ~50 miles per hour charge right?
I wonder if it will be too crowded or if it is limited to guests (doesn't look like it).
I have less range anxiety after reading pretty much everything on this and TMC forums but I'm still a new tesla owner to be and wouldn't like to get me and the family stuck in Yosemite on my first day! The 'I told you so" from everyone would be soul crushing :)

George with SacEV | August 2, 2016

CRAZY long drive planned from Fremont to Yosemite to Winnemucca. I would suggest you need at least one more stop, e.g. at or near Yosemite before you try to head to Winnemucca.

Wilber | August 2, 2016

Hope you like traffic jams. Yosemite in August is like Manhatten at rush hour.

healy | August 2, 2016

If I skip Yosemite valley and just stay on 120 will I miss the major traffic?

Wilber | August 2, 2016

Healy - I do think that if you skip the valley you should miss the major traffic. but, i havent been to yosemite in a few years. perhaps others have more uptodate info.

Joon @US-CA | August 2, 2016

If you don't want to stay one night at Yosemite Valley, I don't recommend your course. Just use I-80 where you can use many supercharger. In my case, I mostly arrived 7-8am for avoiding traffic and using the charger.
It is open to public but you need a luck.

shs | August 2, 2016

I live very near Yosemite in Mariposa County and recently drove to Reno, leaving the house with a full charge, and charging in Gardnerville. It was doable, but with not a lot to spare in our S85. Tioga Pass is the highest pass in the Sierra. From Fremont, or even charging in Manteca doesn't look possible on EVTripplanner. Even Manteca to Mammoth Lakes is likely too close for comfort in an 85. Same for an 75D, although I think it has been done. Maybe if one drives very slowly, which will be the case with part, but not all of this trip.

If you really want to do Yosemite Valley, highly recommended if you have not been before, but busy in August, plan on staying and/or charging in Groveland, or in the Valley at the Majestic (Ahwahnee), otherwise take 80 and be done with it.

Until you are used to using and understand how speed and driving style affects range, be cautious in planning too long of a leg without charging. I have 87,000+ miles on our Model S, have never run out of range, and never want to.

BarryQ | August 2, 2016

Don't plan on being able to charge at the Majestic. Was there last week, and both chargers were taken.

sklancha | August 3, 2016

I probably should have done some forum reading myself, before making the impromptu decision to 'swing through Yosemite, before heading back east. It turns out that Saturday afternoons are NOT the best times/days to do such a detour. We spent HOURS sitting in barely moving or not moving at all traffic once we crossed into the national park. I felt obligated to charge at the HPWC, which put me on a collision course with the worse traffic jam in the park. The nav did say that I could make it down to Fresno SC without charging, but that was just a hard risk to take, when my car was almost empty. Turns out that youake an amazing amount of energy driving back down.

The drive up to Yosemite was some of the most scenic we've encountered on this 9,000 mile (and still counting) roadtrip
Will probably try to check out Yosemite again, but next time...
1. Will NOT do it on a weekend during peak travel season
2. Will do a 100% charge at the closest SC (I forgot which one it is),
3. Will stay overnight.
4. Will actually make reservations ahead of time, because only a crazy woman would show up at Yosemite on a Saturday afternoon, and expect there to be any campsites or hotel rooms available. Sheesh ;)


Made in CA | August 3, 2016

Never go to Yosemite between June and September - regardless of which car you take. It is just too darn crowded. We go up every May before Memorial Day and it is awesome.