New clicking noise from steering wheel

New clicking noise from steering wheel

My red p85 just developed a double clicking noise when I turn 90 degree left of the car at intersection. The noise doesn't come every time I turn but is there 75% of the time. Any idea?

Ps, rangers were in my house last week. I tried to demonstrate to them. Off course, it was not there to be heard. They did tighten the bolts around steering as per tesla bulletin for the previously reported sw clicking noise which I heard from YouTube, but my noise was a different type. My noise persists after the recent sw tightening. It's driving my nuts! Please help! I'm reporting this to Minneapolis svc ctr too.


PorfirioR | August 26, 2013

I assure you this is not a smart a$$ answer but it could be your turn signal.

My previous GM SUV had the same clicking sound and it was some relay related to the turn signal. If I remember correctly, the clicking happened even if I did not use the turn signal. I believe it had something to do with the mechanism that clears the signal when the steering wheel returns back to 15 degrees or less, or whatever the setting was. I never did fix it since that vehicle was so noisy anyway.

nvjx | August 26, 2013

I have over 10000 miles on my P85. It has had the steering clicking sound from day1. I have taken it to SC several times to no avail. I don't hink they know to fix it.

DTsea | August 26, 2013

I asked service and they said there is a fix for it.

Andercam | August 26, 2013

It's a quick fix... they need to put a shim on the steering box and re-torque the bolts.

rmbod | August 26, 2013

I have 12K miles. Mine starting clicking last week. Its every time I pull out of the garage or into a tight parking space. I have my 12.5K routine inspection on friday in Atlanta. Will let you know if they can fix it.

zijunhao1 | August 26, 2013

Thanks to all. Hope to hear a solution soon.

Love my Model S. I will drive this car until it only goes sideways on the midwest snow before I would pull out the SUV.

elguapo | August 26, 2013

Mine has been clicking since about 1,000 miles. Now at 3,000. Service said there IS a fix and it is quick - it's just that getting in for service takes about a month (no joke) in Rockville, MD.

rmbod | September 5, 2013

Had 12.5K mile service. explained clicking noise in steering wheel. its fixed. here is a copy of the repair order:

Correction: Add Shim to Steering Mount Bolt and Retorque Subframe Bolts

Have an additional 500 miles since repair and the sound seems to be resolved. Atlanta service center

LMB | September 5, 2013

When it started for us, I called the service center (MA) and they said, "Ah! The famous steering click problem! Bring it in - quick fix."

In our case, they didn't even put the shim in, because it hadn't loosened much - they just tightened the bolts that were a little loose. (These loose bolts are not a safety issue, we were assured - so people who have the click, don't worry.) Fixed it, but now I hear the very slightest little noise again when I turn hard. No big deal. If it gets worse I'll take it in and request the shim.

What I don't get is why these common problems aren't well-socialized among the various service centers. That seems like a problem.

zijunhao1 | September 5, 2013

Thanks to rmbod, LMB and all.

Ranger came the second time to fix this clicking sound, but failed to solve the issue. This time, I was able to demonstrate the noise to her(double-clicking noise when turn left 90 degree, not at the end of steering). she opened a plastic cover on the left side of the steering wheel, but found no moving parts that she can adjust, so problem persists !

The lady ranger confirmed that noise was different from the "famous noise" that they knew about.

I will contact the service center in MN and inform them of this fix.

hbh24 | September 5, 2013

I too had the clicking noise when I turned the steering wheel hard to the right or left. A service ranger came to my house and installed shims which took care of the noise.

johnkanabay | February 24, 2015

I have the same clicking noise on turns - very loud and embarrassing. I have 21" tires, the sound started when I took it in to service for interior rattling sounds. The tech said he adjusted the steering to silence one of the sounds. Well, after that on hard cut turns usually backing out of parking or slow hard turns - pop, pop, pop!
Took in in 3x now to service. They shimmed it, they tightened it, and now they are saying its cause my tires are worn. I know enough about cars to know that it is the geometry of the turn not the tires - but I will play ball. I ordered 4 new tires (which don't come cheap) and I will then have to prove my point that the popping will still takes place.
I believe it is a defective build in the steering and it is amplified by the 21" tire. It could possibly be a weak point in the steering, I have had 3 bent rims so far from potholes, so if the aluminum is that weak it could be bending a tie rod or another aluminum piece. I bet those with the 19" are the ones with the faint sounds. I believet this is either a very expensive permanent fix for tesla or due to the build of the frame and steering components possibly something they cannot fix without a redesign.
I remain hopeful that this will be resolved but a car with this price tag and less than a year old should be a quiet and sound vehicle.
I would love to hear how this was resolved by someone with 21" tires.